Hold on ?

As we face the different challenges that come into our lives, we start to realize that we really do have a choice on what we focus on. We can either let the challenges bring us down even more or allow ourselves to grow from them, hold on, be patient, pray and wait for God’s timing.

We know that our challenges are not something new to God. He knowns what we will go through because He has known the end from the very beginning. He is fully aware of our challenges and is always ready to help us. Even when we don’t feel him near, He is working behind the scenes to provide for us daily. So, what can we do to navigate life a little bit better? & be more willing to trust God?

The best formula when a problem arises is for us to pray, trust God, cast our cares on Him and try to manage our minds or thoughts and continue to fill our spirits with positive messages. ??? As we try to take a look at our thoughts and notice which thoughts are serving us and which thoughts are weakening us, we can then align our positive, uplifting thoughts to Actions which will help us. This will allow us to feel Gods strengthening power in our lives. And allow us to continue forward focusing on one day at a time. ?

God wants us all to have a truly personal relationship with Him. The truth is that we’re not wise enough to run our own lives.. He has the divine wisdom and power to help us through it all. So why not trust Him? The one who knows it all! who can protect us and either open or close doors for our benefit. It’s better to fully depend on a loving God, who is forgiving and kind and who knows it all, than to try to do it on our own. We really do need our creator if we’re looking for internal peace and guidance in our lives. He is the ultimate guide who knows what is truly best for us in the end.

He has promised to support us, bless us and provide us with peace throughout our lives. Give your trust to Him, don’t doubt His power, be patient, and remember that you have internal peace available to you always. Now is the time to strengthen your relationship with God and allow it to grow stronger and stronger until the end. Because with Him by your side life is sooo much better!!! ???❤️

Don’t dwell or hold on to the things which you cannot control and which feel negative in your life. You can instead help yourself by releasing those things and giving them to God. He wants to show you what He can do for you and how powerful your faith can be to let go. So try it out it, practice it and don’t forget that He might need you to be patient through it…but you can do it, because the reward of letting go and trusting God is greater. faith brings miracles and promises to all who believe and trust. ???

Be aware that it’s in the waiting when the enemy attacks you the most, bringing doubts and fears into you mind and heart…But that’s when you can focus on the power of prayer and you can pick ourselves up and say to yourself; “I am a child of God. Created by the divine power of a loving Heavenly Father. His power is within me. He loves me, He supports me and provides abundantly in my life. He fills me with His peace and love daily and I continue forward knowing that God is working right now in my life and I will receive all that He has promised me. ???

God wants you to experience joy more fully. So, is there any joy that you can hold on to right now? While you wait for God to help you with something…focusing on the little things that bring you joy heals our heart and helps us to focus on the blessing. ❤️

So, this week let’s remember that there is Divine light fully available for us and already within us, because we come from the presence of God. ❤️??? Take deep breaths and invite more of that into your life. Remember, God knew about your problem before you had it. He is working on it. Let Him take it. Ask yourself if your thoughts are energy draining? Or energy producing? & Change those thoughts to be positive in your life so that your actions will be positive too. Trust God & be surrounded by peace, trust and love.

John 14:27 Says; My Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. ❤️


Lili ?

The Power Of Your Words ?

Words are so powerful. They form new thoughts, they express new ideas and they create new realities.

Have you noticed that we often carry words that were spoken to us, about us and over us for years? Some of these words have traveled with us through life and we haven’t even questioned them. We let those words whether they’re good or bad create our reality and tell us how to live or “who we are.”

Ask yourself these questions:

? Are the words that you’re caring inside of you negative or positive?

? Do these words encourage you or make you feel worse about yourself?

? Is the goodness of God or the criticism of people creating your thoughts today? 

? Is it peace or fear that is ruling your emotions?

?How are the words that you have believed affecting you today?

?Which words do you want to change for yourself?

As I sat down and asked myself these questions, I was able to write down some of the positive and negative words that I have carried for years. As I made my list I realized that I love the positive words that I’ve adopted or carried for years. They’re like beautiful affirmationsthat I want to continue to repeat to myself. ?

And then I looked at my list of the negative words that I have carried. I noticed that those words have been attached to some of my own insecurities and doubts. Due to something someone said at one point or a thought I created in my brain. I realized that these words are not allowing me to live the way that I know God wants me to live.

So, I asked myself; are the words that I’m carrying accurate? & how can I change these negative words? Then, I was pointed to James 1:21 which says; humbly accept the word that is planted in you, which has power to save you.

I felt that the word of God is the word that is planted in me and the one that I want to continue to GROW WITHIN ME. He has power to help me and to save me. As I choose to focus on His words I know I will be able to help myself as well. ?

So, take a look at your words today and the words that you’ve been caring for years. God wants you to listen to His words and most importantly to respond to them. To not just be a hearer of the Word of God, but a DOER. 🙂 So, partner with Him! He wants to help you keep you reach your highest potential. He is speaking to you of your real life and He will help you create that reality in you. Which will be greater than anything else we can accomplish in this life. ?

