The Power of Your Thoughts

We are in control of what we think about and how we let it affect us. This week & tonight in class we will talk about how nothing from the outside can affect us internally UNLESS we allow it to do so. It’s all a chain reaction which begins with the events that we experience and the opportunity that we have to CHOOSE our thoughts & how to react to the situations that happen in our lives.

The equation is:


We have the opportunity to choose how we will respond to everything that we experience. It’s always up to us to decide what we allow to enter our minds. Our reaction will determine the outcome which we will experience. That is why we must always ask ourselves, Do I want a positive outcome from this? How can this situation strengthen me instead of weakening me? What can I do to react in a way that will bring a positive outcome to my life?

It’s Amazing that we have the power to choose to not allow outside sources to control how we feel internally. We often forget that we have that huge power which we unfortunately give away to others or to outside sources to control us. 🙁 It’s as if we hand someone else the control of our power. We must remember that it is an honor and our responsibility to take control of OUR power, to protect it and to CHOOSE HOW TO REACT OR HOW TO RESPOND TO EVERY SITUATION.

We can choose to react positively, to focus on making our thoughts stronger and to help ourselves remain internally peaceful and less affected by the outside things that we experience. It takes practice, but the more that we’re able to exercise that choice and power to strengthen our thoughts, the happier we will be and the more in control of ourselves we will feel. The power is there! We just have to choose wether we use it for good or negatively in our lives.

If we have a hard time with our thoughts or we feel affected by the outside sources or situations that we experience, we can turn to God to ask Him for help. He can make our minds more powerful and positive by becoming more centered or focused on coming to Him. He knows what’s in our heart, He knows our thoughts, our goals and desires. We have to trust that He will help us.

He has said;

Yea, I tell thee, that thou mayest know that there is none else save God that knowest thy thoughts and the intents of thy heart. (D&C 6:16)

He knows the things that we want to work on and do better on. He knows how we feel more than anyone else! He knows how we can overcome our challenges and difficulties. As we’re willing to listen to Him and to follow what He would like us to do, He will help us to be stronger and to focus our minds on being more Positive & capable of choosing what is best for us. God loves us! He loves YOU!!! He wants to help us. It’s in His nature to want to help because He is Good, caring and loving. He has a plan and a purpose for each one of us. We just have to remember that this earth is our school for us to learn to choose all kinds of things, most importantly, what thoughts we allow to remain and grow in our mind.

The things we experience in our lives can either teach us and help us or harm us and make us negative and miserable, The choice is always ours. The more that we’re able to recognize our power of control, to choose to remain on control of ourselves and to come to God to listen & follow what we feel in our hearts is right, the more we will feel His love, power and guidance for our lives.

Our strength can’t always come from us. We need divine help in our lives more often than we think. As children of God we have access to that help as we search for it and as we’re willing to listen & follow that higher wisdom. God’s goal is to have strong children on this earth who know their potential, value and power as children of God. Children who know that they have access to the help, love and peace that our Father in Heaven is able to provide. And children who feel confident in their ability to choose good thoughts, feelings and actions. We can do this! Lets Trust in His love, believe in Him and in we can do for ourselves with His divine help. Trust in your own internal power to choose the good for your life. & remember that you’re just a thought away from feeling happy, thankful, peaceful and joyful.

Our spiritual goal for the week is to be aware of our thoughts and our internal power. To not allow outside sources to affect us internally but instead to remember our potential as children of God and who we can become. Be strong and choose the thoughts that will bring the best outcome for your life.

Our physical goal for the week is to remove one bad item from our diet. It can be soda, sugary drinks, fast food, chips or sugary treats. Just choose one or 2 items to remove that can help your health and strengthen your body.

Hope to see you tonight at 5pm to do something awesome for your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. We will get rid of stress, strengthen ourselves and have a amazing meditation to remind us of our inner power.

Don’t forget that God will return the good that we do in our lives and our joy will be even greater in knowing that God is pleased with our thoughts, feelings and our actions. Doing these things will only bring peace, happiness and positivity into our lives. you’re not alone, God is with you and will make you stronger! Do your best ONE DAY AT A TIME! ❤️



God Loves YOU!

We all have those days when we feel stuck. When it seems like we’re not doing enough, accomplishing enough, or even coming close to doing what we had hoped to have accomplished by now. In a way we could say that we even feel unnoticed or invisible.

