The Power Of Your Inner light ?

Today we get to make something brand new. No matter what we have going on, we have the opportunity to make it a positive experience for ourselves. It will always depend on what we choose to focus on. Every single thing we create today wasn’t there before. The energy we put into this day, the smiles, the gratitude, the actions. We are the creative tools of the divine allowing ourselves to mold love into new things.

I believe that as part of our life experience we’re meant to find a deeper connection to God by aligning ourselves more fully to Him. Through stillness and meditation we can access Gods divine light and begin to see God within ourselves. That vision of ourselves allows us to see our life more clearly, to see our potential and to gain a better perspective of where to focus our energy and attention one day at a time. It’s through the quiet moments we create for ourselves, that our vision becomes clearer. And once we have that vision, we can go and act accordingly. Allowing that connection to God to grow even deeper when we put the work and the action toward it. ?????

The more that we allow ourselves to have that connection to God, the more we will experience self love. & once we have more love for ourselves, it’s easier to give love to others. ? Even to the point when we can begin to see God in them and also be able to experience the type of love that God has for them as well. So, once again we become stronger in God. Creating for ourselves the types of relationships that God would want us to have. We’re no longer influenced by negative stories that we tell ourselves…we instead connect to the Divine and try to live a life that is pleasing to God and to ourselves.

Once we gain this knowledge of our connection to God, it becomes easier for us to choose MORE positive thoughts, words and actions that align with our divine purpose. It becomes easier for us to choose what to focus our energy on today. We can choose how to react to the different circumstances that we encounter. We can CHOOSE TO CREATE MORE love, compassion, peace and gratitude for ourselves. We can focus our mental energy and our physical energy on doing good for ourselves, for God and for those around us.

This will allow us to have not only a great day, but a lifetime filled with divine creations. ?Remember that YOU are the creator of your world. Make it good, peaceful, enjoyable and filled with gratitude . The more we practice this, the easier it will become.

Our spiritual go for the week is: To create moments where we can fully focus our energy on reacting to each situation from a place of love and alignment with God. So, dedicate your actions of today to God. ( share a smile, Clean your house, spend time with your loved ones, take time for yourself etc) But try coming from a place of love and connection to God. ❤️??

Our physical goal for this week is: To Be more mindful about the things that we’re putting in our bodies. Take some time to notice your food and express gratitude for having it. Notice how it feels, tastes etc. Try to choose good that is nourishing and good for you. ?

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7pm to released stress and to strengthen yourself physically mentally and spiritually. Love you all and hope to see you there! ?



What I Can Control ?

Sometimes life is out of control. We have learned that there are a lot more things that we can’t control than those that we can control.

Covid has definitely taught the entire world that, right? ??‍♀️ but as the challenges of life come to all of us, and the lack of control feels sometimes overwhelming. These different situations that we encounter become good opportunities for us to allow ourselves to release the need to control. And instead, we can choose to hold on to the few things we can control.

This knowledge has given me an opportunity to exercise something that helps me and has become my little secret when I feel like things are fully out of my control. I’ve learned to say to myself. “I may have no control of this situation, but I know God does…I always hold within my control what kind of energy I’m going to put into this hour, or into this day. ?

Reminding myself of those words allows me to remember that I do have control one of the most important things in my life. Which is the way I choose to react to things, and the kind of energy that I want to put into my day. ? This knowledge has helped me in huge ways! I realize that I can take some time to breathe and to recharge my energy, so that I can radiate more love for myself, my family and everyone that I encounter during the day.

This is a huge thing to be in control of. If my constant question is: How can I react to this with love? ?Then all day long I am vibrating love. The question itself opens the heart and exposes the depth of unending unconditional love…Which also brings peace to my soul because I know that I’m reacting in a way that is pleasing to me, to my higher self and to God.

Anytime we act with LOVE we instantly make contact with the divine, who is the infinite source of all love. It increases our capacity to love ourselves and others and that magnifies as we align with God as beings of love. Plus, it feels great to release to God the things we can’t control and instead focus our energy on reacting with Love to the things we can control.

If we are able to bring the energy of love into our day, we can react in love to even the smallest choices. We can react in love for ourselves, when we choose to exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, meditate, pray etc. We can react in love when our children behave in a way that is not pleasing to us. Or when someone is not kind to us etc…all situations handles in love will feel way better. Throughout the day we can choose to react in love each hour because we deserve to feel LOVE instead of feeling all of the other negative and spiraling emotions that don’t uplift or help us out at all. ??‍♀️

The greatest thing is that we do get to choose how we want to react and the kind of energy that we want to have. So throughout the day, today let’s allow ourselves to become the energy of love for ourselves and for everyone who crosses our physical path as well as for those who cross our mental paths. Focus on love in your Mind, heart and actions. So that we may fully radiate love internally and externally. By doing this we will experience even more LOVE, PEACE and GRATITUDE flowing throughout our day and into our lives. This type of vibration will affect you those around you in amazing ways. Maybe after all, life doesn’t have to feel out of control. ? Put it to the test and watch it work for yourself. ?❤️

Our Spiritual goal is: To give those things we can’t control to God and to focus our energies on the things we can control. Focus on vibrating in love this week. In your words, actions and thoughts toward yourself and toward others. ?

Our physical goal this week is: To come from a place of love In your exercise. Yes, I know it can be hard to find the motivation sometimes ?…But just take it one day at a time. Choose to do it from a place of LOVE. Ask yourself how can I react in love to this feeling? ? Love might remind you of your reasons WHY you want to exercise. Love might motivate you to put on your workout clothes, to get in your car and just drive yourself to class. Love might remind you to keep a promise to yourself, it might encourage you and remind you that it would be great for you to do this…whatever is going on, respond to it coming from a place of love and then follow through with that action of Love. You’ve got this! ♥️

Hope that you can join us tonight at 7pm to enjoy a beautiful sunset, release stress and strengthen yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. You won’t regret it and if anything you’ll feel AMAZING!!! ?❤️??‍♀️???


Lili ?