See the Beauty

Last week we talked about pride and learned that part of being prideful is also being judgmental. We usually judge others according to what we see with our own physical eyes and through our own paradigm. The truth is, that we never really know what the other person is truly feeling or what situations they may be going through or have had to go through on their lives. When we judge others, this depletes our own energy!…And If we want to keep good, loving, positive energy within us, then we must learn to see others in a more loving way and with spiritual eyes instead of physical eyes, so that we may be able to see more clearly the inner beauty of that soul.
We are all children of God! All of us are here on this earth to learn, grow and develop. We’re here to gain experiences and to learn from the good and the bad…If we overcome these things correctly and with enough humility to change, these experiences can make us stronger and allow us to be able to return to live with God in His glory when He decides that it’s our time to leave this earth. It’s part of life, that we all make mistakes and have our different struggles to overcome. We are all trying to do our best according to what we know…And in some cases we may meet souls who are struggling with different situations or problems that may be deeper than ours. These are the times when our hearts need to be turned to others who may be in a more difficult situation than us and reach out to help them and to be a light for them during their times of need. We can help them to know where our strength comes from and to show them that God is the only one capable of providing the peace that every soul desires and needs.?
 As children of God, we are all spiritual brothers and sisters. We’re placed on this earth at this precise time in history to help each other, instead of judging or criticizing one another. We have to remember that we are a team! our goal is return to live with God after we grow from the experiences of this life…As a the team of children of God that we are, we need to encourage each other, to help one another to be positive and to reach for our highest good. So that we may be able to strive for our very best and to be able to return to God someday making Him proud of what we did for ourselves and for others during our time here. Our goal is to treat other with love, that they may see the light of God in our lives that we may treat them as we would want to be treated. And that we may see them with spiritual eyes and with the PURE love of God in our lives. ?

If we say that we love God, then we must love ALL of HIS creations!…That includes all of our brothers and sisters on his earth…If we don’t, then how can we say that we really love GOD?
James 4: 10-12 says: 

10. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.
11. Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.

12. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?
Wow! This scripture is amazing at teaching us that we are not the ones to Judge! If we judge, then we are actually breaking the law of GOD! James 4: 17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sinAll judgements must be left up to God who is the ultimate Judge….Of us, it is required to forgive all men! to let things go and to treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated. Everything else will be done in God’s wisdom, in His own judgement and timing. We must let go and let love come into our souls to see the good in the souls of others and to choose to have positive, peaceful thoughtts in our hearts…In the end, we are the ones who choose.
When I was thinking about how we can stop judging, I thought about the 4 things that can help us to heal.
#1 Is to Pray: God wants us to free our hearts from carrying those emotions with us. He wants to help us heal and if our desire and our faith in His power are real, then He will help us to heal and even turn our weaknesses into strengths.
#2 Is to use our eyes to see the Good in people!: ? Mathew 6: 22-23 says, The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!…We must see with our eyes all of the good in others so that inside us we may be full of light!!! Let’s use our eyes to see passed the physical and to see the pure soul that is inside each one of us. The person that God sees and the potential that He sees in all of us.
#3 is to bridle our tongues: ?and to control what comes out of our mouths. When we see the good in others, then our words will become positive. we can speak good of others instead of evil… and focus on using our tongues to uplift and to edify!!! 🙂
& #4 Take care of what is in our heart:? Our heart is the place where we will either hold on to things or let go! when we let go our heart feel light and peaceful! Everything depends on what we CHOOSE to keep or let go off but when we see the good in others we will begin to experiment a change in our hearts
James 3: 14-18 Says:
14 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.

