Believe in Yourself & Believe in God ?

Believe in yourself and in all that you can do. Believe that you have access to receive help from an all loving God who is willing to rescue and assist you in your challenges, struggles or the moments when you need to be lifted up. Know that you have the power within you to create your thoughts, feelings and actions that will help you to become the best version of yourself. ???

Make it a point today to be grateful for your blessings and to fill yourself with that peace and love that God wants you to have. Realize that you have unlimited potential and that you possess the divine DNA of an all loving God who wants to support you in your daily life as long as you choose to seek, feel and keep all that is good & uplifting for your soul.

Believe in Gods power and in what He can do for YOU. Know that the light of God is within you and that the more that you strengthen yourself the better able you will be to help others. ? ? ?

Believe in your strength and the will to rise up under any circumstance. Don’t give up! Keep trying! Do your best and know what is truly important in your life. Remember to connect to your source of wisdom, guidance & love daily and allow yourself to feel His hand in your life. & to do your very BEST ONE DAY AT A TIME. ❤️

? His word says; For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him, and He knoweth all things, For all things are present before His eyes.

So, Believe in Him! Believe in Yourself & know that you couldn’t be in better hands than in God’s hands. ??❤️

? Our spiritual goal for the week is to Believe more in ourselves and in God. We will let go of our worries & allow Him to help us, to give us the wisdom and the strength that we need to keep moving forward in the love and peace that God can provide for us daily so that we may gain True inner strength that nothing or no one else in this earth can provide. ❤️

Our physical goal for the week is to nourish our body with foods that will be nutritious and good for us ? We will try to let go of sugars and carbs focusing instead on eating more fruits and vegetables that will help our bodies gain the most nutritional values. ?? We also want to make time this week to exercise, let go of stress & if possible make time to meditate.

This is one of the reasons why we love this class, Because we strengthen our Body, Mind & Spirit all at once. ?? Hope that you can make it TUESDAY @ 9:00am & do something awesome for yourself!!! ???☀️ IF YOU BRING A FRIEND WHO HAS NEVER BEEN TO CLASS, YOUR CLASS IS FREE!!!? ?? ?

Hope that you can come strengthen yourself in every way and feel the difference. ??? Don’t forget to take it one day at a time and to do your best today! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & BELIEVE IN GOD. ?


Lili ?

My Spirit Is Stronger ♥️

As spiritual beings having a human experience, our Spirit is often neglected due to some of the physical & temporal experiences that we encounter in our journey.

We must be vigilant and aware of the ways in which the enemy takes away our time. His goal is to keep us distracted and occupied on seemingly “important” things like: FB, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube, Tv, phones, and our never ending to do lists. These are some of the tools in his stealthy kit that keep us occupied and create feelings of discouragement, unhappiness, comparison, jealously, pride, stress, fear and more.

These are the some of the feelings that he wants us stay stuck in, so that we may be more and more miserable like himself. He wants us to have NO TIME for God, No time to learn and connect to our Father in Heaven & definitely No time to STRENGTHEN OUR SPIRITS. That’s actually what he fears the most! He doesn’t want us to recognize the incredible POWER THAT WE HAVE AS CHILDREN OF GOD. ?

So, this week our goal is to look for the things that will STRENGTHEN OUR SPIRITS! ??♥️ Make time for prayer, find a way to disconnect from the distractions and the small addictions or time consuming habits that are keeping us WEAK or down. 🙁 Recognize in your heart what you can do to do better this week and to strengthen yourself physically, emotionally but most importantly SPIRITUALLY 🙂 Then, make time to talk to God, ask Him to help you break these habits, Listen to Him and what He would like you to focus on TODAY ☀️ Trust Him & Know that He loves you and wants only the BEST FOR YOU. He wants your spiritual strength to be great on this earth so that you may be prepared for what He has for you after this life. ❤️

Hope that you can disconnect from the world a little more this week to connect to God and strengthen your spirit. & Hope that you can make it to class this week and add even more strength to your Body, Mind & Soul! 🙂 Class will be Tue @9:30 & Thu @ 7:15pm.

*For the month of October if you bring a friend who has never been to class, your class is Free!! Bring water and a mat and get ready to let go of stress, get stronger, calm your mind & relax! ??‍♀️?

Do your best this week and remember to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME! ☀️❤️???


Lili ?

Can you hear Him? ❤️

Have you heard the voice of God today? ? We all seek wisdom and guidance for our lives but often times we don’t make time to turn off the distractions and talk to Him. One of the biggest blessings that we have is the ability to speak to God!! Our purpose for praying is not just to ask for things, but to actually learn to listen to Him. In this life we will either learn to hear His voice or we will be too busy to listen.

God invites us to come into His presence so that He May speak directly to us. Don’t let the businesses of your day drown out the voice of God.

Busyness will rob you of your ability to hear from Him, the all loving and amazing God who created YOU. Just know that the enemy will always use “busy” to keep you from hearing God’s voice.

So, we have to fight for our time with God! We have to turn off the distractions for a little while and prove to Him that our relationship with Him is more important than anything else. We can make time to hear Him, value our quiet time with God. & trust in what we feel during those quiet moments. We can go to Him & humbly say; God I am here, what would you like me to know today? ?

I don’t know what challenges you’re going though, but we all have them! Life isn’t always easy & that is why God allows us to communicate with Him! Just remember that there He knows exactly how you’re feeling, what you need and what you’re going through. He knows how to help You. God wants to speak to you! He loves you! He knows what you can become with His help. You need to hear God’s voice! & the only way to do that, is to slow down and listen. ❤️ He’s ready to show you how much He loves you! Trust Him, Believe in Him & LISTEN to His loving council that He has just for you as His child. ♥️

Our spiritual goal for the week is to listen. We don’t Just want to ask, we want to ask Him what it is that He would like us to know today. & we will Listen until we can feel Him. Like we say in class, the more open we are to hearing Him the more we will receive! ??? Part of the exercise is for us to write down what we feel after we pray. Those are the ways God communicates and we want to record those impressions or inspirations that we receive. ?

Our physical goal: is to make time to exercise and to do something that is physically good for our health. Exercise is healing in every way. Let’s make time to do this for our physical bodies ????

We will have class tonight at 7:15 The hardest thing is always showing up, but once we’re there we will get rid of stress and we’ll strengthen our Body, Mind & Spirit. It’s the best way to Balance our lives ??? ♥️?? Hope that you can make it and I hope that you’re able to feel God in your life this week. ♥️??


Lili ?