Finding Joy 🌸

You know that feeling of loosing an item and really wanting to find it? It can be frustrating and stressful to look for it. In some cases we cry because we really want to find it. Most of the time when we realize something is missing we do all we can to try to find it. & looking for it can be a full adventure in itself, but we still have faith that we will find it and we look forward to experiencing the the joy of being reunited with the lost item.

This analogy can relate to those moments when we notice that we have lost something precious about ourselves. When we loose our Joy, our happiness, hope, self esteem or anything that you notice that you’ve lost within yourself.

Challenges and difficulties come to all of us, none of us are exempt. It is part of life that we experience the ups and the downs so that we may learn, have empathy for others and grow as we go through the fire of our challenges. We can recognize that we can grow from our challenges and we remember that if we’re loosing something in those moments we MUST DO ALL WE CAN TO FIND IT or bring back a feeling of joy and peace or whatever it is that we’re needing back into our lives.

Remember that there are people on this earth seem to have it all but yet, they’re miserable. & others who have absolutely nothing and yet, they’re some of the happiest people on earth. Choosing joy is not dependent on our circumstances or what we gain or loose in life. It’s based in WHAT WE CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON. Instead of focusing on the problems all the time we can “look for” finding gratitude today. We can search and look for joy in this very moment. Does looking at nature bring you joy? Or looking at your child or pet? It’s in the LOOKING OR SEARCHING for the beauty and the sacredness of each moment where we can find out joy and our peace.

What we focus on really grows. We see what we want to see-and we create what we concentrate on the most. So if we want peace, love, miracles and blessings, we first have to decide to notice them. Each moment is an opportunity for us to see the sacredness of that moment. We can focus our attention on finding the beauty, the good, the peaceful and the holy in each moment that we’re blessed to experience while we’re in this earth. Even during the hardest of times there truly is beauty, gratitude and joy that we can find around us if we choose to see it.

It’s hard to imagine that God would want us to be miserable, unhappy, lost or filled with negative feelings about ourselves or others, right? He would never speak to us in that way. If anything, it’s the enemy who wants us to be miserable like himself. So, when we can recognize that God invites joy, peace, hope and love into our lives. That means that as we can consciously invite those things into our lives so that we may experience God more fully, even in this very moment.

We can ask ourselves; “Does God wants me to feel Joy and happiness today?” “Do I trust Him enough times help me find what I need today?” “Do I want to invite Gods divine insights into my life today?” “Can I feel Him here with me in this very moment?” We can choose to allow ourselves to invite more of Gods presence. To reunite with His love, joy or peace even in the mundane moments of our lives. God will be there if we choose to look for Him in this very moment.

& what if all those little tiny moments where we find peace, love and joy are like mosaic tiles made up of some sort of divine clay and paint? Each little moment is like an imprint of Gods love. His fingerprints are seen in the little moments of your lives. The artwork that we will become as we choose to focus on seeing the beauty in the little things. The hand of God and the sacredness of each moment. Continuing to invite all that is good into our lives, regardless of the circumstances…think about what God will allow us to become as we choose to invite Him to be with us more throughout it all. ❤️

Mindfulness is also helpful when we’re looking for more joy or peace. Taking a moment to be present in the here and now, will help us to recognize the little details of this moment we’re living. So, stopping, breathing, checking where we’re at, what we see, touch, smell, taste. & taking a moment to calm our minds and hearts to just see Gods beauty of this moment. That is what will allow us to be better able to recognize what gifts we had lost but that now we can hold on to and enjoy. A gift to fill our heart with love, patience, peace. A gift of having an ability to focus on the beauty and joy that we can see here and now. Being aware of the divine that we can experience. Being swallowed up in the Joy of Christ instead.

We can see it in the morning light, the air we breathe, the thought of a loving friend, the tear over loss, the kindness of a stranger, The bite of food, the soft shirt, the trusty car, the cleansing rain, The smile of a child, the spoon in the pot, the broom on the floor, the very moment that we have to just trust be present in Gods love.

The common miracle here is love- which always wants to be found. Love is all around us, so look! Really look for what you want to find and you will experience the joy of being reunited with the lost thing- the divinity in the small and sacred things of your everyday life, which were there all along. 

So, decide that beauty surrounds you today. Make it a point to seek and see the goodness and light that is all around you in the little moments. Watch carefully for beautiful moments and stay present where love is. You get to do this for yourself and you deserve to focus on love, peace and joy in the little moments of your day.

God wants to remind you that He is aware of YOU. Of what you’re going through. He is with you and will never leave you. He is HERE with you right now. You’re not alone. Feel His love. Feel His hug! & allow yourself to be open to experiencing His full peace and love being poured abundantly over you in this very moment. He invites you to notice the sacred in each small moment and to find joy in Him daily. In the daily miracles of your life so that you may begin to see His mosaic work of his divine LOVE FOR YOU.

Our goal for the week is to invite joy, peace, love or the presence of God into the moments when we need it most. Practice taking deep breaths. Calm your heart and mind with the peace of God. And FIND JOY IN YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY WITH GOD. You’ve got this! 🥰🫶🏼

I hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7:00 pm to release stress, and to strengthen yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Make & keep that promise to yourself. 💪🏼🥰 You won’t regret it but instead you’ll leave feeling amazing, renewed and ready to do your best the rest of the week. ❤️


Lili 💖

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