What’s your focus? 💖

I recently remembered an experience that I had teaching a group of kids ages 8 to 11. After exercising, we tried to quiet our minds and bodies for a moment. I encouraged them to take a moment to feel gratitude for the body that God has given them. To think about how amazing their bodies are, the way they work and the ability that we have to move, exercise and to even be able to choose what thoughts to have. Our bodies and minds are a blessing that we often take for granted. 

During the meditation portion of the class, I asked the kids to close their eyes and FOCUS on allowing their bodies to relax. To just feel their breath & be in a moment of gratitude.

I guided them through a meditation where I asked them to see themselves in the most beautiful and peaceful place they could think of. I encouraged them to focus on visualizing themselves being the in the presence of God. To allow themselves to be open to feeling a hug from Him and to truly try to listen to what God was telling each of them individually. 

I then opened my eyes for a moment to check on the kids and noticed that some of the kids were smiling! Others looked focused and peaceful. I was even able to notice a little girl who had tears coming down her face. I realized at that moment that each child in that room who wanted to feel God had an opportunity to personally connect to Him. I realized that if each one of us chooses to connect to God and focuses on that, we can definitely feel Him too! It was a beautiful experience for me to see how God is able to provide what each soul needed at that very moment. The kids were able to connect to Him and to each personally have their own experience with God in that very moment. 

I then asked the kids to guard and treasure in their hearts the feelings and the words that were coming to them from God. I know that when we’re truly wanting to feel God and we come to Him with that full purpose and real intent in our hearts, He will make Himself known unto us. He will bring peace to our hearts and let us know He is there. 

After the meditation I asked the kids to gently open their eyes. I could feel the peace and light in the room. I asked them what they felt or what they could see, and one little girl smiled and said: “ I CAN STILL SEE JESUS even with my eyes open” I thought wow! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could “see” Jesus even with our eyes open?!” Could the focus of this very hour be placed on the Savior? Could we try to see the hand of God in this day? & in this very moment know that He is present in our lives? 

I felt at that moment that I want my focus to be placed more on Christ and less on fear, complaining or focusing in the things that are not going right or that we may be lacking etc. I want to focus more on trusting and believing in Him rather than not seeing Him in my day to day life. 

After the activity was over, I gave that same little girl a ride home. As I was driving she pointed out the window and said: “Look at those beautiful red flowers!!! 🌹 Isn’t God amazing? He made them so bright and pretty!”…We talked about how hard it would be to describe that bright color red to someone who is blind?! It was impossible to come up with the right words to describe that color and beauty. We talked about how blessed we are to be able to see the beauty of those flowers and all of the things that God created. 

The words form that sweet little girl, have stayed with me ever since I hear them. “I can still see Jesus even with my eyes open!” So now, I’m trying to focus the “lenses of my vision” on noticing God more around me. I’m trying to purposely change my thoughts and to direct them more toward God. To ask Him to help me, guide me and inspire me to see Him and feel Him hour by hour. 

I invite anyone who is able to read this message to change your focus and try it out at least for today to see if you feel differently. But to purposefully try to focus more on seeing the hand of God in your life today. To focus on gratitude, Joy and peace rather than focusing on stressing out about all kinds of things that may be going on. Today, I’m choosing to keep my eyes open to Him. To feeling God, being present with Him and allowing Him to light the hours of my day from one moment to the next. 

I invite you to choose to focus on seeing God and focusing on giving all things to him. HE IS BIGGER AND GREATER THAN ANY OF YOUR PROBLEMS. HE WILL HELP YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOU. Allow yourself to be open to feeling him close to you and around you. Trust in the God who is able to remove your burdens, your pain and instead allow yourself to feel the pure love that God has just for you.

I pray that as we practice this goal of changing what we focus on, that we will be able to change how we feel, how we spend our time and the energy that we put into each moment of our day. So, remind yourself today and say to yourself; “God will help me. He is loving, kind and a giver of good gifts. It’s in His nature to want to comfort me and provide for me. So I come to Him with a pure heart and with Faith knowing that He will take care of me moment bu moment. He will show me what to focus on and allow me to see Him even with my eyes open.” 💛

Hope to see tonight at 7:00pm to allow our minds and bodies to release stress and to focus on renewing ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Don’t forget that we’re the ones who need to dig deep and find the motivation to do this for ourselves. 💪🏼🥰 Try to remind yourself of the reasons WHY you want to exercise, release stress and calm your mind through prayer and meditation. Just show up and I promise that you’ll leave class feeling way better than before you got there. You’ll go home feeling peaceful, renewed and filled with positive energy.

I hope that you can make it and invite others to benefit as well. ❤️

You’ve got this! God and His divine light are all around you to fill you completely and give you energy and strength. keep going and doing your best. 💪🏼🥰❤️🙏🏼

Lili 🌸

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