15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.
16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.
17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

Let’s choose to allow our hearts to be full of peace, gentleness, mercy, and everything that comes from God and that is good for us! allowing the evil to leave our hearts and to not let the negativity slow or stop our progress. I know that if we use our eyes to see the good in others and our tongues to speak words that are kind, uplifting and peaceful then our heart will be fully changed and fully able to see with love how important it is to see the beauty of the inner souls of those around us. Once we choose to work on changing one of these, the rest will follow until we are full of the light of God inside us.? I hope that we can let this message touch our hearts deeply to have a strong desire to go past the judgements…To purify ourselves with God’s help and be filled with His love for others! To be able to reach with excitement a new height on our journey to reaching the potential that we have as sons and daughters of God 🙂 
I’m so thankful for all the messages that some of you send me! I’m thankful for your experiences and you don’t know how much I learn form you too and what an example you all are to me…Even if we don’t talk often, I want you to know that I’m thankful to have met each and every one of you. You’re all such an amazing example to me.Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. We’re all a team! And we’re ready to support and help each other. 
Our goal for the week is to See the beauty of each soul! to treat others as we would want to be treated. To check our eyes for what we’re seeing in others, our tongues for what we’re speaking and our hearts for what we have inside. To make it positive, peaceful, good and full of light. I know our hearts will feel lighter and pretty awesome! 🙂
Our physical goal for the week is exercise at least 2 days this week. thats the minimum 🙂 if you can do more that would be great! go for a walk or do something that feels good and it’s therapeutic. We’re also gonna focus on eating a few more veggies this week they’re so full of nutrition and goodness for our bodies! 🙂 Hope to see you tonight at 7:15! Class will have cardio, toning and meditation to leave us feeling renewed and amazing! I hope you can make it! and invite others to come benefit as well! It feels so good! Hope you can make it and not let things get in the way of doing something that is so good for yourself.??
Have a blessed and wonderful day!
Love always, 

Be Humble

It is beautiful when we can see in ourselves a need to change and to have more humility in our lives. When we can truly and fully admit to ourselves that we must let go of things that are making us proud and slowing our progress.
God knows that it’s part of our schooling on this earth to make mistakes, to see our faults, to learn from our experiences and to be taught from the good and the bad that we go through. The important thing is that we actually DO the work that is required for us to change.
When we are humble, we are more teachable, we have a stronger desire to better ourselves, to care more about others than ourselves, to stop judging and to realize that God is the only one who knows what is truly in the hearts of those around us. When we are TRULY humble, we are willing to submit ourselves to God’s will and to change our opinions to agree with God’s opinion. How often do we do that? Are we really willing to change our opinions to agree with God???…The one who actually knows EVERYTHING! And who is full of wisdom, knowledge and all goodness?….Or, are we letting the world and their opinions get into our hearts and minds making us less willing to change our will to agree God’s?…or are we more worried about people’s judgments and what they will think, rather than be worried about God’s judgements?…That’s when we decide how humble or willing we are to make those true changes in our lives.
We know that the opposite of humility is pride and the proud always wish that God would agree with them. C. S Lewis wrote, “Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man.” Ezra Taft Benson also taught, The proud make every man their adversary by pitting their intellects, opinions, works, wealth, talents, or any other worldly measuring device against others….It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition has gone, pride has gone.”
If our desire is to truly get rid of pride and to be more humble, then we must be willing to put it the effort to change. God will never leave us trying without helping us…On the contrary, when He can see that in our hearts we have the desire to change, He will help us and strengthen us to get through the difficulties and still gain valuable lessons for our lives. We must pray for help and forgiveness during our moments of pride. We can also  ask God to cleanse our hearts from all that is negative and to help us be more willing to give of ourselves more deeply in humility to His will.
Neal A. Maxwell said;

“The defining characteristic of humility is the submission of our will to God’s will. “The submission of one’s will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God’s altar, “The many other things we ‘give’ .… are actually the things He has already given or loaned to us. However, when you and I finally submit ourselves, by letting our individual wills be swallowed up in God’s will, then we are really giving something to Him! It is the only possession which is truly ours to give!” ? Humility is not a sign of weakness, it is just the opposite. It shows that we know our strength comes from God.