Look for the fullness of Christ that you have been given. You have the word of God living in you and that should be superior to all other words. The word of God overrides any lesser word spoken to you, spoken about you or spoken over you.

It’s time to throw away any lesser word that you have been caring about yourself. Stop letting them replay in your mind or letting them dictate how are you feel, stop letting them create barriers in your relationships. Stop letting them tell you who you are. Instead I encourage you to believe in God. To fully allow yourself to be open to feeling His love for you. (Just sit alone in nature and that will remind you of His love) ? I encourage you to become a partner with the word of God to allow the positive words to grow within you and to remind yourself when you think of the negative words that no matter what you tell yourself or how critical you are of yourself, that there’s always an amazing God who LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!! ❤️

So, focus on His love and change your negative words. He wants you to bring light into your heart and to heal from the words that you’ve been caring. And instead be filled with the word of God which brings POWER to save you, to encourage you and to allow you to be a light to others as well. This takes practice, but remember? we are DOERS ??? and we can do it. Our minds have the power to focus on the good and as we trust God, He will take care of the rest. ❤️ Choose the words that will help you today and take it one day at a time. ?❤️

Love you all! & hope that you can be surrounded by Uplifting words to help, encourage and strengthen you today and always. Don’t forget, Your words have POWER! ??

If you need encouragement or motivation to do something good for yourself all you have to do is show up at 5:00 pm tonight. ?? You’ll enjoy the sunset, be able to release stress and feel encouraged and motivated to do something good for your Body. You’ll also be able to allow your mind to relax and re-focus your thoughts and feel your Spirit renewing and re-energized to take on the rest of your week. Hope that you can make it and feel the difference in yourself.


Lili ?

Life is a Gift ?

Last week I had an opportunity to meet people who are dealing with many different challenges in their lives. Some are trying to overcome addictions, trauma, loss, relationship issues, mental health challenges and even terminal illness.

As I listened to their stories my heart ached because I wanted to help them all 🙁 I felt like if If I was capable of feeling this amount of love for these people, I could only imagine how God must feel toward them. ❤️

I was also reminded that this is part of life, for all of us to go through different challenges and that all of these things are opportunities for us to RISE or be knocked down by what we have to experience. We all really do get to CHOOSE how to show up for ourselves each day of our lives. ☀️

As I talked to the hospice worker, she mentioned the feelings that people have in their last moments. Some of their biggest regrets were to carry or hold on to pain or negativity for years. Some felt sad that they didn’t build a relationship with God during their lifetime and they had fear of meeting Him now. Some regretted not living more in the moment, not accomplishing their calling in life and basically letting their days pass them by filled with worry or stress and without treasuring the people and relationships around them. She also mentioned that people in their last moments are not worried about their financial state, how many material possessions they gained or the status or popularity they reached…those things are just not important In the end.

The question is, where are we headed? Are we happy with what we’re doing each day and where we’re going to end up at the end of our lives? Are we worried about the right things daily? Or do we need a little re-focusing of what the truly important things will be at the end of our lives. ? These are the questions that we can ask ourselves now. When we have the opportunity to be alive and able to choose for ourselves daily what we want to do and how we want to feel in the end.

As I listened to the different experiences we all shared I was reminded that life is truly a gift. We don’t know when that last moment will be for any of us. But I felt a desire in my heart to live a more grateful life. To allow each day to flow in gratitude allowing Divinity to be present in my daily living. And specially to allow that Divinity to reach me in the times of pain and suffering.

I know that God truly is mindful of all of us. He has been present for me before and I know He will do that for all of us who seek Him and ask Him. I’m thankful that He allows us to go through life together, so that we may support and help one another through our challenges. I’ve seen how we end up becoming little angels for one another and by doing so we’re able to experience the pure LOVE of God, which is able to remove fear, pain and instead anchors us in His light which brings more stability and lasting joy into our lives. ?

Our spiritual goal for the week is to live in gratitude for each moment. To more present in what we’re actually doing. To choose one day at a time how we want to show up for ourselves and to keep our focus on the things which bring the most lasting joy and are truly important. You can write your daily gratitude or make a list of the things that you think will be the most important to you at the end of your days. (I know it sounds sad, but it’s actually a great way to see what we really need to focus on to be happy at the end 😉 and don’t forget to take some deep breaths and enjoy the moment and be more present for yourself.

Our physical goal is to keep ourselves motivated to exercise. Remember just do something for yourself today! Exercise is healing for the mind and body and it will strengthen you and help you as you choose to do this for yourself. Make the choice and show up for yourself! ????

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 5pm to renew your energy, to get rid of negativity and to the strength and your body mind and spirit so that you may be able to show up better for yourself. ??? Make the choice and show up for yourself today! You’ll feel the difference. ?❤️??


Lili ?