2020 Goals ❤️

Happy New Year!!! I pray that 2020 allows you to achieve the goals that lead to your highest potential & to achieving the growth that God desires for your life.

With all of the New Year resolutions remember to not overwhelm yourself with all kinds of goals but instead try to set some time aside to be alone and to pray and ask God to show you and to help you feel what are the things which He desires for you to focus on this year. As you’re able to seek inspiration for your own life you will have a greater and deeper desire to work toward achieving the goals that are important to God and to you. As you’re able to make that connection to our goals deeper, you’re better able to have the dedication toward achieving them.

Remember that God wants to help you, He wants to guide your life. As you’re willing to seek Him and trust Him, He will let you know in your heart what things are truly important to focus on this year. As soon as you have those goals, write them down and put them up on your wall to view them daily. ☀️ Create a daily schedule to follow so that you can set aside daily time toward achieving those goals which will eventually and with repetition turn into habits.

Remember that ACTION is what is needed to achieve anything. So, you have to set aside the time to achieve greater Spiritual, Physical or Emotional strength. Notice how you’re spending your time and what distractions or negativity you need to remove from your life, to instead be better able to focus on the good that you have the power to bring into your life. ???

Remind yourself to always start with your thoughts. Look at what you’re thinking and make the change of the thoughts as needed. Think positively about your goals, think about how good it would feel to achieve them, think about the reason WHY you’re doing this. See yourself in your mind daily working excitedly toward it. As your thoughts begin to change your feelings will also change. You begin to feel this joy in your heart from having the desire to achieve that goal and once those feelings begin to change the action begins to move things forward. Remember that it’s the little steps that you do DAILY which lead to the goals. DAILY ACTION is the focus this year. It’s the little things that we add to our schedule, to our lives that if we continue to do them will make the biggest difference. ❤️

So, I want to challenge you to do this for yourself. No one else can do this for you. The thoughts to change or add something to your life have to come from YOU! The desire and the feelings to want to do something have to come from you. The motivation has to come from yourself & the vision can only be accomplished by loving yourself enough to want to make the changes and to be excited to go for it. Most importantly, the main goal is to find that connection to God who will encourage you, strengthen you and fill you with His light to allow you to move forward. He is your strength during the hard days and the light on the days. As you’re able to keep that strong connection to your creator, He will propel you forward into becoming the best version of yourself and you will fulfill the vision that He has for your life. So, Trust & Love Him. Trust & Love yourself, set inspired goals ??& Make the plan to add them to your daily life and to remove the distractions & negativity to instead focus on all of the Good and all of the light that YOU CAN BRING INTO YOUR LIFE ???? You’ve got this! ❤️

This week in class we will talk about our goals. We will be focusing on a monthly goal. We will strengthen ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hope that you can make it this Thursday at 6:00pm & start 2020 the best way possible! See you there! ????


Lili ?