Learning To Focus

This past weekend I had an opportunity to teach a group of kids ages 8 to 11. I wanted to encourage them to take a moment to feel gratitude for the body that God has given each of us individually. I encouraged them to acknowledge how amazing their bodies are, the way they work and the ability that we have to move, exercise and even help our minds and thoughts by choosing what to focus on.

During the meditation portion of the class, I asked the kids to close their eyes and FOCUS on allowing their bodies to relax. To just feel their breath & be in a moment of gratitude.

I then guided them through a meditation where I asked them to see themselves In the most beautiful and peaceful place they could think of. I encouraged them to focus on visualizing themselves being the in the presence of God. To allow themselves to be open to feeling a hug from Him and to truly try to listen to what God was telling each of them individually.

I then opened my eyes for a moment to check on the kids and noticed that some of the kids were smiling! Others looked focused and peaceful. I was even able to notice a little girl wiping tears from her face. Each child in that room who wanted to feel God had an opportunity to personally connect to Him. It was a beautiful experience for me to witness that and to see how God is able to provide what each soul needs. 🥹

I asked the kids to guard and treasure the feelings and the words that were coming to them from God. I testify and know that when we’re truly wanting to feel God and we come to Him with that full purpose and real intent in our hearts, He will make Himself known unto us. He will bring peace to our hearts and let us know He is there.

After the meditation I asked the kids to gently open their eyes. I could see the peace and light in their countenance and all aprons them. I asked them what they could see now with their eyes open? and one little girl said: “ I CAN STILL SEE JESUS!!” I smiled and said “Wow! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could see Jesus even with our eyes open?!”

As soon as she said that, God put this feeling in my heart and I told the kids that we CAN see Jesus even with our eyes open! It all has to do with what we choose to FOCUS ON. If we want to focus on seeing God in our every day life, we can and we will see Him & feel Him. 🙂

I gave that little girl a ride home after the activity and we saw these beautiful red flowers on the side of the road. She pointed at them and said: “Look at the beautiful red flowers!!! 🌹 Isn’t God amazing? He made them so bright and pretty!” We talked about how hard it would be to describe that bright color red to someone who is blind…we couldn’t find the words to describe that color and beauty. We talked about how blessed we are to be able to see the beauty of those flowers.

The words form that sweet little girl, have stayed with me ever since I hear them. “I can still see Jesus even with my eyes open!” So now, I’m trying to focus my lenses of “vision” this week to try to see the beauty around me. To try to see Jesus even with my eyes open. I’m trying to purposely change my thoughts and to direct them more toward God. To ask Him to help me, guide me and inspire me to see Him and feel Him hour by hour.

I’m purposefully trying to focus more on gratitude, Joy and peace rather than stressing out about all kinds of things that may be going on. I’m choosing to keep my eyes open to Him. To feeling God, being present with Him and allowing Him to light the hours of my day from one moment to the next.

I invite you to do the same for yourself. To choose to focus on seeing God even with your eyes open. To fully feel Him close to you and around you. Being a God who is able to remove your burdens, your pain and instead allowing yourself to feel the pure love that God has just for you.

I pray that as we practice this goal of changing what we focus on, that we will be able to change how we feel, how we spend our time and the energy that we put into each moment of our day. So, remind yourself today and say to yourself; “God will help me. He is loving, kind and a giver of good gifts. It’s in His nature to want to help me. So I come to Him with a pure heart and with Faith knowing that He will take care of me moment bu moment. He will show me what to focus on and allow me to see Him even with my eyes open.” 💛

Hope to see tonight at 7:00pm to allow our minds and bodies to release stress and to focus on renewing ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

Don’t forget that we’re the ones who need to dig deep and find the motivation to do this for ourselves. 💪🏼🥰 Try to remind yourself of the reasons why you want to exercise, or meditate. Just show up and I promise that you’ll leave class feeling way better than before you got there. You’ll go home feeling so peaceful, renewed and filled with positive energy.

