I choose JOY ?

There are days when life’s challenges can be too difficult to handle. Even the smallest step toward joy can seem like climbing a mountain. The truth is that we can honor a wide range of feelings during our day. For the most part we want to choose things that will help us feel lighter and more capable of handling what we’re going through.

If we tend to “honor” certain emotions and feelings during our day why not try to honor those that help us feel better? Why not try to choose Gratitude, peace, faith and joy instead of giving into the negative thoughts that so often drain us and lead us down a spiral of emotional burnout.

Instead we can choose to be aware of the negative repetitive thoughts that keep us distracted and distressed. We can take some deep breaths, pray for strength and focus instead on the things that were grateful for. We can focus on feeling the love of God, which is full of Joy and instead start trusting that He will help us along the way to remain peaceful, faithful and joyful which is the way He would want us to live.

This will strengthen us and allow us to make Joy part of our daily practice. Something that we focus on and honor for our own spiritual wellbeing. Choosing Joy will also inspire us to renew our connection with the divine daily.

Therefore allowing us to align with God which will automatically bring a soul more peace, more trust, more joy and a feeling of safety and relaxation in God. We will know that we are safe. We have a God who loves us and wants us to focus on Joy. And as children of God we will choose to focus on all that is good for our souls. This is who we are. In Him we can overcome ALL THINGS. ?

❤️Our spiritual goal for the week is to have our hearts open to Joy. Remember the gifts that you have today. See the hand of God in your life daily and trust that the world is a taken care of by a benevolent God, whose plan is for your highest good. You deserve Joy! Focus on it and let it be part of who you are. ❤️

❤️ Our physical goal is to Eat nutritious food, move our body and compliment ourselves.

Remember to take it one day at a time. & say to yourself; I do this for ME! ❤️??

Hope to see you in class Wednesday at 6:30pm to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit ?????‍♀️?