Inner Peace Keeper

With everything going on in our world, It’s easy to allow the chaos of it all and of our life’s circumstances to increase our emotional stress, fear and anxiety.

We see that not only is our peace taken from us, but studies have recently shown that an increase in addiction and violence have been on the rise. The world as a whole is having a harder time controlling their feelings, thought and emotions. And sadly we’re finding ourselves and our loved ones looking for ways to “numb” the emotional stress that surrounds us.

We resort to food, addictive behaviors, look for compliments or validation on social media, we obsess over our physical appearance, use entertainment, tv, shopping, substances and many other activities that seem harmless at first, but little by little become the ways in which we buffer our emotions.

Can you see how we’re slowly becoming more and more dependent on outside sources to bring us “inner peace”? Most of the time we don’t even realize how much we’re allowing those things to control our emotional state, or how we’re “numbing the discomforts” of life which little by little disrupts our inner peace. The world would rather numb the emotions than to ever sit with them and feel and process what is going on.

This week I want to motivate you to take a look deeper within yourself. Remember that this may not feel comfortable at first and you may be tempted to grab your phone or try to look for your “buffering tools.” The goal is to honestly sit quietly and make a list of the things that you use to “numb” your emotional discomfort. What comes up for you? What are the things you reach for first? Do they bring you peace? Or do they leave you feeling worse?

Once you’re able to do this for yourself, be proud of your ability to be clear about what those things are. Set a goal for yourself this week that you will notice when those things start to show up and motivate yourself to not rely on them for your comfort. Instead, try to disconnect from the outside world to focus on your internal peace which is always available to you, if you choose to focus on it.

Remember that God invites us to fully place our trust on HIM. He is the prince of peace, who invites our souls to receive true, long lasting and eternal peace.

John 14:27 Says: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”❤️

God wants us to not be troubled or afraid. So, what is troubling you today? What is bringing you fear or frustration? Whatever those feelings are, sit with them for a little bit. It’s ok! & remember to allow yourself to speak to God and release that to HIM. He will remove those feelings from you and instead fill you with peace and trust in Him, which is where the greatest peace can come from. Being at peace with God is lasting peace for the soul. ❤️

Remember that no one has permission to upset you, not your circumstances or anything or anyone else, unless you allow them to do so. We talk about this in class every week! So, hopefully you can make it tonight to learn more about this so that you may practice and gain greater strength to help you.

So, set the goal for yourself to NOTICE what you’re using to buffer your emotions. Take some deep breaths appreciating your awareness, and move forward with focusing on inviting greater greater inner peace into your mind, heart and soul today. Make time to strengthen your relationship with God who is the Father of PEACE. He will allow you to be filled hour by hour, one day at a time.

Our Spiritual goal this week is: To gain greater inner peace. To be the KEEPER OF OUR PEACE! The PROTECTOR or our peace and to have the wisdom to know where our peace comes from and lean on that peace from God instead of leaning on anything else.

Our Physical goals is to exercise at least 2-3 times this week and to give our body more water a s healthy nutrient rich foods. ❤️

Hope To see you in class tonight at 6:30pm. Make this promise to yourself to do this for your Body, Mind and Spirit. This will allow you to release stress, strengthen yourself Physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will also practice being the keeper of our peace. Hope that you can make it and feel the difference.



My Day Is Yours

Have you ever approached your day in a way in which you can dedicate it to God? In which every action that comes from you, no matter how small, can be given to God?

I learned about this from a friend who is a young mom with little children and all kinds of responsibilities going on. (I think many of us can relate to this) On this specific day, I walked into her house and seeing how much she had to do I asked her what she needed help with. She mentioned that she was testing a new way of doing things that week.

She told me that she had been complaining for weeks about her tasks and her never ending lists. She knows that God knew she was grudgingly doing all of these things with a terrible attitude and very little patience for herself and those around her.

She told me that she had prayed about it and She had a strong feeling to turn her heart away from herself and instead be prayerful about which task to complete first. Then she felt she should DEDICATE EACH TASK TO GOD. She said that she could tell the difference in something as simple as washing the dishes, reading to her children, cleaning her home, etc.

I was inspired by her example and prayed that God would help me to be more mindful about dedicating each task to Him. I noticed the difference in myself that week and and I think it’s time for me to practice this again this week. I invite you to do this as well and notice the difference in yourself.

Not everything will turn out perfectly, obviously. But the fact that we’re willing to make a promise to God that we will try to dedicate our thoughts, actions and tasks to Him is a beautiful way for us to align ourselves to MORE of His Divine light. Where we can feel it ONE MOMENT AT A TIME allowing it to flow with us throughout the day. It’s as if we’re caring a little prayer or dedication in our hearts throughout the day. A way of honoring Him for giving us the ability, health and energy to complete each task. Having gratitude for the opportunity to be trusted to care for ourselves and ourselves and our God given families.