I hope that you can make it and invite others to benefit as well. ❤️

You’ve got this! God and His divine light are all around you to fill you completely and give you energy and strength. keep going and doing your best. 💪🏼🥰❤️🙏🏼

Lili 🌸

Be Still My Soul

Our lives can be either driven by our schedules or by spirit. They can be driven by the constant chatter of our minds or by a place of calm. They can be driven by impulse or by wisdom.

Precious, sacred silence is one of our most essential friends. Our silent time reminds us of who we are and it gives us access to infinite wisdom from which we are guided when making our daily decisions. So why is it so difficult to write it on today’s schedule?

Many of us now have a spiritual practice during which we pray for assistance, read the word of God, meditate, focus on gratitude or find ways to inspire our heart. But as we know, the world pulls ferociously in different directions. It begs us to pay attention, to divide our time, to distract our focus and to be busier than it’s good for the soul.

It takes a mindful effort and awareness to revisit our priorities often, and make the time to connect with spirit. It’s the most important thing we will do in the day. And when we do it first, the rest of the day is driven by moments of intuition gained from connecting mindfully with the source of all love, peace and light.

This is not a duty or an effort. We don’t work to be more spiritually connected; it is who we are. All we have to do is set aside time to check in and to let the noise drop away for long enough to reveal the beauty and calm that resides within us. And if we can just hover there…open… For a moment without jumping in with a thought, within that stillness, is when we’re able to activate our soul’s wisdom.

Having a time during the day to calm the mind and still the soul can be a challenging practice. But that is one of those things that will have lasting consequences in our lives. We deserve to create moments of internal peace for ourselves. Moments to gain higher intuition and guidance. The rewards of doing this for ourselves will reach across all aspects of our being. Every day is a good day to begin learning or to recharge our practice. It’s always better to have progress over perfection.

Our goal for this week is to create more peaceful moments, to quiet our minds, be still and listen. We can ask for inspiration, breathe and take a moment to write down what we feel. As we’re able to keep those notes throughout the week, we will see that God does speak to us. Directly to our heart ♥️ That internal peace is always available to us. Silence and peace can become our new friend. God wants to remind us that we can create moments to be still, to Still our souls and to know that He is God. Invite more of that light and wisdom into your day and you’ll feel the difference.

May we quiet our words, calm our thoughts, soften our hearts and still our souls daily, so that we may listen, be open and receive. And most importantly, let spirit lead.

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7PM to give yourself the gift of strengthening your Body Mind and Spirit. Come release stress and negativity & allow yourself recharge and renew. You’ll feel amazing, you’ll be proud of yourself and you won’t regret it.



Rest To My Soul

We all experience challenges, difficulties, times of overwhelming stress, anxiety, pain or sickness. At times the heaviness of it all may feel too intense to handle. It’s during these times that I want to remind you that when you feel like you’re alone, that no one understands or that no one is there to hear you…God does hear you! He loves you and is the one who is always ready and willing listen to you when you need it most.

Even though our pains or suffering may not be immediately removed from us, we can still find God’s comfort today. He invites us to come to Him with our whole heart and share with Him all that we’re feeling. He wants us to release the pain and suffering and leave it all in His hands. He will take care of us, He will carry us from moment to moment, He will do that for each one of us who seek Him with a sincere heart. He will lighten our loads even if it’s just by providing divine PEACE for our souls today.

We just have to be truly willing to have eyes to see and a heart to feel the love and peace that God can provide for us immediately. We have a choice when we’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or discouraged. We can either choose to allow more negativity, overwhelm and stress to enter our minds and hearts. We can continue trying to look for peace in the world around us. Or instead, we can choose to have a moment to take some deep breaths, be more present, slow down a little, focus on what we can control TODAY and most importantly, trust in God more than men or what we can do for ourselves.