Matthew 18:1, 4 says; Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”…“Whosoever … shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven” In this scripture we can see that greatness does not only come because of strength and power; true greatness requires humility.
I hope that we can all keep this message in our hearts and have a strong desire to give our wills to God”s and to be more humble, more loving, more caring and forgiving.
Humility is an amazing Godly quality that is already exists in us as children of God! We just have to continue to peel off those layers of pride and continue working on reaching deeper levels of humility. By doing so, we will be better able to remain attached to God for help during those difficult times in our lives when we have to say..”Thy will be done.” <3
I would like to share this wonderful song that a beautiful and inspired friend of mine sent me!…I hope you all know how thankful I am to have each and every one of you in my life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and for reading these little messages.  I hope you can hear it and feel what those beautiful words mean… ?

Thy will be done.

Our spiritual goes for the week is to be humble <3 🙂 
& our physical goal for the week is to slow down on sugary drinks and to drink more water instead. 😉 Also don’t forget that class is on tonight!!! The hardest thing is always showing up! lol But I promise that once you’re there, I’ll take care of the rest to motivate yo,  to push you and to help you to do something amazing for yourself today! you’ll feel great after class! and you’ll love knowing that you did something so good for yourself. <3 I always wish everyone could feel what we feel :)…Just remember, take it one day at a time! 🙂 Love you all and hope to see you tonight at 7 Have a blessed and wonderful week, stay humble, positive and happy and share that with those around you! ??
Lili ?

Our Thoughts

What kind of messages are we allowing to enter into our minds? Are they positive? Are they negative? Are they uplifting and inspiring? Are they thoughts that help us move closer to our goals or the desires that God wants for our lives? Our thoughts will determine what our future will bring.
Most of the time we don’t ask ourselves these questions, we just continue on day to day letting the thoughts run through our minds in all kinds of directions without paying much attention to the influences and the energies that our thoughts can carry. We don’t really think about the effects that they can have on our emotions, choices and habits. When we are not conscious about filtering what we should be thinking, reading, listening to and watching, we can become easily influenced and tossed by the waves and storms of our minds. We need to be able to take control of our minds of what we will allow ourselves to think about and also to be able to control what will delete fully from our mind [crt, alt delete]  and let go off completely!…ultimately, WE CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES!!!
Mahatma Ghandi said;
I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. 
We must do the same for our minds, we shouldn’t allow our own negativity or the negativity of others to enter our minds and walk through it with their dirty feet!…The dirt of gossiping, bitterness, jealousy, competition, resentment, or the seemingly unimportant “dirt” that can be presented in TV, media, movies, internet, music, and those things that surround us constantly and that try to take over our mind, to steal our precious time and to distract us by filling our minds with things that are filthy, unnecessary and that take us away from the type of person that we should be striving to become. Instead we should replace those activities or thoughts with uplifting messages that will carry us higher and higher in our daily lives. Which will allow us to come to our goals, closer to God, closer to the person that we desire to be and that God would be proud of having as one of His sons or daughters on this earth… He is our example and we try to be like Him! We strive to keep our minds clean as HE would, to take care of what we allow to enter into our thoughts and minds and to be able to have positive uplifting thoughts and to be able to repel completely all that is negative, damaging, or hurtful to our minds, bodies and spirits.
I heard a beautiful saying that says, TIME AND THOUGHTS, USE IT IN THE RIGHT WAY AND YOU WILL FLY!!! ??
What that means to me, is that we stop wasting time on thoughts that make us heavy and don’t help  us to fly! Those heavy thoughts are what I mentioned above, ( bitterness, jealousy, comparison, competition, disappointments, anger etc) anything negative towards another person is a heavy thought!! We must let go of the negative feelings towards others and also any negative things that we may be saying about ourselves as well…By letting go if these things in our lives for our own good, we will begin to trust God more deeply and trust in His infinite wisdom to take care of EVERYTHING in our lives that may not feel right to “us”…And instead we will trust Him enough to leave it all in His hands. To make a promise to God, that from now on we will focus on all of the GOOD  that is around us and allow that to enter our minds and let go of the negative. Only after doing, this is when we will be able to fly!!! Some say that angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly ? The truth is that within us we all that power to become like angels! Only when we keep ourselves light will we be able to take care of others and to be an actual angel in the lives of many!!! 🙂 We can let go of so much heaviness and become angels here on earth for those who need us! God has a plan for all of us, it is no accident that we are here at this time and it is no accident that we are learning about this together right now, these words are to help us all to push ourselves to do better than yesterday, to do our very best one day at a time with our choices and what we allow in out minds and to be able to be a light for our own selves and for other around us. ?
I know that God loves us! We really are beautifully created out of divinity…Sons and daughters of God!!! He wants to see us to be happy! He worries about our difficulties and hard times…But He also knows that we can overcome them and wants us to get through our difficult times and afflictions with HIS help. <3 He wants us to know that we can take control of our lives and stop wasting time on unnecessary, negative, yucky or heavy thoughts or things that don’t allow us to continue forward and to progress!!!.Instead He wants us to fill our minds, hearts and souls with goodness!!! All the good that is around us, to fill ourselves with peace towards ourselves and others and to have clarity to choose to be lighter in what we carry within us. To carry only what is good, healing, positive and peaceful and be able to be that light or an angel in the lives of those whom God will bring into our lives. There is no limit to our potential! And we can do all things with God on our side. <3 🙂 Lets do this!!! ??
I would love to leave this message in our hearts by sharing one last scripture,
Philippians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are TRUE, 

