As part of life, we are all meant to go through tough times and difficulties. Some cases may be worse than others but at one point or another these challenges or situations will test our limits and our patience greatly. These are the times that we need to be prepared to know how to handle and overcome the challenges that may come into our lives.
Our world teaches us little patience, we are constantly surrounded by “quick deliveries” “no waiting time” and “fast food” we have become used to not practicing the attribute of patience in our lives. Sadly, when bigger challenges come into our lives and we are forced to practice patience, (because we realize that have no other choice) We see how much harder it is to get through it!….when we haven’t practiced patience in the little things, then how can we expect to be able to get through those big tests of patience in our lives? ….We have to constantly exercise our muscle of patience in the little things of four daily life ex: Traffic, having to wait in line, or listening to the child that can’t stop crying, etc…Once we begin to practice patience in the little things we will be better able to overcome the bigger challenges and difficulties of our lives, such as an illness, the loss of a loved one or anything else that may be even more difficult to go through and to have to overcome. <3
During these challenges and difficulties the most important thing to remember is that we are not alone!!! To believe that we are alone is exactly what Satan or the adversary wants us to think, so that he can draw us even further away from coming closer to God and so that he can make us miserable like himself…It’s during these times that we must hold on and not let go of God, of our faith and of the knowledge that we have in Him and in his incredible power to help us during our challenges. We can wait PATIENTLY….not waiting on “my” timing but on HIS timing, on the timing of the one who knows it ALL and who loves us fully and completely! We are not meant to go through life alone but instead we are meant to have God by our side and to TRUST in His love and power to help us get through ANYTHING!!! ?
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. ☀ (Isaiah 55:8-9)
Patience refines us and helps us become more like the Savior, It allows us to manifest our inner strength and devotion to God. To turn our will over to Him and to let God take over in confidence as we watch His unfolding purposes happen for our lives. We can’t let things discourage us! or bring us down, things aren’t always about us and our timing…We have to learn to let things go sometimes and be patient in God’s timing and believe that things will get better and that they will happen for our goo, for our benefit and to strengthen us spiritually as well. Something else that can help us during our difficulties, is to go do some good for someone else! to go visit the hungry, the needy, to give to those who have less than us and to forget about ourselves and focus our attention on those who may have a worse situation than us. There are so many that we can help! so many that need us and so many that just need a listening ear and words of encouragement during their difficulties as well. ?

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. (Mosiah 2:17)

Another thought that I had while I was thinking about Patience, is that I know that we tend to ask for a lot when we’re going through things….We pray and pray for the things that we want or need asking God constantly for this and that in our lives and in some cases we realize that our prayers become repetitive and as part of our routine etc.The other night, my daughter was sick and I noticed this in myself.  I realized, wow! I feel like i’m constantly asking and asking for things in my life….But do I ever think about asking God what HE NEEDS???? what he needs from ME? what He wants ME to do for Him? How I can help Him? and in which way I can show Him how thankful I am for all of my blessings? I realized that night that I should ask Him that way more often! to show my gratitude and to ask Him what it is that He would want me to do for Him! and to actually go and do it! <3 I also thought about how about how incredibly patient God is with us constantly!!! giving us more and more chances, waiting lovingly and patiently for us to reach out to Him, to make the right choices, and still, even when we don’t make the right choices He is still there! PATIENT, loving, caring, allowing us to have one more day! one more chance to do better. ?
We are capable of becoming that patient with His help. What an amazing heavenly attribute! 🙂 God wants us to experience what it is like to have patience, to continue to grow slowly in it, to exercise it in the little things as well as the big things, to have patience to trust in the will of God for our lives and allow Him to take over while we continue to CHOOSE to be joyful no matter what <3 (We know that joy is our choice!!! and it is created inside us! it doesn’t depend on the external…We choose to stay positive during the difficulties and to continue working towards the goals that we have set for ourselves. Finally, we can remember to ask God what “I” can do for Him this day instead ? To give service to those who need it and to forget about “myself”. I know that when we do these things our patience will be strengthened, our problems will seem smaller and God will lovingly take care of us to allow us to get through anything that we may encounter in our lives.
I love you all and I’m so thankful that you take a little bit of time to read these messages…I pray every week that they may stay in our hearts and help us all to progress towards becoming better sons and daughters of God. I’m thankful that God is slowly teaching me the little lessons that I need to work on and to learn from and I’m thankful that He does that for all of us because he loves us…It’s amazing what He can do for us when we put our trust in Him.
Our Spiritual Goal for the week: Is to be PATIENT. <3 I know it’s hard to be patient in everything right now, but if we really want it we can do it and for this week it would be good to practice patience in the little things….taking deep breaths and remembering the bigger and more important things in our lives 🙂 Let’s see how we do this week!
Our physical goal for the week: Is to let go of sugary drinks. The key is to replace those with water and to stay physically active at least 3 days during this week! 🙂 Let’s these little changes that will be so good for our health. <3
See you tonight in Class for an amazing workout and meditation session. 🙂 We get together to get rid of stress, have a good time, exercise and relax. Our spirits and our bodies will be strengthened together and theres nothing better than that feeling! ?? The hardest thing is always showing up!  So, hope you can can make it and feel amazing afterwards!!!?
Have a blessed and wonderful week!!

