Believe In God & In Yourself

Believe in yourself and in all that you can do. Believe that you have access to receive help from an all loving God who is willing to rescue and assist you in your challenges, struggles or the moments when you need to be lifted up. Know that you have the power within you to create your thoughts, feelings and actions that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Make it a point today to be grateful for your blessings and to fill yourself with that peace and love that God wants you to have. Realize that you have unlimited potential and that you possess the divine DNA of an all loving God who wants to support you in your daily life. As long as you choose to seek, feel and keep all that is good & uplifting for your soul.

Believe in God’s power and in what He can do for YOU. Know that the light of God is within you and that the more that you strengthen yourself, the better able you will be to help, influence and encourage others.

Believe in your strength and in your ability to rise up under any circumstance. Don’t give up! Keep trying! Do your best and know what is truly important in your life. Remember to connect to your source of wisdom, guidance & love daily and allow yourself to feel His hand in your life. & try to do your very BEST ONE DAY AT A TIME. ❤️

His word says; For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him, and He knoweth all things, For all things are present before His eyes.

So, Believe in Him! Believe in Yourself & know that you couldn’t be in better hands than in God’s hands. You’re AMAZING and loved by God. No matter what you do or not do, His love never changes toward you. He knows what’s in your heart and He wants you to allow yourself to trust Him. Don’t forget to be kind, patient and loving with yourself, focus on your blessings and know that everything will be ok. ❤️

Our spiritual goal for the week is to Believe more in ourselves and in God. Let’s work on let go of our worries & on allowing God to help us, to give us the wisdom and the strength that we need to keep moving forward. We can count on the love and peace that He can provide for us daily. So that we may gain true inner strength that nothing or no one else on the earth can provide. ❤️ Align yourself to God and feel the difference.

Our physical goal for the week is to nourish our body with foods that will be nutritious and good for us. We will try to let go of sugars and processed foods. Focusing instead on eating more nutrient rich foods. We also want to make time this week to exercise, let go of stress & find time to meditate. Our minds need nourishment too. So, if you’re able to do any of these things. You’ll feel AMAZING! 💪🏼

This is one of the reasons why we love this class, Because we’re able to strengthen our Body, Mind & Spirit all at once. ❤️ Hope that you can make it Today at 5:00 pm & do something awesome for yourself. 🥰🙏🏼🧘🏻‍♀️

WE WILL HAVE CLASS INSIDE DUE TO RAIN. But come prepared to get rid of stress and to do something amazing for yourself. I promise you’ll leave feeling renewed and ready to take on the rest of your week. 🥰🙏🏼❤️ Don’t forget to take it one day at a time and to do your best today! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & BELIEVE IN GOD.


Lili 🌸

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  1. Dear Lili
    I have thru my years come to believe in our Lord more and more. He has given me the strength to go on with my life. He has given me the blessings and continues to they my family and people I come across in my life. For his love care grace that he gives me every day of my life. For all he does to get me thru all the hard times in my life. My belief has grown stronger and no one and nothing can ever change that. As for myself I still need help and assurance to believe in myself. Some people would say tome wow you got thru it you did it and I can’t even imagine that it was my doing cause I know I couldn’t have without our Lord’s ‘s intervention.I will continue to work on myself cause I know God has not given up on me.
    God bless

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