Love Yourself

We are so busy waiting for someone to love us that we’ve forgotten about the one person we need to the love first -ourselves-

When we go through life thinking about what others think about us etc…We realize that we can never really find true happiness. If we can let go of those “worries or expectations” and instead focus on loving ourselves, we will see that our life will be a lot more joyful and peaceful! ?

If we want to establish healthy relationships in our lives we have to start with ourselves. Allowing us to then be able to help those around us by sharing our love, peace, light and the inner strength that we have gained. ?
Here are a few tips that can help us to love ourselves a little more.

? BE KIND TO YOURSELF: Learn to accept yourself with your shortcomings, speaking nicely and more kindly about yourself. Remind yourself that you do love and accept who you are and that you love yourself enough to want to do the best for yourself daily. ✨

? FEEL LOVE WITHIN YOU AND BE THAT LOVE : spend more time during your day focusing on self-love, try loving and positive affirmations, meditation, prayer and all that focuses you on feeling compassion, peace and love for yourself. Once you feel the positive vibrations of self-love or peace in your heart try to be in that place of love throughout the day and share your love with others in your life.

? GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: We’re not perfect and we will all have our good days and our bad days. Remember that It’s ok when things don’t work up to your standards…Just remember to take a deep breath and know that everything will be ok.

? EMBRACE YOURSELF: Are we comfortable being alone with ourselves without feelings of anxiety fear or judgment? It’s so good for us to be alone with ourselves sometimes and to embrace the moments of silence when we can truly see how we feel. Taking in that moment to be comfortable with ourselves and to be kind and loving to ourselves.

? BE GRATEFUL: One of the most powerful things in our lives is the power of gratitude. Being grateful helps us to see how blessed we are and allows us to not worry so much about other less important issues and distractions in our lives. A good exercise to focus on gratitude and all the things that we are thankful for each day, to just take minute to say why we are thankful for them. Ex: I am truly blessed to have…(blank)…. because…..(blank)… When we do this, our hearts will be full of gratitude and we will feel so much peace from that exercise!!!?

? GIVE YOURSELF IN SERVICE TO OTHERS & SEE HOW THIS CONNECTS YOU TO GOD:  There’s no higher self love than when you are connected to God. Praying daily and having a relationship with Him brings security and self love. When we ask God daily to show us how we can help others during that day, we will see that He will begin to trust us and place people in our paths that He needs us to help! 🙂 Giving to others is a gift of love you can often give yourself which brings you even more love?

When we’re kind, considerate, compassionate and giving of ourselves, our spirit rejoices because we have reached the highest level of self-love in serving others. When we find ways to do small task or bigger acts of service we will find that our hearts will let go of what we lack and we will instead focus on deeper more meaningful things that will fill our lives with peace and our hearts with even more love. Allowing us to fully love ourselves not just “physically” but on a deeper level! By who we are inside! Our soul, our spirit and our inner beauty which will also radiate to our outer beauty as well! ?

I know that God wants us to focus on the way that He see us! On how beautiful we are to Him! Not just physically, but more importantly by who we are in spirit! And what our soul is slowly becoming. I know that God wants us to be kind to ourselves and to love ourselves daily and remember our potential as daughters of God that we have. ?

❤️Our spiritual goal for the week is to Love ourselves more than we have in the past! We have the tools to do it…We just have to really want to make that happen in our lives! So let’s  focus on loving ourselves a lot more  this week ?

?Our physical goal for the week is to have at least one healthy meal each day, if you can do more you get more points! 😉 Maybe have an awesome breakfast smoothie with veggies and fruit or a nice salad for lunch etc…basically the more nutritious the meal is the better for you! At least one healthy meal each day will help us all feel great!

Hope you can make it to class tonight @7:15 We’ve been working hard! having a good time getting rid of stress, toning, strengthening ourselves and meditating to feel amazing every time! We do this because we love ourselves!? Hope you can make it! ?

Lili ?

