He Fills My Cup ❤️

We often feel the need to fill our cups by others words or actions. We find ourselves seeking compliments, posting on social media “to get more likes” or finding ways to compare ourselves to others. We try to fill our cups in so many different ways, that we oftentimes don’t even notice the sources that are “filling up” our cups.

Sometimes we forget to disconnect from it all to try to remind ourselves that joy is already within us. That there’s no need to depend on others or to seek to fill ourselves by looking for joy through outside sources. Those things are only temporary, they’re never enough or fully satisfying. We just keep searching for more and end up in a constant cycle of just NEEDING more from others.

When we’re able to see that the only true acceptance and love that we need in this life is the love and acceptance of God. We’re better able to fill ourselves with His light and love. We’re able to love ourselves for who God sees we can become. We don’t become dependent on others to fill us or to make us feel good and happy each day.

Instead, we make it a daily priority to spend some time alone with God. To try to listen to Him, to connect to Him and to allow ourselves to be open to His wisdom and guidance for our lives. We can allow Him to show us the path of true happiness for our lives. We can ask Him daily to help us focus and place our heart and minds on the priorities and the truly important things we should focus on each day.

We can ask Him to help us keep our cups full and overflowing each day. We can focus on feeling His love and peace so that we may be able to be GIVERS from our overflow. This will allow us to not be so dependent on our circumstances or on taking from others. But instead, it will allow us to flow in the abundance and the love of God daily. ❤️ By turning our attention to God and aligning our desires to His, we will be reminded that we serve a God that is full of LOVE, even to overflowing! Even in the hardest times of our lives we can feel that love if we choose to focus on it. We honor a God who is a God of abundance, health, healing and power. He provides enough to feed us and take care of us ONE DAY AT A TIME.

As we focus our attention, heart and mind on Him. We will begin to notice that we won’t be so dependent on others or on the physical things of this world to fill us. Instead, we can place our trust in a God that is the same yesterday, today and forever. WE HAVE THE CHOICE of being able to FOCUS ON HAVING OUR CUPS FULL DAILY!

God wants us to practice finding the joy and fullness from what He provides Daily. We can focus on daily gratitude and allow ourselves to stay in that state of gratitude throughout the day. God will always the ONLY CONSTANT in our lives, He is the one who will always be there no matter what. He knows every detail of what we’re meant to gain from this life and He know when it’s our time to leave this earth, there’s no one better to place our trust on, than Him. He is the ONLY ONE WHO BRINGS TRUE PEACE, LOVE & JOY. Enough to overflow our cup and to help us to give more to others. His love is always here and it’s available to those of us who SEEK IT! As we’re able to focus on the good and on His blessings for our lives, we will be able to experience more of His love & Allow ourselves to enjoy His peace, confidence, fullness & strength that this knowledge brings into our lives.

I hope that you’re able to find this joy and peace in your life today. That your cup may be full and overflowing in God & that through Him you will accomplish what will be truly joyful and fulfilling for your life. ❤️

Trust in yourself, recognize your sources of “fulfillment” and ask yourself if these sources are the right ones to have. Try instead to focus on your daily blessings and on allowing yourself to focus on the good in your life. God will bless you for that.

Our Spiritual goal for the week is to focus on keeping our cups full. Each day as we encounter different circumstances, lets remind ourselves that we have the CHOICE to focus on the good. To focus on the blessings instead of all the difficulties. We can focus on seeing our life as an overflowing of blessings and the goodness from God. Let’s try to live daily with a prayer in our soul and a thankful heart. ❤️ Focusing on the love of God, on His goodness for us today and trusting in Him who knows what’s best for our lives.

Our physical goal this week will be to remove the sugary drinks and drink more water. Can you make it a whole week just drinking water? 😉 We also want to make time to exercise even if it’s a small walk or anything each day and you get extra points for doing exercise outside. There are so many amazing benefits to being in nature! I hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6pm to do this for yourself. ❤️

I pray that this message touches your heart according to what God wants you to gain from it. May you find the strength within yourself to grow daily in your trust In God so that you may no longer depend on anyone else’s acceptance or anything else to fill you. Only depending and staying aligned on being filled by the God of Love, peace and light.

The more that we’re able to do this the more strength we will gain and the more that God will give us. So, Trust Him. Your cup will be full and overflowing each day if you CHOOSE to focus on it. 💛 “The Joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.” Russell M. Nelson Trust in yourself and in your ability to trust in Him MORE! He’s taking care of it all. Keep your focus on the good, let your cup be full and overflowing each day & feel the difference. ❤️



My Inner Oasis ❤️

Often times our thoughts and conversations are so focused on the future or the past, that we forget to focus on the present. Being Present is bringing full awareness to the moment we are in. Filtering out distractions and bringing our attention to the task at hand.

Doing this allows the combined stresses of life to fade to the background as we focus on being right here, doing whatever it is that we are doing right now. With a focused mind and a sense of gratitude for this very moment.

As we’ve talked about in class, one of ways to improve our ability to come into the present moment is to calm the mind in meditation. Meditating at any time of the day, brings rewards that filter into all aspects of life. Any time Is the perfect time to refresh or renew ourselves. We just have to choose to make the time for it and allow it to actually benefit us.

Between our regular meditations or moments of quietness and prayer, we can use short meditations for even one or two minutes that can be refreshing, calming, centering and good for our health and clarity. They open the window of communication to our higher wisdom, returning us to our spiritual perspective and allowing us to connect to God and to ourselves. This allows us to focus on God’s peace, (which as we’ve talked about is already within us) We can center our attention on Love and trust which will allow us to take actions from a place that is centered, confident and peaceful.

