Inner Peace keeper ?

How often are you feeling affected by the behavior of others? Is your mind constantly narrating or taking you back to a situation where you wish you could’ve responded differently? The truth is that we all encounter people and situations that can destroy our inner peace more often than we would like. Part of the test of life, is wether or not we will learn how to react to the different circumstances, people and situations that come into our lives and that threaten to steal our inner peace.

I fully believe that it is part of God’s plan to send us to this earth so that we may learn to choose GOOD for ourselves. These choices also include the things we think about, our mental focus and attention. Also the ways in which we will choose to manage our emotions, the reactions we have and finding the ways to help us manage our “triggers.” Life is definitely built as the most perfect school to train our Mind, Body and Spirit fully.

In the word of God there are so many examples of people who had to overcome different things and situations. We too, have the mental power and ability overcome and to be victorious against anything that we face. We know that we don’t have to do it alone, but that there is a God who is fully willing and ready to help us. As we pray and come to Him, He will show us the tools that we need to continue to keep that inner peace within us so that we may not be so affected by the world, the people and the situations around us.

As I’ve tried to grow closer to God, and through His guidance and inspiration I’ve been able to learn more about the important relationship of my brain, mind, body and Spirit. I’ve learned how closely related they work together and how beneficial it is for all of us to learn tools and skills to help us strengthen each of these important areas of who we are. Doing so will allow us to tap into those strong areas within us to be better able to handle the different challenges that we may face.

One of my favorite tools comes from mindfulness. Which is a technique that helps you to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. This allows the mind to refocus on the present moment and allows you the time to process, feel and release emotions and also to invite the good and the positive to come in instead. Some of these tools have allowed me to see the benefits of connecting more to my body, mind and spirit. And even though some days hit us harder than others, I know there are ways in which we can help ourselves keep our inner peace.

I’ll share some of the tools that have been the most helpful to me and that have allowed me to keep my inner peace more stable and less affected by the outside world. I hope that you can gain something from this, and if you already have tools that help you, that you may continue to PRACTICE and create new pathways and habits in your brain to help you. The more we practice the better we get at this. 😉 Also, I hope that you know that you can reach out to me and I’d love to help you in any way I can. ❤️

You can choose to do some of these activities daily or whenever you’re feeling triggered by something. Just remember that when you feel “triggered” it’s because of a thought you have, and it’s important to always question if that thought is true or helpful to you. Theres always space where you can choose how to let it affect you. Is it worth your energy?….Is it Positive or negative for you to keep? Or is it better to accept the way it is and release it. Wether your peace leaves or stays it will all be your choice. So choose what is best for YOU!! & don’t forget that you always deserve more peace, love and light over anything else???

Try these tools if possible before the day begins, so that way your inner strength and mental ability will be much higher throughout the day. That way it will be harder to deplete your energy and you’ll be able to keep your inner peace more stable. Or practice these techniques throughout the day to help you process your emotions as well.

Here are some ideas or tools to help us keep our inner peace.

?Ask for help on a soul level: Ask the creator of your soul to help you have wisdom to view whatever is going on through His eyes and to TRUST THAT ALL WILL BE OK AND ACCORDING TO HIS DIVINE PLAN.

? The power of your BREATH: Breathing physiologically calms the body. Access your breath, find your inner peace, center your attention on this very moment. Remember that as you breathe you’ll begin to feel better. Once you’re at a place of calm, you can choose what to do next.

?Change your focus: Ask yourself; “ IS THIS THOUGHT USEFUL? It’s ok to feel your emotions, and process what is, but once you process them, it’s better to think about something more positive for you. Think about what you would like to focus your energy on in the next 30 minutes. Choose to do something uplifting for yourself, something that feels good, that helps you feel happy and accomplished. You can also choose to call someone who will be a positive influence to you during this time. Or just do something that allows your energy to be used in a way more positively.

? Meditate: Slowing down your mind and disconnecting form the outside world is an awesome exercise and a muscle that we can continue to practice. Specially if we’re trying to keep that inner peace within us. Finding a quiet place or just covering your ears, closing your eyes and focusing on your connection to your physical body, your emotions and your breath. Allowing yourself to have a moment to observe your thoughts as an outsider and letting them just pass by. Or taking a moment to ask yourself questions like: Does someone on the planet have it worse than me right now? Will this matter in 5 years?
These questions help you to zoom out and realize that things may not be that bad and that you can handle them. Having a moment to see the problems from a distance can help us to process and release them and instead we can focus on breathing, connecting to the divine or higher source and inviting more inner peace, calm and stillness to be with us. Meditation allows us to connect to our higher self and to God which will in return allow more wisdom to come. ?

