Please God

How often are we making our decisions based on pleasing God and not on pleasing the rest of the world or our own selfish desires? We are constantly surrounded by pressure from people around us, from celebrities, the internet, tv, social media etc…to try to keep up with the latests things or trends, which in some cases can create a spirit of competition within ourselves, pushing us to try to get ahead of others or to try to fit in a little more into the world around us.
When we choose to not be like everyone else, but to instead be a little more centered on pleasing God. We will see that our choices and decisions will be wiser, allowing us to have more inner strength by knowing that our decisions are based on pleasing God and not others or even ourselves!…Once God sees that our hearts are centered on pleasing Him and choosing what is right in His eyes, He will provide us with more opportunities to be His hands for someone who needs help, He will allow us to have the right words for those who need encouragement, He will provide us with a stronger sense of security within ourselves allowing us to no longer have the need to compete with anyone else because we will know that we’re here to please God and no one or nothing else.
By living our life this way, we will be much happier in every way. We will be a better person for ourselves and those around us. We will be better able to push away the outside influences that can disturb our inner desire to be at peace with God….At the end of our lives it’s not the popularity, the power or the money that brings us joy, but instead its that feeling of knowing that we did what God wanted us to do each day of our lives and to best of our abilities. These are the things that will bring true joy, peace and greatness into our lives. And that will eventually leave a wonderful legacy in the lives of our children and in the lives of those around us. <3 Let’s let our lives be filled with choices that will please God, allowing him to pour more blessings on us and most importantly to feel His smile in your lives daily! ?
Our spiritual goal for the week is: To ask ourselves with every choice if it would be pleasing to God. If it’s not, then the goal is to change it for an activity that would be pleasing to God and to experience the Joy of the results. ? (if we’re trying to better ourselves, then this is an awesome exercise to do!)
Our Physical goal for the week is: To slow down on the carbs ;)…The less we do the better! Ideally we want to replace most of our meals to make them as natural as possible, fruits, salads, nuts vegetables etc. let’s see how our bodies do when we avoid carbs, your energy may be greater, your skin may clear a little…Just see how you feel ?
Hope to see you tonight in class for an awesome workout and meditation session! <3 I’ve been so proud of everyone who has been coming and really pushing themselves to work hard and to do their best for their bodies and minds! 🙂 Just keep up the good work! don’t give up and continue to do things that are therapeutic and great for yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually! 🙂
Class will be on tonight and next Tuesday the 28th, But on Tuesday July 5th Class will be cancelled because my family and I will be out of town that week…Class will then resume on July 12th 🙂 Thank you all for understanding and always being so wonderful and supportive. i’m blessed to have you all in my life and I want you to know that I thank God for having such wonderful woman in my life!!! ?

Enjoy the Sunlight

On cloudy and rainy days like today, It’s easy to feel lazy, frustrated, sad or gloomy about things that we have experienced or things that may come in the future. Outside influences can sometimes affect our moods and how we react to each day. It’s on days like these, that we have to remind ourselves that we are in charge of how much we let the outside situations, people or weather affect us internally. Ultimately, WE CHOOSE HOW WE FEEL DAILY!!!  how we react to the outside situations and how much sunlight we decide to keep in our hearts. ☀?
Nothing good comes from being negative or from seeking out the storms of our lives! we can’t build anything good from negativity or negative things…so, why focus on them? instead, we should choose to bring in ALL that is good and all that is light into our lives and start seeing how much sunlight we really do have. <3 We can do this by; turning off distractions and focus our attention on listening to our loved ones, by giving service, being grateful, focusing on our blessings, praying and seeking for answers to our prayers in the holy writings that we’re so blessed to have! 🙂 We often forget that God has given us His words to guide us…let’s not take them for granted, but instead use them for our benefit and strength!
Here are a couple that can help us,
☀For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)
☀Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)
I know that God loves us! Thats another reason why He has given us words like these to help us and strengthen us. He wants us to be positive and to look for the sunshine in our lives as hard as the storms and difficulties that we go through may be….we can always find sunshine and actually grow from those situations! letting go of the bad and keeping the good that we learn ? We can be faithful and continue to grow stronger in our faith having a spirit of happiness and of optimism about our lives…To then be able to share our light with others and help them as well! ? We are not alone, God will help us and all things in our lives will work out for our benefit, when our focus is on the GOOD!!! ☀
Our Spiritual goal for the week is: to enjoy more fully the sunlight! When we feel that our minds are seeking out storms…We’re gonna stop and think about how we can be positive or turn the situation into something good for us, that will benefit us and help us! we are in charge of making the negativity disappear! 🙂 Let’s do it!
Our Physical goal for the week is:  to do something physical that brings us joy! wether that is, walking on the beach, dancing, jogging, swimming, playing volleyball etc..basically anything that will help us feel physically good and that feels good for us! <3
Hope you can make it to class tonight! I know that the hardest thing is showing up! but once you choose to do this for yourself, your mind, body and spirit will thank you for being there!? Its so therapeutic! and for those os us who go, we know that its an awesome workout…but we also know that its a lot more than that! ? Let’s do it because we LOVE ourselves and because we need it!
Love you all!!!