Unfortunately the world that we live in isn’t helping either. Often times the environment around us has a lot to do with how we’re feeling. We’re constantly being bombarded daily on social media with feelings of dissatisfaction, comparison, insecurities and a sense of lack.

We find ourselves looking for inspirations or role models through a screen. We judge ourselves and forget about who we really are. We feel that our self esteem is depending on other’s opinions of us, and little by little the cycle continues. We “numb” ourselves by reaching for the things that helps us to buffer our emotions. Food, addictive substances, and our phones or screens become our “go to” things when we’re feeling sad, discouraged, frustrated etc.

We don’t notice it most of the time unless we can bring awareness to what is happening. unfortunately, a lot of those things that we add to our day could be stealing our joy, draining our energy and most importantly clouding our ability to connect to God and to feel His love.

Today I want to invite us to be more aware of the things that drain our joy. So that we may make a conscious effort to remove them from our day or at least to minimize our exposure to them. Instead, let’s take a moment to step outside, take some deep breaths, enjoy the sun and look around fora moment to count all of the things that God has created and that our eyes can see today. See if for a moment you can just feel the love that God has for you. (Really, put it to the test, be more present and see what God allows you to feel)

Remember that there is something bigger and greater than our troubles and problems. The God who has given us another day to breathe and to be here on this earth is always ready for us to come to Him. He has a bigger and a greater plan for YOUR LIFE than you know. He LOVES YOU! Love was created by Him and He is ready to give His divine love to each one of us who seek it. ❤️

In case we have forgotten, let’s remind ourselves today today that each one of us is a child of divinity! A child of God. This life isn’t an accident but an opportunity for us to learn, to rise above the chaos and darkness and instead for us to gain a greater focus on living a life centered and aligned with God. A life that is filled with light, peace and the love of God to guide each one of our days.

The biggest thing we can come to know in this life, is to know who we really are. We are not what other people think of us, we are not our accomplishments, financial status or fame. We are not our circumstances, feelings, emotions or even our bodies. We are greater than all of those things. Our spirit has been around for way longer than we can comprehend. God knows us spiritually! He knows what we have overcome in the past and what we will overcome in the future.

If we can just remember that we are a cherished, beloved child of a Father in Heaven who loves us so perfectly, that He sent His son Jesus Christ to atone for each one of us. Even if we fail and feel distant, discouraged or anything like that. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. ❤️ His love will always be there for us, regardless of what we choose to do. But how amazing would it be for our Father in Heaven to see us WILLINGLY turning our hearts to Him? 😍

The love of God will always push back the confusion of the world that tries to weaken our confidence and tries to blind us from our divine potential. The more that we are able to focus daily on the love that God has for us, the more confidence we will gain in Him and in ourselves. We will be able to let go and reject the feelings of heaviness, negativity, discouragement and instead rejoice in His LOVE daily.

The more that we’re able to come closer to God, the more we will be able to recognize the distractions and the things that bring us down. We will have more wisdom in the ways in which we CHOOSE to spend our time each day. We will be able to stop judging ourselves and others, We will stop having feelings of envy, jealousy, comparison and instead replace those feelings with love, compassion, peace, kindness and forgiveness.

The love of God will be able to surround us and to cover us completely. To the point that we will feel His immense love for us in our moment by moment decisions. We will find ourselves living out of that same love. Choosing LOVE & compassion for ourselves and others. With His help we will find ourselves accomplishing the impossible.

1 John 4:7-8 Says “Let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. … For God is love”

So, let’s not forget who we are and where we come from. Let’s allow ourselves today to consciously invite the love of God to be with us. He will lovingly allow us to feel that, if we choose to focus on His Love and the knowledge that brings above all other things. God is counting on each one of us to bring that light into our souls more fully and brightly, so that we will not only be able to help ourselves but to be united with God in helping to change the world and to invite others to come unto Him.

Our spiritual goal for this weekis to focus on LOVE. That we may choose everything that we do coming from a place of love. Allowing ourselves to connect to the love of God before our words, thoughts and actions. Aligning ourselves to the things that bring that love into our lives and letting go of the things that we can acknowledge are definitely not good for us. We be got this! 🙂

Our physical goal for the week, is for us to come from a place of love as we choose the food that we eat and the different exercises we will focus on. Coming from a place of love for ourselves will allow us to have greater wisdom as we take care of our Body, Mind & Spirit.