? Positive affirmations, words and visualization; there’s extensive research on the theory that what we think about, we create. The body defaults to the pathways it already knows. So, it takes little retraining to create new thought patterns or habits. Affirmations help so much! Write yours and keep them where you can visually see them. Ex; “I am calm and serene”, “everything is in Divine order”, “I am joyful and peaceful”, “today will be an amazing day”. Also, having favorite scriptures to look at and to memorize are also amazing! Words have power! And we need to use them. ???

?Less time with screens: Whatever you listen to, watch and focus on, becomes how you speak to yourself. So, listen to uplifting music, positive messages and make a promise to yourself that your media intake will be positive. Spend less time looking at social media, or spending too much time on screens. These things short circuit our energy and leave us mentally and physically tense. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Implement a daily walk while leaving the phone at home. Or just leave your phone in a different room, it may feel weird and hard to do, but it’s an awesome test to see how attached we’ve become to it ? instead of focusing on the phone, notice your surroundings and make it a point to be more present .

? Self love: Be kind to yourself, treat yourself to something nice, exercise outdoors if possible, visualize your wellness and eat and drink all is healthy, nutritious and good for you. Don’t forgetting to also rest and get enough water and sleep. Your body has a huge effect on stress release, help yourself by choosing good for your Body as well. ???❤️

? & The last tip is to be Thankful and Present. Mindfulness teaches about the power of now. This very moment is all we have, this is the only moment we can control. The choice we make is for right now. The past is gone, we can accept it, grow from it and move on. The future is unknown, we can plan for it, but not fully focus on it since we really don’t know what exactly will happen. So, it’s important for us to be thankful to be here right now. Thankful for the blessings we have and for all that God gives us today! Being present means that we take things one at a time and that we allow ourselves to be in the moment. It means that we make it a point to see the blessings that we have right now. Trusting that God will take care of providing for us one day at a time. So, the focus is for today! All I can do is for this very moment, just today. The more that we’re able to be thankful and present, the more we will be able to enjoy true inner peace one day at a time.

I pray that you will be able to realize your inner divine power as a child of God. That inner peace is already within you, it is a part of your divine DNA. God wants you to learn to keep it, to strengthen it and protect it so that you may have more stability handling the world around you. The enemy has no power over you when you know who you are, where you come from, and the divine light that is within you. With this knowledge, You can process your emotions, you can keep that peace within you and enjoy your inner peace more and more to be able to help others around you instead.

John 16:33 Says: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. ? He is by your side. The one who knows everything about this world and what each one of us will face. With Him you can do all things. He asks you to be of good cheer! Can you do that for yourself today? Trust Him and focus your mind, heart and soul on that divine peace that you can enjoy more and more. Focus on the blessings and all the good that you have. God is good and so are you! Keep it coming! You’ve got this! ???❤️

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6 PM! This outdoor class is so therapeutic! ? Not only do we get to enjoy the sunset, but we also get to release stress and strengthen our body, Mind and Spirit. Motivate yourself to get there (that’s the hardest thing) once you’re there you won’t regret the feeling afterwards. ??‍♀️???


Lili ?

The Power Of Your Words ?

Words are so powerful. They form new thoughts, they express new ideas and they create new realities.

Have you noticed that we often carry words that were spoken to us, about us and over us?

Ask yourself these questions:

? Are the words that you’re caring inside of you negative or positive?

? Do these words encourage you or make you feel worse about yourself?

? Is the goodness of God or the criticism of people creating your thoughts today?

? Is it peace or fear that is ruling your emotions?

?How are the words that you have believed affecting you today?

?Which words do you want to change for yourself?

As I sat down and asked myself these questions, I was able to write down some of the positive and negative words that I have carried for years. As I made my list I realized that I love the positive words that I’ve adopted or carried for years. They’re like affirmations that I want to continue to repeat to myself. ?

Then I looked at my list of the negative words that I have carried. I noticed that those words have been attached to some of my own insecurities and doubts. Due to something someone said at one point or a thought I created for myself. I realized that these words are not allowing me to live the way that I know God wants me to live.