Trust Him

So often in our lives we feel as if we’re almost always right about things or situations…These are experiences that we can only see through our own lenses and our own perspective, but which can regularly lead us to believe that we are the ones who actually know what is best and that things, people or situations should react according to my will or what  “I” want them to do etc…Unfortunately, trying to control so much of our lives can actually harm us by bringing about more stress, anxiety, or frustration when things don’t go according to what we planed or desired. When we do this, we are basically leaning on our own understanding and just living life according to what we can do for ourselves and to according to what we expect. I think that most of us have experienced what it’s like to travel “blindly” in life, basically just trusting ourselves, our knowledge or skills and expecting things to just go our way…But, at some point or another many of us have also experienced the difference of what it’s like to NOT just lean on our own worldly or one dimensional understanding and instead be able to completely let go and to leave those problems or situations in the hands of God.
A friend of mine who has been battling cancer told me that before having to go through this difficult time in her life, everything was about doing things her way, for her own desires or interests and not really even thinking about God or anything like that. She was basically just kinda living her life and enjoying all the material, the social and the other things that surrounded her. Once she was diagnosed, things began to change and this difficult time in her life made her re-evaluate everything! She soon realized that she had been living so differently from the way that she would have wanted to…And here she was experiencing the most difficult challenge in her life, when she realized that at this point she really didn’t have control of anything at all. She then began to stop relying on herself and Instead she felt a strong desire to bring herself closer to God, to come to know Him better! to apologize to Him for forgetting about Him all of those previous years and she eventually reach a point in which she was willing to believe! to let go and to trust in God’s power enough to lean on Him completely, and on His power to heal her and to make her better…Her trust became so great that she was even willing to accept death if that was the will of God for her life. <3 wow! thats incredible! isn’t it? That’s the trust that healed her and has caused her cancer to be on remission and to now enjoy time with her family, having her priorities in life straight, continuing to bring herself closer to God as she travels the path of her life knowing that she trusts Him fully and leans upon him and His wisdom completely!?
To lean on Him and trust in the Lord with all our hearts, means that we have no fear, but instead we only have FAITH. It means that we will try to solve our problems by praying, searching and finding His guidance to overcome them. It means that we will trust Him with all our hearts, being strong enough to know how to keep our hearts clean and pure from anything evil, from any unclean things, thoughts, words or actions that could be harmful to ourselves or others. As I was thinking about what kind of heart I would want to have I realized after praying one day that God really does want us to have a pure heart. <3 A heart that has gotten fully rid of anything bad or negative and that instead glows from the  joy and peace of knowing in whom we trust. I also realized that I can’t worry about my neighbors heart or whatever feelings they may have inside it towards me or others 🙁 I can only worry about what’s in my own heart ? and once I do that I will be better able to love others more fully. I am learning that I am in charge of keeping my heart protected from the evil or the negative,I am in charge of the feelings that abound in my heart, I am in charge of seeing the good in others and their potential or love that God has for them regardless of what they do to me etc…And because I know that the merciful obtain mercy and I want a heart that is full of forgiveness, of mercy and of love for God, for myself and for all! learning one day at a time to live the way that God would want me to live and in the way in which He would be proud of me, of what I do, of what I think and of what I keep in my heart.
He gives us greater power than we could ever receive from ourselves! He can guide us, cleanse us and help us in ways that can sometimes seem indescribable to our natural eyes. The key is to trust Him enough to know that even when things don’t go according to “my will” I am willing to accept what He wants for me, in His greater knowledge and wisdom and be happy of knowing that although they may not go my way they’ll be going the BEST WAY POSSIBLE WHICH IS HIS WAY!!! and according to His will! Which will always lead to my happiness that will be greater than anything that this world could offer.

 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ( Proverbs 3: 5-6)

Our spiritual goal for the week is to trust God more! to let go completely and remind yourself that you do believe in Him! the goal is also to give Him our hearts by keeping them clean from all that is evil or negative and instead filling our hearts with good positive words, thoughts and actions that will bring us closer to God. 