We will have class tonight at 5 PM to be able to give ourselves the opportunity to feel more of that love for ourselves. We will release stress, tone our bodies and have an amazing meditation to leave us feeling renewed, re-energized and filled with love for ourselves and others. Hope that you can make it. ❤️🥰

With love,

Lili 🌸

Hold On

As we face the different challenges that come into our lives, we start to realize that we really do have a choice on what we focus on. We can either let the challenges bring us down or allow ourselves to grow from them, hold on, be patient, pray and wait for God’s timing.

We know that our challenges are not something new to God. He knowns what we will go through because He has known the end from the very beginning, He is fully aware of our challenges and is always ready to help us. Even when we don’t feel Him near, He is working behind the scenes to provide for us daily. So, what can we do to navigate life a little bit better? & to be more willing to trust God?

The best formula when a problem arises is for us to stop and take a moment to pray, trust God, cast our cares on Him and try to manage our minds and thoughts. We can continue to fill our spirits with positive messages and to continue to be kind and positive with ourselves throughout it all.

We have to remember that ultimately, we have to be able to have our own back and to be our own best cheerleaders throughout the ups and downs of life. We might not always have people around to encourage us and help us. Sometimes all we have is an opportunity to pray and ask God to help us be more positive and kind to ourselves during our difficulties and HE WIll ANSWER OUR PRAYERS. We always have a choice on what to focus on.

The next best thing we can do is to take a look at our thoughts and notice which thoughts are serving us and which thoughts are weakening us. It’s important for us to write those thoughts down and see if they make sense. Sometimes writing thoughts down on paper can helps us to realize that they’re not really serving us and are causing more damage than good. We can then allow ourselves to change some of those thoughts and to instead ask God to help us focus on positive and uplifting thoughts. We can focus on thoughts of GRATITUDE, counting our blessings and feeling grateful for what we are able to have today. Choosing positive thoughts and actions will help us to forward and upward on our journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. 🙂

God wants us all to have a truly personal relationship with Him. The truth is that we don’t have enough wisdom to run our own lives. WE NEED DAILY DIVINE HELP! God has that divine wisdom and power to help us through it all. So why not fully trust Him? Why not give it all to Him? He can protect us and either open or close doors for our benefit or wellbeing.

It’s important for us to discover and understand that life is way better when we’re fully dependent on a loving God, who is forgiving, kind, merciful and patient with us. Rather than to try to do life on our own. We really do need our creator if we’re looking for internal peace and guidance in our lives. He is the ultimate guide who knows what is truly best for us in the end.

So, let’s not doubt His power, but instead be patient, and remember that we have that inner peace available to us always. We just have to slow down, take some deep breaths and allow ourselves to connect to God. Remember that now more than ever is when we need to gain stronger inner peace and trust in God. The world will continue to get darker but we can still live aligned to the light of God so that we may have that light constantly with us and be able to share that with others as well.

Now is the time to strengthen our relationship with God and allow it to grow stronger and brighter each day. Because with God by our side, we have nothing to fear and we can be filled with His hope & wisdom. life is sooo much better when we’re close to God!!! ❤️

Be aware that it’s in the waiting when the enemy attacks us the most, bringing doubts and fears into our mind and heart…But that’s when we can focus on the power of prayer and we can pick ourselves up and say to ourselves; “I am a child of God. Created by the divine power of a loving Heavenly Father. His power is within me. He loves me, He supports me and provides abundantly in my life. He fills me with His peace and love daily and I continue forward knowing that God is working right now in my life and I will receive all that He has promised me. ❤️

Finally, God wants us to experience His joy more fully. So, is there any joy that we can hold on to right now, while we wait for God to help us with our different challenges?…Turning our hearts and attention away from ourselves and focusing on giving to others will bring us more of the joy of God and allow us to receive more of His light and wisdom as we go through our different challenges. Our burdens become lighter when we turn our hearts to others and we’re better able to focus on the light that we’re able to share with others. God will see our efforts and bless us for that always. ❤️

So, this week our goal is to remember that there is Divine light fully available for us to gain more wisdom and guidance. We already have divine light within us, because we come from the presence of God. ❤️ We just have to allow ourselves to create moments to strengthen that light through prayer, changing our negative thoughts, focusing on the good and helping others.