Time to Heal

All of us at one point or another have or may experience something that may be difficult for us to forgive or let go of. Unfortunately, these situations if we don’t learn how to control them can cause pain, resentment, anger, frustration or even a feeling to want to get even with those who hurt us or offend us.
This quote explains it so clearly of how important it is to take care of the wounds that we have in our lives. Just as we would with a regular wound, we would clean it, disinfect it, put a healing ointment on it and cover it until it is fully healed and until there’s no sign that it was even there in the first place. But, this healing process takes time when it involves our physical wounds and it is the same when we’re trying to heal the wounds within ourselves. We have to be patient and try to do our best each day to heal ourselves and let things go for our own good and inner peace.☀
We can clean our wounds by trying to see things for how they really, and not making a bigger deal out of our situations. We disinfect our wounds by realizing that NONE OF US are perfect, that the mistakes of others are part of the imperfections we will have to experience in this life. We must also recognize honestly with ourselves that we are imperfect too!
Luke 6: 41 says;
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, 
 but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?  
This is when we realize how important it is to keep the focus on healing and taking care of ourselves first! To not focusing on the “faults” of others, what they said or did etc. but instead, focus on what we can do for our own selves. The last part of disinfecting our wounds fully, even though this may be painful or really hard in some cases, is to DO GOOD to them that hate us and despitefully use us!
Luke 6:35-37
But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: 

It is cleansing and healing to do good, our hearts will be softened and we will feel great from doing good to others. even when its hard…We are capable of doing it. 🙂
And last but not least in the healing process is to cover the wound. That means we STOP talking about it! and we specially STOP thinking about it!!! Every time we think about it it robs us of our present time and it drains and steals our energy of today!!! Instead what we should do is that if the thoughts come into our minds we must replace them quickly! We can say, i’m trying to heal myself and the best thing to do right now is to not think about it…but instead focus on God’s plan for me and giving my energy to all that is good in my life right now, focusing on accomplishing my goals, aspirations and the type of person I want to be when I see God again after this life! <3
The time to heal is now! It’s time for us to LET GO!!! <3 To love ourselves enough to not continue to hurt ourselves by thinking about the past! but instead learn those lessons, move on, and heal the wounds FULLY! We are totally able and fully capable to forgive and let go completely! It’s possible!!! Plus, We’re not alone! God wants us to learn this important attribute in our lives. He will help us!…specially cause none of us want to show up to his presence knowing that we’re still carrying things that affect us, that we’re holding grudges from people who hurt us etc! It’s time to let Go and heal ourselves now! God will help our hearts heal! His power is real to help us! ?  We have to put in the work, take care of ourselves and He will help us with the rest. I hope that we all have a stronger desire to forgive, to let things go and to look for the peace that our lives need daily! ?
Our Spirtiual Goal is to Stop thinking about about it…heal ourselves, forgive and LET GO! Try it for this week! keep your thoughts focused on meaningful things and see how you feel. <3
Our physical goal for the week is to do something physical for ourselves at least 3 days this week! a walk, run, or anything that feels good for you!! <3 
Have a blessed and wonderful day!!! Do your best to take care of yourself in every way! <3 We will have class tonight from 7:15 to 8:30 to get rid of stress, tone, and meditate. & please don’t forget  that this class is for everyone! we’re there to do our very best and we’re all here to support each other on our journey! We’re not there to compare ourselves but to help ourselves! We are all sisters andthe class is meant to help us do a little bit better today, physically, emotionally and spiritually.?
Love you all!!!

Keep Trying

Each day we arise from our beds, we are given new opportunities to choose to do better than yesterday, to aim for our goals and to try to accomplish all that is good for our lives.

Unfortunately, there may be times when we can feel a little discouraged and wonder if we’re doing enough, if we’re making a difference or falling short of the person we are trying to become. We may feel disappointed at the fact that things sometimes don’t go as we wish or plan and we may even wonder is our prayers are even being heard…But, these thoughts can be harmful to us, creating feelings In us that cause us to be doubtful, feel sad, frustrated, impatient, and unhappy.

When we allow these emotions to enter our minds, it is so important for us to stop ❌  the negative thoughts form becoming worse as soon as we notice them! And instead, we must remind ourselves that these feelings don’t come from God!!! But from the adversary who wants us to be miserable like he is!…The longer that we allow those kinds of negative thoughts to stay in our minds the more they will slow down our progress and not allow us to continue forward with strength focusing on those things that will bring us ultimate joy. ?
We have to remind ourselves that God is the creator of LOVE!!! He loves us deeply and individually because we are His children!!! ? At times we may not always behave our best :/…but as long as we are trying….He will be happy with all the good that we do! The most important thing to Him is that WE KEEP TRYING!!! That we don’t give up on doing what is right and that we move forward with joy in our lives. 🙂 He sees all the wonderful things that we do daily and wants us to grow on this journey little by little, one day at a time developing wisdom and knowledge and trusting Him always along our way.  He reminds us that material things and other things in this world are really not important….But that what really matters most, is what is in our soul and our relationship with God…<3 He wants us to know that every moment of sadness and discouragement does matter to Him! And during those moments is when He wants us to come to Him in prayer, to talk to Him, to share our joys, and our difficulties with Him and to search for His strength to overcome and do better with His help. I know He will provide us with His peace, with energy and power that we need to continue to move forward and to do all that is right and beautiful in His eyes. ?
I like to think of Him as if He was the sun in our lives, ☀ He shines constantly, and His light covers the whole world!!! but it is always UP TO EACH ONE OF US to face Him! It is up to us, how we use the light properly in our lives and in a way that will be for our good and benefit. Some may choose to close the blinds and hide or turn away form the light, closing everything to stay in the darkness even though the sun may be out…others will choose to let the light become fuller and fuller in their lives, until it covers all that they are and all that they have…Basically, we control how much light we want to receive and what we want to do with the power from the “sunlight” of God. The light will give us a lot more power and it will allow us to continue forward towards the potential that God has prepared for each one of us! The most important thing is that we keep trying! we can do it!!! 🙂
Our spiritual goal for the week is to remind ourselves each day that God loves us for trying our best! and to continue to fill our lives with His light! ?