whatsoever things are HONEST, 
whatsoever things are JUST, 
whatsoever things are PURE, 
whatsoever things are LOVELY,
whatsoever things are of GOOD REPORT,
if there be any VIRTUE, 
and if there be any PRAISE,

Our spiritual goal for the week is: To keep our thoughts clean, good, positive and light, we have the power to let go of things, to fill our minds and spirits with goodness and to find the joy and happiness that comes from that. The goal is to  wake up each morning and before looking at social media at the news or anything…the goal is to spend a few minutes reading something uplifting! before allowing any other thoughts to enter our minds we will begin our mornings with something positive and try to see what a difference it makes in the way that we feel! ??
Our physical goal for the week is: To do some kind of physical activity that will help us to relieve stress, anxiety etc…This can be a walk, swimming, weight lifting, or anything that will be good for our bodies as well as our minds. at least 3 times this week would be ideal! 🙂
Tonight we will be able to do that! to get rid of stress! have an awesome workout, burn some calories, tone and end with a wonderful relaxing meditation. It’s gonna feel so great! can’t wait to see whoever is meant to be there tonight! 🙂 <3….If you remember to bring your light weights, that would be great too 🙂 Have a blessed and wonderful day and rest of the week and hopefully we can all do an amazing Job at keeping our minds light. positive and full of goodness to be able to use our time wisely and be abel to fly this week and become an angel to our friends and family around us. ?
With love,