Our physical goal will be to burn more calories than we take in. Eat healthy, nutritious food and move your body daily! 🙂 Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 5pm to do something amazing for your Body, Mind and Spirit. If it’s raining we’ll be inside. If not, we’ll see you outside by the lake. 🙂 Hope that you can make it! ❤️

Let’s take some deep breaths today and invite more of the light of God into our life. Remember, that God knew about our problems before we encountered them. I fully believe that part of our test of life is to see if we will learn to trust Him. Blindly, going into our different challenges with opportunities to PROVE OUR TRUST IN HIM. So, prove to God that you FULLY TRUST HIM. Know that He is working on it. Let’s allow Him to take our pain, sadness and challenges and turn them into opportunities to be grateful, to look up to God, to be kind to ourselves and to help others on their journey as well.

Remember to always take a look at your thoughts. Do they really speak truth? Are they energy draining? Or energy producing? We can change those thoughts to be positive so that we may bring on positive actions daily. Let’s allow ourselves to promise to ourselves today that we will Trust in God MORE! Let’s allow ourselves to be surrounded by His peace, (which is better than anything else this world can offer)

We can trust in His love. & know that our faith will bring miracles and promises to all who believe and trust in Him. So, today is our chance to trust to Him, to give our difficulties and worries to Him. To listen for His divine guidance and to go and DO what He speaks to our hearts & minds. Feel His love for you today and know that he’s got you in the palms of His hands.

John 14:27 Says; My Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. ❤️



Choose Love

I choose Faith over anxiety, hope over worry and love over fear.

These words can serve us in two ways: As an affirmation and as a practice. When fears arise, affirmations and our breathing can move us gently toward the light even as we face the darkness. They make us mindful of our thoughts and our choice to direct them with faith and hope. Choosing to do this over and over again is the practice, when worries settle in, we always have the choice to look at them through the eyes of love.

When we feel stressed and overwhelmed we can close the door to the outside world and instead make our thoughts and emotions known to God. I promise you that He does hear and answer every prayer of your heart. (Maybe not always in the timing we would like, but HE does answer) He did it for me this week. He answered me with LOVE. ❤️ & Just as He answered me with love, I know He will do the same for anyone who seeks Him. ❤️

As we’re willing to surrender our challenges to Him with a brave, patient and open heart. Trusting in the God of the Universe. The creator of our souls. We will see that He will remove the stress and anxiety from our hearts. & instead replace all of that, with HIS LOVE.❤️

The LOVE OF GOD is the greatest gift in the world. Just to know that you are loved by God, allows you to remove anything else that makes you feel unhappy, anxious or stressed. Because the love of God fills and covers your heart and soul with peace. It brings an assurance that everything will be ok. The soul that is able to trust in God, is able to gain way more strength to overcome the challenges of life than those who place the trust on themselves.

It’s completely up to us to choose to exercise our spiritual muscles daily & to focus on His love. ❤️ It’s up to us to choose to place our TRUST ON HIM with everything that happens in our lives and to know and believe that with His help we truly can overcome all things.

So, Today I invite you to say to yourself; I choose faith, Hope and Love. And when I do, my anxiety, worries and fears dissolve. My focus becomes centered on the highest good for my soul. I believe that all things are possible as I place my trust on the amazing love of a God who is ALL GOOD, ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL & ALL LOVING.

I trust in His incredible blessings and I know that He walks the path of life with me and He will carry me through it all. ❤️ Every thought out of my mind and soul today will come from a place of LOVE. Love for God, Love for myself and Love for others. ❤️ TODAY I CHOOSE FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Choose to do Something to strengthen yourself physically, spiritually and mentally. Focus on loving yourself, on giving yourself the best nutrition and on allowing yourself to have moments of peace and quiet to recharge your energy and your connection to God. This will allow you to handle the challenges of life with a perspective that’s more aligned to God and where you can focus more on His love for you, rather than on fear, stress or anxiety. Just know that God loves you! ❤️ keep trusting, believing and all will be ok.

Hope to see you tonight for an amazing class at 5:00 pm!!! 😍👏🏼Motivate yourself to be there & you’ll feel so thankful you did. 🥰

You’ll be able to release stress, strengthen your body & renew your mind and spirit. This class helps us to heal, strengthen and invite more positive thoughts and feelings into our hearts and minds. It’s the best therapy! Hope that you can make it & benefit as well. ❤️😘🧘🏻‍♀️🌅

Our Spiritual goal is to choose to focus on LOVE instead of all other negative thoughts. Practicing love for God, ourselves and others will bring us so much peace and happiness. ❤️

Our Physical goal is to love our bodies by taking care of what we eat and the movement we choose to do. Make it a daily goal to take care of yourself. You’ve got this!🥰 ❤️


Lili 🌸