Our physical goal for the week is to exercise at least 3 day this week! 😉 If you guys are planing on coming to class tonight, that will be one less to do! lol but push yourself to do your best and if you need me, I’m here to support you!?
I can’t wait to see everyone tonight! we’re gonna have a wonderful time together and its always the most therapeutic thing of my week! I love you all and i’m here for you! thank you for reading these little messages that I send out every week! I really do it with all my heart and I pray that they will help us always! Have a blessed and wonderful day!!!?
Lili ?

Letting the Good win

There are times when we focus too much on the negative and often forget to think about all the good that’s around us. We sometimes even allow events to create negative emotions in us that can often overpower the good and cause us to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But this is a good question to think about; How often are we allowing the negative to win in us? :(…Lets think about how we feel when we are negative. It is draining, stressful, exhausting and for anybody that’s around us when we’re negative, its really not fun to be around. :/ We have to remind ourselves that the cycle of negativity does’t do us any good! if anything, it will only bring worse things into our lives. It will affect ourselves, our relationships, our opportunities and even our health! we can’t allow it to take control of us. But instead we must control it, remove it quickly and let it go out of our lives as soon as we notice…Because we care about ourselves and have no desire to bringing more negativity into our lives at all.
On the other hand, notice what a huge difference it makes in the life of someone if they just CHOOSE to change that negative situation or mentality into a POSITIVE ONE?!!! to choose more joy in our lives!! and allow the GOOD to win in our hearts! ? We will notice that we will feel better about ourselves, our relationships will improve, our opportunities will be greater, others will want to be around us, and our health will be totally different too! We will be able to enjoy all the positive results and the effects that come from focusing on having only the GOOD or POSITIVE in our hearts. No matter the circumstance, it can always be changed into a positive experience. No matter what we go through, we have full control of our minds and thoughts to choose happiness and to choose Joy!…at the end of it all, WE CHOOSE what we want!!! <3 But we know that if we try to find joy in our days, it will bring joy into our lives, and into our future! it will bring peace, tranquility, happiness and a sense of trust in God! Knowing that everything will be ok!✨? The results from begin to be POSITIVE will change our ENTIRE WORLD!!! ?

So, this week our focus is to be fully in charge of our own happiness! ? It is not controlled by someone else or by what happens or what others do, or say etc… It is fully controlled by us! And we decide to CHOOSE THE POSITIVE!!! We choose the good! We choose what will bring us peace, joy, good health, clarity and all that is good into our lives & hearts.? Let’s do our best this week to notice exactly what we’re keeping in our hearts and focusing on letting the good win for ourselves!!! 🙂 letting go of negativity will free us and allow some amazing positive things to come into our lives. God wants us to be joyful and happy In our lives, He is the giver of ALL good and when we have Him by our side and trust Him, He will provide more than we can imagine. ?

Our physical goal for the week is to lower our sugar intake.:/ I know it’s a tough one, but sugar can be so harmful to us not just physically but mentally. It can be supper addicting and its good to cut back to improve our health and how it makes us feel. We can do it! and if you need help, call me, text me, or email me! We’re all in this together! <3 🙂

Can’t wait to see you guys tonight @7:15 for a wonderful class that will definitely help us release stress, get rid of negativity and fill our lives with positivity and a peaceful mental attitude that will help us to better ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually! ? hope you can make it! ? have a wonderful joyful day! & Remember to keep your week positive and to choose happiness! …You are all a huge blessing in my life! ?

Love you all!
Lili ?