Release The Pain

We all have had hurt relationships, passed wrongs or doings and unprocessed emotions that we carry with us. Sometimes it’s unknowingly, because we have buried those thoughts and emotions deep within us.

We fear the discomfort of having to sit down with our thoughts and process our emotions. But the key to moving passed them is for us to process this for ourselves and to create a mental plan on how to respond to these thoughts or situations. We must stop the cycle of hurt within us and instead turn those experiences into the growth that we need.

Creating a personal plan for ourselves to help us take care our own individual Body, Mind and Soul is so important. I love talking about the connection of these 3 areas of ourselves, because I believe that it’s in the alignment of these 3, that we’re able to create true internal peace. Which trickles down to all other areas and situations that we may encounter. Create the plan that best works for you! Take care for your Mind, Body and Soul DAILY and you’ll see that doing this for yourself will allow that internal strength and peace to help you navigate your thoughts and your life in a much healthier way. ?

While we can’t control what memories stick with us or not, we can control our attention. Specifically, we can exert control over how much we choose to focus on and ruminate about past wrongs committed against us. Sometimes we forget that we have full control over our attention and we do not need to keep going back to relieve the past pain. We all know that the past is out of our control, we have to acknowledge that and move forward. Instead, we can focus our attention on something we can control today. Focusing on positive thoughts and actions that are worth our time and energy right now. Trying to be present is always way more helpful than re-living the past.

If processing your emotions brings up anger or frustration remind yourself that it is ok to feel these emotions. Take a moment to briefly acknowledge the feeling, validating that you have every right to feel it. But then ask yourself: Will continuing to elaborate on what happened and extending my anger or frustration do me any good in the long term? Just because your anger is justified doesn’t mean it’s helpful. You can validate your anger, but DON’T FEED IT.

Allowing your Mind to process your emotions is so important. I love the thought of minimalism for the mind. Just keeping what’s truly important in your mind is so helpful. Meditation is a huge way to sit and observe your mind and thoughts and filter out what is not useful. You can sit for a moment, breathe and just be in your body and allow yourself to feel where in your body those emotions are present. You can ask yourself what those emotions feel like etc… Then you can focus your attention and energy on gaining control on how to react and grow from the situation you’ve experienced.

Remind yourself to make the healing process positive for YOU. Your mind can focus on what you want to achieve. This type of exercise is for your inner peace, It’s totally worth doing & remember that each opportunity that presents itself is a chance for you to practice. So, take time throughout your day to notice your thoughts, question how good they are for you, and take some deep breaths, process your thoughts carefully and with compassion and remind yourself to come back to being in the present moment.

The Body can always help in the healing process as well. Getting enough rest, Taking in nutrient rich foods, having time to relax, and allowing yourself to exercise is so important. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain that make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious. It’s amazing what taking care of your body can do. Not only for your Mind but also for your health and physical well-being.

And last but not least, The importance of taking care of your soul. Giving yourself time daily to disconnect from all of the things that call for your attention and instead to have a moment to connect to God. To allow yourself to open your heart to Him. To ask Him for forgiveness and also for guidance as you try to heal from the things of the past. God will help you feel peace, He will remind you to believe in His goodness, to count your blessings and to know that you have within yourself divine light and power as the child of God that you are. He makes you capable to forgive, to move forward and to overcome.

God’s healing is available for you TODAY! Take advantage and reach out for divine help to process your thoughts and emotions. As you believe in Him, He will help you Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. It’s only through divine guidance that you will be able to have true clarity of mind, to see what you’re meant to gain from your challenges. You will also gain peace and strength to move forward. So, Hold on to Him and experience true healing, true love and peace in your life…The more open you are to receiving form Him the more you gain. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

You deserve internal peace, & it is already within you. Release the uncontrollable past and instead focus your energy on nourishing the present, the good and the light within you. It’s all in your control. Remind yourself; “I am Divinely guided today to care for my mind, body and soul. & I do this for myself because I deserve and love that internal peace.”

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6 PM for an amazing outdoor sunset work out that will also help you to strengthen your body mind and soul. Make that promise to yourself, come and feel the difference. You’ll leave feeling amazing and I promise that you won’t regret doing this for yourself.


Lili ❤️

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  1. Dear Lili
    It’s been awhile I haven’t written but I always try to catch up with you and respond to these beautiful emails you posted.
    You are so right we must move on from past hurts and events and people who have caused us distress in our lives. We should try to learn from past mistakes and hurts to make us a better person to ourselves and others. Sometimes it’s hard but we must try to make that choice. It took me sometime but I feel I have been accomplishing this in my life. I am thankful that God has helped along the way. I pray for others that they too will achieve this in there lives with God’s help.
    God bless
    Love Margie

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