So, today I invite you to keep a prayer in your heart and to dedicate each task that you have to do, to God. Consider being a present and attentive channel of divine love and light today. In every small thing you make, create something beautiful for God and be willing to be an instrument of love and peace for him.

Ask God to bless the hands of your work, to remind you that you do not walk alone but that He can bless your hands to do good for yourself and others today. Ask Him to bless your eyes with the sight to see Him in the tasks that are ahead. To let all the work that you do, be done with God in the fabric of your actions and transactions. Reminding yourself that your work is also God’s work.

Ask Him to bless the steps of your path that you may know what should be done next and next, and how to stay in the flow of grace. So that He may show you where to go and where to be. That your steps may be His steps today. Ask him to bless your mouth so that you may speak in kindness and love to yourself and those around you. To allow God to speak through you and to help you raise the vibrations of those around you.

Allow Him to be in your heart, to give love, to be filled with gratitude, humility, kindness and to keep in your heart all that is good and all that allows God to reside with you. Finally, ask Him that you may be an instrument for his peace. That in the small moments of your day, you may come from a place of serenity and peace. That your thoughts and actions may bring a sense of calm and peace to others and to the world around you.

Remind yourself today that in each step and with each breath you are an instrument of peace, love, and light. Acting, connecting and feeling as the hands and feet of the divine. You’re a child of God. You already have Divinity within you. It is part of you and you have the chance to practice flowing in that Divinity each moment at a time 🙂 God loves you! He has a perfect plan for you. All things are in His hand. Including YOU!

He wants to invite you to feel His presence more often throughout your day. So, allow yourself to be open to Him and notice what a difference it will make today. Each task, each moment, each thought…Your thoughts, Mind, heart, body and soul centered on Him will make all the difference. This is our spiritual goal for the week.

Our physical goal is to give ourselves at least 3 days of exercise this week and to choose nutrient rich foods. 😉

Love you all and hope that you can make it tonight at 6:30 for an amazing opportunity to do something to strengthen our Body, Mind and Spirit. The hardest thing is always showing up, but once you’re there you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset, connect to yourself and to God and feel the difference.



One Day At A Time

Sometimes we rush through our days having so many distractions and responsibilities that we forget to slow down a little and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, most of our thoughts end up stuck in the future or the past, and by the time we know it, the day is gone. Our days pass so quickly, our children grow up, another birthday comes around, we see ourselves changing and life passing quicker than we expected. This is when we start to realize that worrying about the past and the future is unnecessary. The past is gone, and the future is unknown. So why not focus instead on enjoying the moment we have TODAY.

Slowing down and re-focusing on the present moment takes practice, but it’s so rewarding. Taking time to count our blessings and to just enjoy wherever we may be at this moment, will bring us so much peace. Trusting in God each moment, knowing that He’ll take care of everything as He has done in the past and will do in the future…The moment to fully live and enjoy life is NOW.

I believe that God created Day and night for a reason. Night time is our reminder to slow down, to rest, sleep and renew our minds and our bodies. A time for us to turn off the constant chatter of our thoughts, the stress and the distractions of our day and to allow ourselves to rest and recover.

I also believe that God our Father wants us to focus on taking in that sunrise as a way of seeing a new day as a new opportunity for us to choose that renewal, to help us and strengthen us. It’s a reminder of a new chance, a new day to live the best way we can. It’s an opportunity to focus on this one day, on it’s different challenges or blessing that it may bring. A new opportunity to grow, to CHOOSE the the best things that we can bring into our body, mind, soul and relationships.

God wants us to focus on taking things ONE DAY AT A TIME. The more that we’re able to enjoy the DAILY BLESSINGS, the “daily Bread” that God gives us & the daily energy and mercy that we’re able to receive from Him, the happier and more peaceful our lives will be.

One of the best ways to practice being present is to focus on our 5,4,3,2,1 senses. We practice this in class every week and it helps us to bring ourselves to present. Also being aware of practicing distancing ourselves from our thoughts to just be still in the moment is also so helpful.

As we make a conscious effort to enjoy each day, to give service and help others, to choose how to react to our thoughts, situations in a way that invites peace for us in each moment. We will see that doing this, will allow us to connect to God more often. Noticing the little blessings and allowing ourselves to connect better to the divine light that is all around us. In nature, and in all living things that testify that there is a God who gives lives daily.