Our Physical goal for the week is to slow down on the carbs and to do something great for our physical body and to exercise to take care of ourselves, have more energy and feel great! 🙂

I hope to be able to see you in class tonight! we will have a little bit more room because we will be in the Gym so you can bring friends and family whom you would like to benefit from the class. Last week we had a wonderful meditation session which helped us to focus on the truly important things <3 It felt wonderful and I always wish everyone could be there to experience how good it feels. I’m here for you always! and don’t forget to take it one day at a time. You do your best today and see how great you’ll feel! ? you’ll love it! ?

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


Lili ?

Slow Down Your Stress

Feeling stressed is something that we all experience at some point or another. For some it may be more often or more severe than others and it’s effects can range from low to high even to the point in which it can cause illness in our bodies. It’s important for us to learn what stress can do to our lives and how it can affect us and impact our relationships or our inner peace with ourselves. When the situations come into our lives we always have a choice! we can always choose how to react. Do we get angry, frustrated, bitter, sad, etc? All of these emotions that tend to come from stress are negative, therefore we need to learn how to manage them and become the masters of them! before they become the masters of us!…WE ARE IN CONTROL✴
When we realize how stress presents itself in our bodies and how we are currently reacting to it… We can practice and be prepared to know how to take control of ourselves when the situation arises or even if something more difficult was to happen. We all know that when we let stress or those negative emotions win in ourselves it never feels good 🙁 its as if we loose control of ourselves and all it brings its even more negativity into our lives. But when we can master ourselves and at least take control of our emotions even if we can’t control what the “stressor” is, we can control our emotions and our reaction to the situation. When we react in the most positive way for ourselves and those around us, we can defeat what “stress” used to cause in us and instead turn it into a strengthening situation for us, that can build us as a person, purify us and allow us to receive positive consequences from our situations. It will take control and practice but we are completely capable of doing it.
Here are a few ways that can help us to react to our situations better and to have more control! 🙂
Be realistic Being realistic about what we expect of ourselves and others is the best defense against stress. We have to be real with ourselves and those around us. Open, honest and realistic communication and expectations will support growth but keep stress in check.
Keep fit- Spiritually and physically Physical bodies require rest, exercise and a good diet. We can also keep our souls healthy through daily prayer and scripture study.

Set priorities and goals De-stress by prioritizing what the most important things are that need to get done. Planning will give us direction and lead to accomplishments.

Change your pace Take a break to do something you enjoy (including nothing) in stressful situations this can help ease the pressure. Try serving someone else to put your own problems into perspective.

Share your struggles Surrounding ourselves with supportive people who we can confide in. or writing about our day and what we learned from it can also be therapeutic. 
Be grateful and Happy
we can choose to be happy! Happiness that doesn’t depend on ANYTHING EXTERNAL but instead happiness that comes from WITHIN!!! I know that sounds strange because we have been taught that happiness comes from having material things, ex; if I have a better car, then i’ll be happy or a bigger house, or those shoes…etc or we have also heard that you need to have the best career, a great body, be successful, have knowledge etc…But those things don’t bring true happiness, they may add comfort to our lives but being truly happy is what comes from inside us.
Some of the countries with the most poverty have the happiest people!..yet, we have so much and so many times we complain that we need more to be happy. Being happy is something that can be felt no matter the circumstances because it comes from inside, it is not determined or measured by what we have or what we don’t have. It is simply there because we CHOOSE to be happy in our situations. It comes from a deep trust and a faith in God that He loves us deeply enough to help us get through anything! allowing our “stressful” situations to build us and edify us in the way that God wants us to be strengthened. True happiness comes from knowing that we are at peace with God and that there is no need for anything external to affect or determine our joy, because our joy comes from the peace of God, and of knowing that when we react to life in this way of joy and gratitude, He will provide for us in amazing ways and give us much more than  what the world sees as ‘happiness”. We can be grateful and happy in our circumstances and receive the true joy that comes from inside us and doest depend on our external circumstances.
Our Spiritual goal for the week is to slow down our stress, to choose to master ourselves and how we will react to our situations. <3 God will provide us with peace and the inner joy to be able to have unlimited happiness and finding the joy no matter what ?
Our physical goal is to exercise and do things that will help us release stress! we can workout, meditate or have some alone quiet time to relax.
Tonight we will focus on stress relief! we will work hard and kick that stress out!!! We will also take some time to meditate and relax our bodies and our minds to feel centered, energized, happy and thankful to have so many blessings! <3….Life is good and all things will work out for our benefit when we think positively of our situations and GROW from the difficult times. We have the power to choose joy and peace in our situations. Lets do that and enjoy the true joy that comes fro within and its not based on anything external <3
Have a blessed and wonderful day!?