Our Goal for this next week is to bring ourselves to this calming connection as many times a day as possible. And most importantly to PRACTICE IT WHEN WE NEED IT MOST! We can practice becoming more present in our daily tasks. You can practice 5,4,3,2,1 and focusing on the tasks on your senses, on really allowing yourself to be more present and in the moment. We may have to remove distractions and take some deep breaths, but we can do it. 🙂 The more we practice and allow ourselves to live more in the present, the better we will be able to enjoy one day a time with focused energy.

Here’s one way you can practice this.

▫️Stop what you’re doing.

▫️Take three deep breaths and allow yourself to feel what is going on in your body and mind.

▫️Invite the calming peace and love to be with you.

▫️ Start your next task with gratitude, kindness joy, compassion and love.

The choice of how you want to live and what we want to focus on, will always be ours. Choose what is best for your Mind, Body and Soul. This is your life and you can choose to make it joyful, peaceful and beautiful. Allow God to help you align to that peaceful, loving and beautiful energy one moment at a time.

Hope that you can allow yourself to have more moments to access your inner oasis. Can’t wait to see you tonight at 6pm so that we may strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit. And do something amazing for ourselves today. ❤️



How to love myself 💖

We all have insecurities and moments when we judge ourselves. Unfortunately, Social media and the world around us isn’t helping us gain more self esteem either. If anything it’s constantly adding more to our insecurities. The more that we focus on those things, the more that our minds become used to creating more thoughts of criticism and judgment about ourselves.

It’s time for us to take power over our thoughts and create within ourselves that shield to keep those thoughts from coming in and attacking our minds and hearts. Instead, we can strengthen our relationship with ourselves by creating uplifting thoughts about ourselves and our connection to God.

Part of the reason why we’re here on earth, is for us to learn how to truly love ourselves. We all eventually grow old and age and we have to be ok with the changes that our physical body will go through. That’s part of what God wants us to experience. He wants us to learn that the love for ourselves it’s not only about “physical beauty” but it’s connected to way more than that. We can choose to go through life criticizing and judging ourselves or we can go through life focusing on being more grateful and creating more uplifting, loving and positive thoughts about ourselves.

God has given us a spirit that resides in our body, and our goal is to strengthen the relationship between our spiritual self and our physical self. 💗 As were able to strengthen that connection and to align ourselves more fully with our Heavenly Father, we’ll be able to realize that our spirit comes from His presence. That we are built in divinity. And that He created each of us individually different, with so much beauty and capacity to grow within our souls.

The more comfortable we become with being able to feel our soul in this body, the more we will want to take care of it and of our body. You can you take a moment to just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to feel your soul and that light of God within you.

Try to notice the light of your soul, where it comes from, what attributes it has and what it’s made of! 💛 It’s amazing when you can connect to that knowledge, what you’re able to realize that for yourself. 😍 When you open your eyes, write down what you felt or what came to you from that exercise. God is able to give us so much from moments like this. Trust in Him and know that He will guide you and help you to realize your potential. 💖

Once we find that Spiritual connection to our soul and to the presence of God. We can understand that just as we have that divine light within us, we can invite it to also cover us externally as well. We can express daily gratitude for what our physical bodies can do. We can be grateful for having this soul that comes from divinity and is able to live in this physical body. We can be grateful for how our body takes care of us so perfectly. It heals itself, it pumps blood to all of the organs it keep our eyes moist and allows us to breathe and move…the more we’re able to be present and aware of the gift of our body, the more our gratitude for it will grow.

This week our goal is to aligning our spiritual self with our physical self. We will wake up each morning and write 3-5 things that we’re thankful that our bodies can do. We can also allow ourselves to express that gratitude to God in prayer. 💛 We can ask Him to allow His divine light and love to reside in us internally and externally today. We can ask Him to help us choose the right food, exercise, thoughts and words that are loving to our body, Mind and Spirit. And we can think of ways to express that love for ourselves and to share that light with others as well.

As we find our divine connection the love of God and of ourselves grows! We can invite more of that love to be with us spiritually and physically. This will add more peace, comfort , security and confidence into our lives. We will no longer “depend” on what the world says that is beautiful or not, because we will already know within ourselves that we are beautiful to the most important and amazing being in the universe. The creator of our Soul, Mind & Body. And as we know that, our love for ourselves will grow and nothing will take that away from us. ❤️

So, today express your gratitude to God for the gift of this body and gift of allowing your soul to be here inside this body today. 💛 For the opportunity that we have to take care of our Body, Mind and Spirit today. It’s a blessing and a gift to have another day. We can choose to live it in light and gratitude and we can make that connection stronger within ourselves through the power of our thoughts, love for ourselves, Gratitude and prayer.

Notice your divine light! look at yourself in the mirror and express love for yourself. Take a moment to also look beyond your physical beauty and find that divine beauty within you looks like. Allow both of those areas to connect more fully. And glorify God in who you are becoming. 💖

You are beautiful, Inside and out. Try to see yourself as a little child, speak kindly to yourself to have compassion for yourself, be forgiving and loving to yourself. Encourage yourself to be more positive so that you won’t be affected by the world…but instead being more fully connected to divinity always! God creates DIVINE THINGS! And YOU ARE DIVINE! 💖

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6pm to express more of that love for yourself physically mentally and spiritually. 💖 Can’t wait for us to do this for ourselves! 🧘🏻‍♀️🥰❤️


Lili 🌸