Mathew 6:34

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take Thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

So, He wants us to remember to not worry about tomorrow. The things of tomorrow will work out the way they’re meant to and according to His will. He doesn’t want us to be so focused about Tomorrow, instead He wants us to think about what we can do today. So, I invite you to Trust in God and trust in His love. Trust that He will provide for you in His way and in His timing. Let go of those feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. Instead, trust in the being who created the universe and who knows the end from the beginning. The one who KNOWS YOU! LOVES YOU! & Has His own perfect plan for your life, for what you’re meant to go through, overcome and rejoice in…It’s all in HIS HANDS & HE LOVES YOU!!! ❤️ So, choose to live this day in Joy and feeling blessed.

Remember to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Enjoy the blessings, the little moments and you will feel amazing in knowing that you’re enjoying your most precious little DAILY blessings. Focus on just TODAY. Feel the love and the blessing of having those around you. Be Glad & make today an amazing day to be present. ☀️ God will bless you and take care of you. Trust in Him & He’ll take care of the rest. For now, just focus on today & do your best.

Psalm 118:24

This is the day which the Lord hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Our Spiritual goal for the week is to focus on taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME. Slow down a little and rejoice! Find joy in your day. A life with joy is a life well lived. So, focus on joy, being present a s strengthening your relationship with God to give you the daily wisdom that you need to know where to focus your energy, thoughts and actions.

Our Physical goal for the week is to have more water throughout the day and to eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrition. Let’s Put away the bad stuff! We can do it! 🥰

Hope to see you tonight at a NEW ClASS TIME! WE WILL START 6:30 pm. Come do something amazing for your Body, Mind and Spirit. You will be so proud of yourself and you’ll leave feeling peaceful, centered on God and renewed in every way. Love u all & hope that you can make it ans gain something from class and from this message.


Lili 🌸

I Choose Joy

Choosing joy can be hard sometimes. Specially during the times when we’re trying to endure some of the most difficult moments that life has to offer. On some days even the smallest step toward joy can feel like climbing a mountain. The truth is, we can honor a wide range of feelings, in the span of one day, while moving at any pace we choose toward that which is one step lighter.

Research has shown that although some people are born with a more positive disposition, anyone can reprogram their thoughts to foster more feelings of joy and happiness. Once we become aware of the negative repetitive thoughts that keep us distracted and distressed, we can turn toward prayer and positive affirmations to break the cycle. And over time, these new positive thoughts will become habitual.

Some of the best affirmations we can use, can be found in the word of God. Using scripture to regain peace and strength can become one of our best tools to fight against the negative thoughts that try to take over. God wants us to remember that we can choose to Rejoice.

1 Thessalonians 6:16-18 Says; Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Joy isn’t optional, it is an essential part of those who believe in God. Because we know and trust in a God who created us to have Joy. We know that He wants us to find joy in the journey. He wants us to learn to CHOOSE that for ourselves. & I believe that if it comes from the word of God, it’s placed there with love. There is wisdom in the words of God, and I believe that someday He will ask us about how much Joy we chose to focus on in our lives.

When we can feel our connection to God, we can start to see that as children of God, He wants us to experience the ups and downs of life with Him. That we may remember that through it all we can find joy and focus on the opportunity of seeing God amidst whatever storm we may be facing. He truly can become the God of our circumstances. We can strengthen our faith in Him, notice the good around us and focus on joy one day at a time.

Joy isn’t a feeling that is dependent on our circumstances. It is a response to the goodness of God and our eternal salvation. Choosing joy has very little to do with how we feel and everything to do with how we obey, how we trust and how we believe in the love of God. ❤️

Choosing joy is a spiritual practice, renewing our connection with the divine as we become lighter, more mindful and more peaceful. When in alignment with the spirit of God we can relax and trust that all things will be done according to His will. We will trust and focus on our blessings. We will see that we are safe. We are home in the peace of God. And this is who we really are.

Our goal for the week is to experiment with positive affirmations. Write down your favorite scriptures on your journal or on your phone. Allow negative thoughts and words to move naturally through you without taking up residence.

Love yourself. Complement yourself. Choose to do things that bring you joy daily. Be grateful, be kind to yourself, Eat nutritious foods, Get plenty of sleep. Move your body. Keep company with joyful people.

Read uplifting books. Listen to joyful music. Choose inspirational articles, podcasts and movies. Basically BRING ALL THAT IS GOOD AND UPLIFTING INTO YOUR LIFE.

And finally in your heart say to yourself: I open my heart to the possibility of joy. I am grateful for the gifts of today. I trust that my benevolent God has a divine plan for my highest good. I trust in Him and in myself. I choose Joy in my life. 💛🥰

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6:00 pm. We will focus on releasing stress and also on allowing ourselves to focus on being joyful and grateful for all that we have. Remember that you are your own best cheerleader and that the motivation to get yourself to class has to come from YOU! So, do this for yourself and feel the difference. You’ll leave feeling renewed and amazing! ❤️ Hope to see you there! ❤️


Lili 🌸