God has given us promises and tools to bring us inner peace and to truly bring rest to our souls. A few of the questions that we can ask ourselves are; “How do I genuinely show God that I truly believe in Him & His timing for all things?”, “Am I willing and open to feeling the comfort and peace that GOD CAN PROVIDE for me IMMEDIATELY after I ask?” & finally, “How willing am I to look within myself and to reach out to God for inner peace and rest from the burdens that I may be carrying today?”

Mathew 11:28-30 Says

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest into your souls.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

He invites us to COME TO HIM. We get to choose for this ourselves (that’s how loving He is that He allows each one of us to choose!) He invites us to learn of Him, to come to know Him better. By doing so, we will learn that He is a GOOD GOD. A God who is never blind to our tears, who knows our pain and all of the difficulties we each have to expedience. He is never deaf to our prayers, and is always ready to comfort us in the way that we each personally need it. So, remember to say to yourself. “He HEARS ME, HE SEES ME, HE LOVES ME. I trust in His divine plan for my life. I do the best that I can today with the strength of knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens ME.”

We all know that life is short and temporary. Each day really is a gift and a new opportunity that God gives us to do better. Do we want live our days in sadness and despair feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Do we want to be constantly triggered by all that is going on in the world around us? Or do we want to gain more inner stability, peace and strength in God? He is ready to provide it to any who truly SEEK HIM. The more that we’re able to align ourselves to Him, the less fears we will have in the world and the better we will be able to make choices and handle the difficult situations that may come into our lives.

With God we can do all things. With Him we are WAY STRONGER, PEACEFUL AND STABLE than we can be on our own. We all know that our world needs a little more of that. So, we can start by processing our own emotions and leaving them at the altar and in the Hands of God. We can choose to focus on the strength that God can provide and not have our minds focused on the negative or terrible things that have happened. We can instead focus on turning to find His light for our lives TODAY! & we can remind ourselves to take it one day at day at a time, one moment at a time.

Take this moment for example, to feel your breath, where you’re sitting, what you can smell, what you can feel with your hands. What you can hear. This is the moment you’re in right now. Nothing else is as important as this moment to regain your energy and strength through God. Close your eyes and take a moment to just feel Him! Feel His amazing love for you. Feel gratitude for your beating heart, your loving irking body, feel the sun, the energy of all the plants and animals, the life that He gives to all living things including YOUR OWN LIFE TODAY!

That’s one of the ways in which we can experience God today. Realizing that even our very breath is a gift. Notice that we do have beauty and goodness to focus on around us. It all depends on where we focus our energy. We don’t have to be triggered by negativity or difficulties. WHAT MATTERS IS HOW WE CHOOSE TO REACT TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT WE FACE. We can be more purposeful in our day. More willing to flow in the light of God and willing to see the gifts that we have today. We can experience His sunlight for our lives and the blessings that we have today. He will help us to feel that peace. Can you feel it right now as you focus on it? We can be carried in His arms moment by moment feeling the peace, health and love that He can provide. We just have to be willing to see God in our lives and His fingerprints that are all around us.

When you begin to feel your connection to Him becoming stronger you’re able to recognize clearly that you too are a child of God. The child of a Father in Heaven who is filled with wisdom, light and knowledge of all things. You realize that YOU are actually made made of that same divine light. You begin to recognize your strength, you ability to bring more light into your life and your power within yourself will begin to grow and develop as you choose to focus on the light.

The more we practice this from moment to moment the faster our brain will re-wire the ability to focus on the good and on the light within us and all around us. We will also be able to recognize darkness, and we will begin to learn to release that negativity more often even until it no longer has any power over us. We are divine beings made of light. Our minds and hearts are more peaceful and stable as we remember where we come from. Who we are and realize that God is with us to help us re-frame the way we’re viewing our life. We can have a joyful and peaceful life as we choose to focus on the light of our lives. The more we do this the easier it will become to be a light in the lives of our families, loved ones and the world around us.

