Be of good cheer ?

We were never promised that we would have an easy life. If anything we know that our challenges and difficulties can come to either strengthen us or weaken us depending on how we choose to react to them. ?

God did promise that we can be of good cheer. Even during the difficulties that we may face throughout our lives. The Cheer that God provides comes with optimism and confidence. It comes from our desire to TRUST in His will and timing, just as a child submits to the will of his/her parents. We do the same with our Heavenly Father. We can instead try to access the love and peace that only God can provide for our lives daily! ❤️????

Have you thought about where you’ve been looking for peace lately? Think about some of the things we use to “numb our emotions” we choose food, tv, hours of social media, entertainment etc to numb our feelings…We’re not very willing to sit with ourselves and think about what is going on inside of us. Or what we can do to gain the true internal peace that can only come from the reassurance of God directly to our souls. ❤️??

When we take time out of day to connect to God, to try to hear Him, to thank Him for our blessings, He will provide us with the true and lasting love and peace that we need. We will no longer look for comfort in food, social media, or entertainment to keep us “happy” instead we’ll be able to experience the full peace and love that God provides as we’re ready to receive it. ?? Its the cheer that Jesus Christ wants us to experience ❤️

God’s love protects us not only during the good times but most importantly during the hard times. It’s His love which protects us amidst the suffering and carries us through all of the challenges of life to bring us the peace and love that we need. ??

So, the goal this week is to be cheerful, trusting in the promises of God. We want to be grateful for our blessings and find joy in knowing that our peace comes directly from our connection to God and not from anything else. So, Keep yourself positive, confident and cheerful ❤️?????


Lili ?