So, I asked myself; are the words that I’m carrying accurate? & how can I change these negative words? Then, I read James 1:21 which says; humbly accept the word that is planted in you, which has power to save you.

I felt that the word of God is the word that is planted in me and the one that I want to continue to GROW WITHIN ME. He has power to help me and to save me. As I choose to focus on His words I know I will be able to help myself as well. ?

So, take a look at your words today and the words that you’ve been caring for years. God wants you to listen to His words and most importantly to respond to them. To not just be a hearer of the Word of God, but a DOER also. ? So, partner with Him! He wants to help you reach your highest potential. He is speaking to you, He wants your words to be positive and uplifting and He will help you to create that reality in your life. Your words will have great power to help you through the challenges you face. So, speak life and good Into your life daily and feel the difference. ?

Look for the fullness of Christ that you have been given. You have the word of God living in you and that should be superior to all other words. The word of God overrides any lesser word spoken to you, spoken about you or spoken over you.

It’s time to throw away any lesser word that you have been caring about yourself. Stop letting them replay in your mind or letting them dictate how are you feel, stop letting them create barriers in your relationships. Stop letting them tell you who you are. Instead I encourage you to believe in God. To fully allow yourself to be open to feeling His love for you. Just sit alone in nature and that will remind you of His love. Pray to Him for help and trust in your ability to choose good words and thoughts for yourself. ???☺️

So, keep your focus on His love and change your negative words. He wants you to bring light into your heart and help you heal from the words that you’ve been caring. To instead be filled with the word of God which brings POWER to save you, to encourage you and to allow you to be a light to others as well. This takes practice, but remember? we are DOERS ??? and we can do it. Our minds have the power to focus on the good and as we trust God, He will take care of the rest.

Love you all! & hope that you can be surrounded by Uplifting words to help, encourage and strengthen you today and always. Don’t forget, Your words have POWER! ??

If you need encouragement or motivation to do something good for yourself all you have to do is show up at 6:00 pm tonight. ?? You’ll enjoy the sunset, be able to release stress and feel encouraged and motivated to do something good for your Body. You’ll also be able to allow your mind to relax and re-focus your thoughts and feel your Spirit renewing and re-energized to take on the rest of your week. Hope that you can make it and feel the difference in yourself.


Lili ?

Release the hurt ?

We all have had hurt relationships, passed wrongs or doings and unprocessed emotions that we carry with us. Sometimes it’s unknowingly, because we have buried those thoughts and emotions deep within us.

We fear the discomfort of having to sit down with our thoughts and process our emotions. But the key to moving passed them is for us to process this for ourselves and to create a mental plan on how to respond to these thoughts or situations. We must stop the cycle of hurt within us and instead turn those experiences into the growth that we need. ?

While we can’t control what memories stick with us or not, we can control our attention. Specifically, we can exert control over how much we choose to focus on and ruminate about past wrongs committed against us. Sometimes we forget that we have full control over our attention and we do not need to keep going back to relieve the past pain. We all know that the past is out of our control, we have to acknowledge that and move forward. Instead, we can focus our attention on something we can control today. Focusing on positive thoughts and actions that are worth our time and energy right now. Trying to be present is always way more helpful than relieving the past.

Creating a personal plan for ourselves to help us take care our own individual Body, Mind and Soul is so important. I love talking about the connection of these 3 areas of ourselves, because I believe that it’s in the alignment of these 3, that we’re able to create true internal peace. Which trickles down to all other areas and situations that we may encounter. Create the plan that best works for you! Take care for your Mind, Body and Soul DAILY and you’ll see that doing this for yourself will allow that internal strength and peace to help you navigate your thoughts and your life in a much healthier way. ?

If processing your emotions brings up anger or frustration remind yourself that it is ok to feel these emotions. Take a moment to briefly acknowledge the feeling validating that you have every right to feel it. But then ask yourself: Will continuing to elaborate on what happened and extending my anger or frustration do me any good in the long term? Just because your anger is justified doesn’t mean it’s helpful. You can validate your anger, but DON’T FEED IT.

Allowing your Mind to process your emotions is so important. I love the thought of minimalism for the mind. Just keeping Whats truly important in your mind is so helpful. Meditation is a huge way to sit and observe your mind and thoughts and filter out what is not useful. You can sit for a moment, breathe and just be in your body and allow yourself to feel where in your body those emotions are present. You can ask yourself what those emotions feel like etc… Then you can focus your attention and energy on gaining control on how to react and grow from the situation you’ve experienced. Remind yourself to make the healing it positive for YOU! Your mind can focus on what you want to achieve. This type of exercise is for your inner peace, It’s totally worth doing & remember that each opportunity that presents itself is a chance for you to practice.???