So, remember God is with you! & HE ALWAYS WILL BE. You’ve got this! Come unto to Him & you will receive peace and rest. Focus on the light, love, peace and all the good that you find in TODAY. You’ll feel the difference of what you UNITED with God can do for your life. 💪🏼🥰

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7:00pm To continue working on yourself and on becoming a better version of yourself. Make it your goal today to make it to class and allow yourself to do this for your Body, Mind and Spirit. This is so therapeutic for all of us! 😊 So, hopefully you can make it happen for yourself today and feel the difference.



Trust In God & In Yourself

As this New Year begins we may have all kinds of goals that we set for ourselves. Unfortunately our goal setting can also feel overwhelming at times. Today I want to remind you to not let the overwhelm get to you. Try to take a moment to slow down a little and be grateful for the day that you have TODAY. For the opportunity to start a New year. For the chance to focus your energy on goals that can lift you to a higher level. Remember that God doesn’t want you to figure everything out or Tun faster than you have strength. He just wants you to trust Him in your process of becoming one day at a time.

He wants each one of us to know that our life has a purpose. When God created us He had a plan in mind and a mission for each one of us to accomplish. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. God wants us to be hopeful, to trust Him and to do our best to accomplish His plans for us. He’s not asking us to figure everything out. Instead, He’s asking us to TRUST HIM and to trust in His plan for our lives.

Think of the ways in which you can trust more in God this year. How will you show Him that you’ll do that for Him? As we purposefully place our trust in Him & come closer to Him, our purpose will become clearer and He will be better able to guide us toward becoming who He desires us to become. ❤️

I promise that if you make it a daily goal to speak to God and seek for His wisdom, the Holy Ghost, who is the comforter from the presence of God, will come upon you and bring you peace. Which is one of the best ways to feel God in our lives. The comforter will also bring us that assurance that God hears our prayers, is taking care of us and all will be ok.

As we choose to act on communicating with God and continue to have faith in God’s power, He will strengthen us individually and give us the daily wisdom for what we should focus our attention on each day. Remember that we can’t just wish for things to happen and that’s it. When we have faith in God we gain a stronger desire to ACT! we’re more willing to put in the work necessary toward becoming who we are meant to be.

God said; “Whatsoever thing ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is good, in Faith believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be done unto you.” (Moroni 7:26)

God is ready to bless us if we have a pure heart, if we seek Him & Ask Him, BELIEVING that we will receive. How amazing is that? This is where our faith is tested & where God is able to show Himself in our lives.

Christ said; “If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.” (Moroni 7:33) That promise in His word, reminds us that we will have power through our faith to accomplish the desires of our hearts that align with the desires that God has for us. So, with our Faith in God, we’re better able to see more clearly which goals we should focus on and actually accomplish them.

Having faith also allows us to act as if our goals are on their way. That belief and trust in God and in ourselves that we will make our goals possible with His help, will bring motivation. We can ask for daily wisdom to know what to focus on for this day, and we can move forward toward accomplishing that goal. Remember to break down your goals and do a little each day until you eventually accomplish the bigger goals you’ve set. The more that we’re able to accomplish the small things the more momentum we will have to accomplish the bigger things. Practice seeing yourself accomplishing your daily goals. Visualize yourself doing it and having divine help as you achieve what is in your heart. Allow yourself to feel yourself getting Healthier, stronger, becoming more peaceful, accomplished etc. ❤️

When you have those days when notice yourself comparing where you are to where you want to be, focus on this one question: “What single, small decision can I make right now to move forward in my process of becoming? Write down your thoughts and feelings and be aware of what comes to your mind. That’s one way we can know which action to take. Also, there may be times when we feel like giving up on our goals because we slipped or made a mistake. But remember to be kind to yourself, Don’t give up. Just take a moment to evaluate what led to the mistake or the negative thought and wether your process should be modified to help prevent it from happening in the future. If you know your goals are worth working toward you will keep trusting and moving forward with faith in God.