Put our Trust in Him

We all experience clouds and storms in our lives that can cleanse our souls, refine our spirits, teach us humility and allow us to fully put our trust in our God who gives us life.These difficulties and challenges that come to all of us in different ways…can knock us down, sink our spirits, make us feel sad, discouraged and in some cases depressed and fearful.
It’s during these difficulties that we must fight hard to not allow those  negative feelings to enter our hearts. For example, when we deal with physical pains and struggles it’s easy for us to let our spirits be affected too. 🙁 We may worry about what could be happening to our bodies, the pain in some cases may be difficult to overcome, we may become fearful, stressed and loose our patience. When we struggle physically, we should remind ourselves that we are a physical body but also a spiritual being!!! When our physical body is going though a lot…our spiritual being has to take over and carry us though the difficulties!!!☀This is the time in which we need to strengthen our spirit to help us get though the difficult health challenges of our lives. The way to do this is to fill our souls with uplifting, beautiful spiritual messages that strengthen our faith in God and allow us to feel His light and His strength that can even make our physical bodies feel better one day at a time.?
When we deal with emotional or spiritual challenges the same medicine is required. We may not have a desire to pray because of the circumstance etc…but this is when we need to pray the most! We may be struggling with our feelings towards people who have hurt us, insulted us etc…but this is when that prayer can strengthen us and make us better at forgiving, letting go of the pain that we are causing ourselves and leaving the judgments up to God, and instead sending good, loving, positive energy to those who have “hurt” us or “mistreated us” etc..We may also struggle with feelings of fear, or anxiety when we are going through challenges. And this is the perfect time to stop and help ourselves to remember that the one who enjoys bringing fear into our souls is Satan! He is very real and his desire is to destroy our spirits and to knock us down and away form God. He uses fear and anxiety as one of his tools to make us unhappy, to deplete our energy and specially because he knows that we loose strength when we have fear!…We can’t let his fear creep into our hearts and weaken us! We have this promise from God.
Deuteronomy 31:6 & 8
6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
8 And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed. <3
As descendants of God we have the power to push the negative feelings aside! To say to the fear, the anxiety, the anger etc: Get away from me! I am a child of God and as such, I live by faith and not by fear! God’s divine light is my life to help me overcome and get through this. We must seek to dispel fear from ourselves and all people and to remind ourselves and others of who we are! that we are the beloved children of God! ?Think about it, He already knows everything!!! even the beginning form the end!…yet, HE takes time to listen to us! to all of our prayers and still answers our prayers constantly!…He is incredibly loving and merciful to us! ?
He doesn’t ever leave us and it’s during the most difficult times in our lives that I believe that He is closer to us than ever! He wants us to overcome our challenges with His help, His strength and his light…He wants us to have faith in Him! To be happy! To be grateful even during the difficult times because we  trust in Him and in the  cleansing and ultimate growth from our challenges. We can be full of gratitude for all that we have. And I know with all my heart that He wants us to be optimistic! Hopeful and Positive! to have courage to stand for all that is good, to rejoice and be of good cheer even when the clouds may be around us, and to constantly have an attitude of gratitude no matter what circumstances we may be in. I don’t want to be the type of person that only talks to God when life is good or when I really really need him… But instead I want to be grateful no matter what! I know the choice is mine. And ultimately we each have to choose what we want to feel in our hearts…what we want to hold on to, and what we want to let go of…He loves us so much that He gives us that freedom to choose for ourselves.
I know that if we focus on the good of each day, on our blessings, on remembering to keep God close to us by reading His word and praying daily, we will feel so much better during the difficult times. This is the medicine and the healing that we all need!!! <3 Which allows us to be better able to let go of our worries, to TRUST MORE! to give service to others, and to be able to remember to take it slowly, ONE day at a time. I know that if we do this, We will be able to enjoy more happiness to be grateful for the little things, and to keep trying!!!?God loves us! We are His children, his sons and daughters! He will make all things work out for our good and our benefit….We know that, because we know He loves us! so, trust Him! be grateful, joyful and happy today and every day no matter what. 🙂 the choice is ours! ?
Our spiritual goal for the week is to: Focus on being happy and grateful no matter what circumstances we may be in….We can overcome EVERYTHING with the help of God and there’s nothing impossible to him. Let go of the worries of your mind…Choose to put your FULL trust in Him this week and see the amazing things that God will bring into your life.
Our physical goal for the week is: To be wise about what we eat this week, the more natural and nutritious the better! We can eat a lot more when we have healthier meals, and healthy snacks…try to eat a little bit better this week and feel great! 🙂
Also, class is on tonight!!! & I’m so excited cause most of you guys know how therapeutic it is for our minds, body and spirit! <3 Can’t wait to do something great for ourselves! 🙂 I want us to work a little bit more on toning! This will help us to burn more calories, strengthen not only our muscles but our bones! And to help us feel great as well! 🙂 So, if you can bring a light set of weights that would be awesome!!! That way we can all get started and keep it going from there. 😉 Remember that we are all In this journey together and that we’re here to support and help each other but most importantly, it’s to motivate ourselves individually to do good things for our body, mind and spirit! Take care of yourself and this body and spirit that God has given us! <3 I love you all and I hope to see you tonight.
Have a blessed and wonderful day and week!?
Lili ?