Daily Gifts ?

“Every sunrise is a blessing, a gift just for today. Embrace it and enjoy it before it fades away.” If we choose to see the gifts that God has given us, we will see His fingerprints of Love and divinity all around us. ?

Some days may be harder than others but as we remember to take it one day at a time and slowly become more aware of our surroundings, our feelings and trying to become more present. We can focus our attention on seeing the light, beauty and love that is woven in all things outside in the world and inside our heart.

We can gently remember that each moment brings with it the gift of life and the chance to love. This small moment, this precious day will not come again. We have never seen a day like this before.

So, If we can change the way we see things normally and focus instead on the beauty that is around us, we can start to view our day as being saturated in sacred sights and sounds. Then, this moment right here, right now, where we are, broken, messy, or whatever it may be, becomes a beautiful & holy moment.

James 1:17 Says: Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

God is the provider and the giver of all Good gifts. ? He gives us more than we realize daily. He loves us and wants us to keep our view focused on Him. The Father of lights, the Father of our souls. He who knows the end from the beginning is ready to help us and lift us daily.??? We just have to reach up to Him and consciously be aware of how blessed we are and the gifts that He is constantly giving us.??

So, don’t keep looking down ?…You know that’s not a good place. You get to CHOOSE if you want to focus on the light or not. God invites you to experience His love in the daily moments that He gives you on this earth. So, Enjoy them and allow your heart to be peaceful and socked in daily divine light.

We will have our LAST CLASS OF 2020 tonight at 5pm!! ?? Hope that you can make it & leave feeling stronger Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually ???????


Lili ?

I Am Made Of Divine Light ?

A small group of close friends, family & myself have been submerging ourselves in mindfulness this week. We’ve had daily challenges to work on and we’ve been introduced to new tools which can help us be better able to navigate life in a more positive way. ????

Our challenge yesterday was to focus on seeing the DIVINITY in ALL living things. ? We often go through life without thinking about all of the light that actually surrounds us. ☀️ We close ourselves off to it (not on purpose), but just because we allow the business to get in the way and we don’t take the time to SLOW DOWN & Enjoy the moment. Our lives are often busy and hectic & we tend to feel stressed and overwhelmed. We compare ourselves to others and use social media, tv, food and sometimes even our own business as a way to buffer our emotions. ?

The more that we’re able to teach ourselves to have moments to slow down, to breathe and to connect to ourselves the more we will be able to know ourselves, to manage our emotions and our lives. This practice will trickle down slowly to all areas of our lives and it will help us to acknowledge the Divine light within us and the The light of God in all other living things. ?

When we can focus on the light we’re better able to invite more of it into our lives. ?? We can forgive others, we can recognize with humility our mistakes and know that there’s a loving God who is always ready to help us on our journey toward becoming a purer soul.

YOUR SOUL MISSION IS TO LEARN ABOUT THE DIVINITY WITHIN YOU AND GROW IT!! ?? So, slow down a little and focus on seeing the divinity within yourself and all around you. See that divine light in your family members, in the plants , ?animals and all living things. Recognize the light and allow yourself to invite more of the light and love of God to reside within you and around you today. Let go of the things that don’t help you or serve you and do your best to be present and to sense the spirit of all that is Divine around you.

Hope that you can make it to class today at 5:00 pm!!! Not only release stress and to do something great for your physical body but also to strengthen your soul and to have a wonderful meditation to help you relax and align yourself to the light that is all around you. ???? 

The hardest thing is showing up. Make it happen for yourself and feel the difference. ?


Lili ?

I Am Present Today ?

Be here. Today, guide your thoughts back to the present moment with gentle focus and live fully right where you are. Just being present throughout your day will allow you to experience more peace and joy.

 We often keep our thoughts focused on the past or on the future and we forget to just enjoy today. To be present and to be here, where we are right now.

I want to invite you to be more present during your day. To let your day flow with grace, and to tune in to your inner spirit to allow God to guide you toward where He wants you to focus your attention today.

Allow yourself to be open to welcome the light of God into your life. Feel the love of God as it fills you and as you invite it in.?? ? His light & love allows you to be positive and to experience that inner Joy that can only come form His presence.

Today, notice what is around you and express gratitude for each moment you experience. Give thanks for your blessings, no matter how small they may be. Allow yourself to be open to being kind and filled with love toward yourself and others. See the good in those around you and focus on inviting THE GOOD into your mind and heart today. That the things which you choose to focus on, will allow you to become more aligned to God, flowing in His light and being able to more easily enjoy the gift of TODAY. ☀️???

Hope that you can make it to class this afternoon at 5:00pm. ?❤️?? To be outdoors, to release stress and give yourself the opportunity to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit and leave feeling renewed, peaceful and filled with light to help you throughout your week. ??

Love you all! & Don’t forget that you’re not alone. You’re supported, guided and unconditionally loved exactly as you are. God loves YOU! and will help you through it all. Trust Him and feel His love and peace available for YOU TODAY. ????


Lili ?