Finally, Remember that rather than focusing solely on the outcome of the goal, put your energy into the process of becoming. In a process, every moment is important. You can enjoy feelings of small daily successes. You can learn from setbacks, rather than treating them as signs of failure. In a process of becoming you can find joy in each moment, you can be grateful for the opportunity to be a work in progress. You can remind yourself that it’s important to continue to LOVE YOURSELF and strengthen your relationship with yourself DAILY! Don’t forget to be compassionate and speak kindly to yourself. Trust that as long as you are working the process, which is an essential part of exercising faith in God, reaching your goal will be the natural outcome.

So, make it a point today to re-evaluate your goals. Think about what you’re working toward and what God wants you to place as your top priorities. Align yourself to that knowledge and that desire to work toward the things which are important. Make a plan, start small, visualize and give yourself grace and the motivation that you need to accomplish each thing. If we really want something, we have to work toward it. The difference is that we will trust in God and with His help we can do ALL THINGS! We can even find pleasure and motivation in the work that we do on ourselves and on our daily goals. We can Find joy in this journey and move forward trusting and having faith in God and in yourselves. ❤️

How amazing is it that we can talk to our creator daily! That we can let Him know all that is going on in our heart & mind. How amazing that we can receive wisdom and power from the presence of God to accomplish what need to do for each day.

We don’t need to run faster than we have strength. We don’t need to feel overwhelmed. We can instead focus on asking God what to focus on today and go from there. Accomplishing our priorities and what God has put in our heart that day will bring peace and the assurance that we are truly doing the most important things and God will guide us with the rest. We will know that we are in His hands and all will be ok.

The most Important work we can accomplish in our lives, is to be able to speak to God, seek His wisdom and have the ability to Hear Him and do what He asks. The only way to do this is to practice hearing Him daily and then GO & DO.

God will help us achieve our physical, spiritual, emotional or temporal goals. He knows what’s in our hearts and because He loves us and wants the best for us, HE WILL HELP US. TRUST HIM AND TRUST IN YOUR ABILITY TO DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. ❤️

With God all things are possible! You can do it! Count on Him, do your best & go for it. ❤️ HOPE, ACT & BECOME.

Out SPIRITUAL GOAL for the month is to accomplish a few goals. Set 1 to 2 goals that you feel align with what God would want you to do. Break down the steps and set aside the time daily to act on them. Ask God in Faith to help you & get to work. Continue to give yourself daily grace. You can do it! Plus, God has promised the POWER for you to accomplish it. Stay motivated and make it it happen. ❤️

Our PHYSICAL GOAL for the week is to exercise at least 3 days and to eat as clean as we can. Choose nutrient rich snacks and try to remove the sugary drinks. Try to be conscious of your choices and the different things that are going into your body. Make it easy for yourself by having healthy snacks available so you don’t get super hungry and reach for the bag of chips in the pantry. Make the decision, help yourself and track it if it helps you and you’ll notice the difference in your mood and energy. Your body will thank you for choosing good food 🙂 ❤️

We will have CLASS TONIGHT AT 7:00 pm! Come release stress, and do something awesome for your body, Mind and Spirit. Only YOU can do this for yourself. Make the promise to to yourself and keep that promise. The more that you keep your promises to yourself the more you’ll love yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself. So, do your best & keep your promises. Put on your workout clothes ahead of time and drive yourself to class! (Which is the hardest part) I promise that you’ll leave feeling AMAZING!!! Centered, peaceful and motivated to take on the week and accomplish your goals.

Hope to see you there and thank you to anyone who read all the way to the end of this message. I pray that you feel inspired to teach out to God and seek His peace, strength and light today. I know He has helped me with this and I know He will do it for anyone who teaches up to Him.

Love you all and thank you for having a desire to keep God’s light flowing through you. He’s got you & I know you’ll Keep it going! 😉 Trust Him! Share your light with others & DO YOUR BEST ONE DAY AT A TIME. ❤️