God’s Love

The world is constantly trying to tell us that we need to be skinnier, prettier, “basically look like a Barbie”, be popular, have more possessions, money, etc…all of this pressure that makes us think that this is the only way to achieve happiness, self esteem or to be “complete in life” but, in reality this is all a huge lie! And it’s so sad that it’s so pushed on us from every direction! from music, tv, media, society etc…that we are bombarded by these images or people that can affect us and make us feel less of ourselves. 🙁
Many studies have been done in which people reach a certain level of ” great achievement” in the eyes of the world and even once they reach that level of popularity, looks, money etc…they still feel like they are lacking or missing something! Even after searching and gaining more and more, they still were not satisfied and realized that they were always lacking something. All of the years searching for more of what was in the external took their focus away from their internal self and they forgot about their self love, their inner peace, their self esteem, their being inside, and in most cases some completely forgetting about God. They described themselves as having a lot but still missing something inside and a level of unhappiness.
No matter how much we get from the external it can never truly change what is deep inside of us.That healing can only from us being honest with ourselves and asking God to help us. Specially in this world where our self esteem is constantly being attacked (specially for us as woman) we must be strong enough to remind ourselves constantly in the daily battles that we face and will continue to face for as many days as God wants us to be here on this earth that we are to stand strong for who we are. We must reming ourselves that we are children of God His sons and daughters! Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. How beautiful is that??? Why do we let the world tell us lies about our potential or our beauty? if we are beautiful to the most amazing being in the universe who created us! then why should we worry about the standards that others have for beauty? I read something that said “instead of trying to be what the world wants you to be, try living your life by the standards the Lord has set. HIS WAYS NEVER CHANGE AND YOU WILL NEVER BE UNPOPULAR TO HIM!!! ???
So, whenever we face moments of insecurity or feeling low about ourselves lets be strong enough to confront it and change it!!! to not depend on anyone else for our happiness but to do it for ourselves! and to base upon what God thinks about us!? on how incredibly much He loves each and every one of us. Let’s focus on letting go of the dust or the dirt that gets in the way of our minds and instead clean it out of our lives by asking God to forgive us for thinking negatively of ourselves and to instead help us focus on the beauty that He sees in us and in others! to be able to be thankful for the fact that our bodies are working and that they are our God given temples for our soul to be here on this earth. That we may be able to take care of ourselves the best way we can and to love ourselves for the person that God has made us to be today! ?
Once we are able to see ourselves in Gods way and to love and respect ourselves enough that we no longer need compliments from the world around us because God alone makes us truly fulfilled and happy?Then we will be able to go and share our love with others!!! taking the focus off of ourselves and being able to serve, and give to our spiritual brothers and sisters on this earth 
Mathew 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
I hope that we are all able to feel God’s love in our lives more fully and more completely! to be able to feel it to the point that all of those layers of insecurity or self doubt can be fully removed to allow us to be more centered on God’s true love for us! to respect ourselves and love ourselves enough to be able to give more fully to all of those around us, or to the entire world that they may be able to feel God’s love in their lives because of us. i know that God is able to provide us with this strength and as the daughters of God we will be able to receive if we truly search for it and fully believe in what He is able to do for us. ?
Our Spiritual goal for the week is to let go of the negative thoughts of self image, self esteem, or self doubt, that the world is constantly trying to throw at us! and instead, putting a STOP to those thoughts, changing them for something positive and pushing them away with the power of prayer if we need to. Asking God to help us to see ourselves as He sees us!!! To help us be more thankful for all that we have and to forget about ourselves a little more and instead give service to someone who needs it!!…I know that the more that we work on improving this, we will be able to overcome the ridiculous standards that the world has surrounding us and we will be better able to stand strong and courageous for the love that God had for us and for what he would want us to do each day of our lives. This Joy and peace that comes from the power that God can provide is way better than anything material or external that we could possibly achieve on this earth.?
Our physical goal for this week is to drink more water and stay active! the goal is to replace one of our sugary drinks for water we can add lemon, or strawberries but the goal is nothing sugary or at least to cut back and have at least 3 glasses of water in one day 😉 and to continue to stay active and so something physical at least 2 days this week! those are good goals for ourselves this week! We can do this! 🙂
I’m here if you need me! stay positive and remember it’s ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! deep breaths and we do our very best! See you tonight for an awesome class that will burn calories!!! and a great meditation to leave us feeling AMAZING!!!! 🙂 Hope you can make it!