The Body can always help in the healing process as well. Getting enough rest, Taking in nutrient rich foods, having time to relax, and allowing yourself to exercise is so important. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain that make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious. It’s amazing what taking care of your body can do. Not only for your Mind but also for your health and physical well-being. ???

And last but not least, The importance of taking care of your soul. Giving yourself time daily to disconnect from all of the things that call for your attention and instead to have a moment to connect to God. To allow yourself to open your heart to Him. To ask Him for forgiveness and also for guidance as you try to heal from the things of the past. God will help you feel peace, He will remind you to believe in His goodness, to count your blessings and to know that you have within yourself divine light and power as the child of God that you are. He makes you capable to forgive, to move forward and to overcome.

God’s healing is available for you TODAY! Take advantage and reach out for divine help to process your thoughts and emotions. As you believe in Him, He will help you Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. ? It’s only through divine guidance that you will be able to have true clarity of mind, to see what you’re meant to gain from your challenges. You will also gain peace and strength to move forward. So, Hold on to Him and experience true healing, true love and peace in your life…The more open you are to receiving form Him the more you gain. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. ????

You deserve internal peace, & it is already within you. Release the uncontrollable past and instead focus your energy on nourishing the present, the good and the light within you. It’s all in your control. Remind yourself; “I am Divinely guided today to care for my mind, body and soul. & I do this for myself because I deserve and love that internal peace” ??????‍♀️??

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6 PM for an amazing outdoor sunset work out that will also help you to strengthen your body mind and soul.? Make that promise to yourself, come and feel the difference. You’ll leave feeling amazing and I promise that you won’t regret doing this for yourself. ? ??‍♀️???


Lili ?

Be Still My Soul. ?

Our lives can be either driven by our schedules or by spirit. They can be driven by the constant chatter of our minds or by a place of calm. They can be driven by impulse or by wisdom.

Precious, sacred silence is one of our most essential friends. Our silent time reminds us of who we are and it gives us access to infinite wisdom from which we are guided when making our daily decisions. So why is it so difficult to write it on today’s schedule?

Many of us now have a spiritual practice during which we pray for assistance, read the word of God, meditate, focus on gratitude or find ways to inspire our heart. But as we know, the world pulls ferociously in different directions. It begs us to pay attention, to divide our time, to distract our focus and to be busier than it’s good for the soul.

It takes a mindful effort and awareness to revisit our priorities often, and make the time to connect with spirit. It’s the most important thing we will do in the day. And when we do it first, the rest of the day is driven by moments of intuition gained from connecting mindfully with the source of all love, peace and light. ?

This is not a duty or an effort. We don’t work to be more spiritually connected; it is who we are. All we have to do is set aside time to check in and to let the noise drop away for long enough to reveal the beauty and calm that resides within us. And if we can just hover there…open… For a moment without jumping in with a thought, within that stillness, is when we’re able to activate our soul’s wisdom.

Having a time during the day to calm the mind and still the soul can be a challenging practice. But that is one of those things that will have lasting consequences in our lives. We deserve to create moments of internal peace for ourselves. Moments to gain higher intuition and guidance. The rewards of doing this for ourselves will reach across all aspects of our being. Every day is a good day to begin learning or to recharge our practice. It’s always better to have progress over perfection. ?

Our goal for this week is to create more peaceful moments, to quiet our minds, be still and listen. We can ask for inspiration, breathe and take a moment to write down what we feel. As we’re able to keep those notes throughout the week, we will see that God does speak to us. Directly to our heart ♥️ That internal peace is always available to us. Silence and peace can become our new friend. God wants to remind us that we can create moments to be still, to Still our souls and to know that He is God. Invite more of that light and wisdom into your day and you’ll feel the difference. ??

May we quiet our words, calm our thoughts, soften our hearts and still our souls daily, so that we may listen, be open and receive. And most importantly, let spirit lead. ?

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6 PM to give yourself the gift of strengthen your Body Mind and Spirit. Come release stress and negativity. & allow yourself to recharge and renew. You won’t regret it. ? ???‍♀️