How to find Motivation ?

Motivation requires us to tap into our “why” to ask ourselves; “Why do I want to do this for myself?”That means digging deep to find that thought, goal, or reward that will get you moving today.

You can also take a moment to be aware and recognize the excuses that you constantly give yourself to not exercise. Think of the thoughts that pop up for you, Write them down, And ask yourself if they’re true?…Tonight in class we will talk about our thoughts and how to help them work for us and not against us. So, try to be aware and make sustaining motivation easier by recognizing and eliminating your excuses before they happen.

Most importantly, realize that you deserve to love and take care of yourself today. ☀️You deserve that time to strengthen yourself physically, emotionally and Spiritually. Exercise brings positive consequences into your life and as you tap into that love for yourself you’ll find that you can be motivated to do something good for yourself today! ?

Remember that you can do all things with Gods help too! Ask Him to help you find the motivation, the thoughts and actions to help you choose what is best for you today. He wants you to choose to do those things that will strengthen yourself not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. So that you may be a strong child of His and so that you may continue to experience the love, joy and peace of God in your life daily. It will require your awareness, and your desire to feel positive thoughts and actions in your life. You get to choose! ???

The more you PRACTICE MOTIVATING YOURSELF the easier it will get. ?? Focus on doing it ONE DAY AT A TIME. And begin to notice the difference one day at a time.

When you begin to do this for yourself consistently, focusing on your “why” on the awareness of your thoughts, on asking God to help you choose positive thoughts and feelings that will allow you to take the action toward that goal. You gradually fill your motivational stores as you understand what gets you moving. You’re better able to put on those workout clothes and to get outside to do something for yourself. You’re better able to choose good thoughts to help you not only love yourself more but also strengthen yourself emotionally and spiritually. The practice and not being judgmental of ourselves will make all the difference. ?

So, focus on your “why” today. Your own actions are what generate that feeling you’ve been searching for. Allow that love for yourself to expand and grow today. Choose to do something good for your yourself today! You deserve it and you need that opportunity to release stress, to feel proud of yourself for doing something that required your own mental work and motivation ??? what an awesome opportunity to prove to yourself what you can do and overcome. So, prove it to yourself and experience that amazing feeling of accomplishment one day at a time.

Lili ?

Self-Love Awareness ?

The other day while scrolling social media I noticed that there were people praising and complementing the rich and famous. And at the same time some of these people were also expressing hate and very little love for themselves. As soon I saw that I felt so sad for how we treat ourselves sometimes and I heard those words in my head saying; “comparison really is the thief of Joy.”

This virtual world which we join multiple times a day is saturated by images, videos and so much more that is constantly calling for our attention and attacking our self esteem. It creates insecurities, self judgments, comparison, and feelings that we’re just not good enough. Not pretty enough, not fit enough, not wealthy enough etc. It also creates a desire within us to try to achieve this “Pinterest perfect life” & we easily fall in the trap of perfectionism and we criticism of ourselves.

Brené Brown said; “Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be your best. Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfect, look perfect, and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgement, and shame…It’s a shield.”

I know all of us have fallen in these traps, but I want to remind you that this isn’t the way God wants us to live our lives. ❤️

He wants us to first look to Him. Because the only approval we need in this life is the approval of God and of ourselves. We don’t need the world’s approval when we have Gods love and approval. That alone fills us with peace and replaces the need for us to compare ourselves, to try to please the world or to try to be perfect.

So, remember to let go of those things. God already loves you! He always has and always will. That will never change. What’s important is that YOU are able to express more love and praise for the good that you do. Don’t neglected yourself, Your goodness, kindness and the hard work that you do. You don’t need to be publicly recognized because God can see your daily efforts. He is proud of all the good that you do. He knows what’s in your heart. & He is right here ready to give you a hand to help you make it through ANYTHING because HE LOVES YOU and wants you to LOVE YOURSELF ❤️

So, take a moment to be curious with yourself and find those areas where you’re being critical of yourself. Once you’re aware and recognize them, you can write them down and take a moment to see where they’re coming from or how you can change your thoughts around them. Take some deep breaths and see yourself as a little child again. If you can connect to yourself as a child you know that you wouldn’t be critical to that little child. You would tell that child that you love her & that she can do amazing things. Be positive with yourself, be kind, be accepting of yourself, your body and all that makes you who you are and allows you to have this living experience TODAY! ?

I would like to share with you 6 amazing keys to help strengthen our self esteem. ???

? 1. Refrain from Evil= Or anything that you know is not good for your Mind, Body or Soul. (Think about your habits and the things that you bring into yourself daily. (What you watch or listen to..)Are these things are lifting you? Or bringing you down?

? 2. Humility= That comes from inner strength and peace. It’s a humility that allows you accept yourself fully, with a changing body, without the need to complain or criticize yourself. It’s the Humility that allows you to be teachable and willing to love instruction and knowledge.

? 3. Honesty= Being true to ones own self is the keystone to self esteem.

? 4. Love of work = Work toward nourishing yourself, your talents, abilities, gifts and the good things that God has given you. Work toward all of the good goals in your life.

? 5. Ability to Focus on gratitude and love= Have a grateful heart daily. Thank God for your daily blessings and remember to focus on love for yourself God and others.

? 6. Love God= When you’re connected to God your self esteem instantly improves. You remember who you are to Him. You no longer depend on the world to give you recognition. You’re better able to recognize your needs and to be better able to feel God’s strengthening peace, love and light in your life. Which then allows you to be recharged and ready to give that same love to others.

The path of self love is available the instant that we choose to disconnect a little more from the comparison trap, or the worldly expectations to instead connect to God. Pray to Him daily for wisdom, strength and the ability to keep your thoughts clean, your words positive and your heart pure. His love and peace is already available to you. Hold on to it and allow it to grow. ?

Our Goal for this week of to express more love for ourselves by inviting all that is good for our mind, body and Spirit. This week we will be more aware of choosing good things to read, watch and listen to. It also means that we will be conscious of the food that goes into our bodies, the exercises we choose to do and the quiet moments we allow ourselves to have to strengthen ourselves Spiritually. ???

Invite the love, light and peace of God to be with you today. ? So that you may have a stronger desire to take better care of yourself. Motivate yourself to be at class at 7:00pm ??? Remember that only YOU can do this for yourself! Focus on loving yourself and wanting to take care of your Body, Mind and Spirit. ????‍♀️ Hope that you can make it tonight and leave feeling stronger and peaceful in every way. ❤️

Take it one day at a time, you’ve got this!