You Are Enough ???

For many of us our first thought of the day is “I didn’t get enough sleep.” Followed by “I don’t have enough time, my weight isn’t what I want it to be, there’s not enough money”etc. Whether those statements are true or not, we tend to constantly entertain the thought of “I am not enough.”

We have a hard time being satisfied with what we already have. Social media and the things we view can also have an effect on us, making us feel “not enough” more often than not. As we shop during this holiday season, notice how we mostly tend to purchase from a place of lack. We say to ourselves “I don’t have this. I need this, this person needs that. If I had this It would make me happier, make my kids happier and those who receive the gifts happier.” We tend to make a lot of purchases this way and most of the time we don’t even notice the feelings behind those purchases or the things we’re seeking.

The thought of not enough occurs to us automatically before we even think to question or examine it. This internal condition of scarcity, this mind-set of scarcity, only brings into our hearts jealousy, greed and dissatisfaction with our lives. We try to search to become “enough” by the things that we purchase, the trips we take, the money we make and the accumulation of more material things that we don’t use. : / We search for it by seeking popularity, attention and the approval of others. So, we should take a minute and ask ourselves, Where am I searching to become “enough”?

Because at the end of it all, you’ve always been enough. God thought of creating YOU!!! That alone is amazing on its own!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Your value doesn’t come from material things, from an instagram or Facebook post. It doesn’t come from popularity, from having the perfect body or from having millions of dollars and seeking more recognition or power. Some things in life may bring comfort, but none of those things bring true joy, happiness and real lasting peace. That can only come from within each one of us. We have to remember that we are enough, because we are CHILDREN OF GOD, Our value is already determined. It is only up to us to look inward to find it and to bring it out and start feeling that love more and more within us and around us.

I believe that the real test of our lives is to learn to look inward, to help ourselves internally to overcome and love ourselves enough to want to do the best for our soul. One of the most important things we can learn is that we are in control of our thoughts. No one else has power over us unless we “allow them” to. If we know where to focus our thoughts, to make them positive, they will help strengthen us, change our feelings and our actions which create some amazing results for our lives.

When we learn to look inward we have a stronger desire to love ourselves for who God created us to be. He wants us to truly feel the AMAZING LOVE THAT HE HAS FOR EACH ONE OF US!! ❤️ & He wants us to know that we can only reach our true God given potential by choosing to seek Him, Learn from Him and allow Him to provide that inner strength that only God can give us.

So, Trust Him and know that true and lasting peace starts with your thoughts and your connection to yourself and to God. All other things are mostly distractions or ways to teach us to manage our surroundings…But, we’re really here on earth to learn to Love God, Love ourselves, Love our families and Love our neighbors. ❤️❤️❤️

As we Prepare for this holiday season and New Year let’s focus on how much we truly have. On how much abundance we’re blessed to have now and have been blessed to have throughout the year and from the very beginning of our lives. We’ve all had challenges and difficulties, which are part of life, but we chose focus on the Good and learn from the hard times. We choose to know that we’re more than enough. We move forward with Faith in God and in ourselves and we remember that It’s not about the presents or the thoughts of not enough..It’s about LOVE ❤️ True peace, light and abundance that God is ready provide to all who seek him. Life is what we want to make it. Let go of the lack and focus on the good and on the love and abundance that surrounds you today and always.


Lili ?

Tonight is our last class of the year! Hope that you can make it at 6pm and give yourself some love by taking care of strengthening your Body, Mind & Spirit. Classes will Resume in January. Have a a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!! ?❤️???

The goal of the enemy is to keep us distracted with seemingly “important” things. He wants us to spend hours on social media comparing ourselves to others, thinking about what we lack, creating feelings of discouragement, fear, anxiety and frustration. Until little by little in his stealthy ways he’s able to make us more miserable like himself.

Since the goal of the enemy is to keep us away from God. We must be vigilant and ready to fight his attacks. As children of God we know we begin to fight this battle on our knees. We make our time with God our #1 Priority of our day. We know that there are daily battles and that we must start by speaking to our Father. We know that no matter what challenges we encounter we have the help of an ALL POWERFUL FATHER TO HELP US THROUGH! ??❤️ He helps us overcome our weaknesses, our carnal desires, our damaging habits and instead turn us into stronger children of God. He is able to fill us with His Strength, Love, Power and Peace to help us then fight our battles on our feet. He is able to renew our mind and create a stronger desire within us to do what is right in the sight of God, to let go of our earthly desires or struggles and Instead to trust in His higher wisdom and power for our lives. There’s nothing better than that! ????

The more willing we are to set the world aside and to make our time with God our #1 priority, the more we will learn and receive form Him. Our relationship with God will only become stronger as we’re willing to seek Him and receive more, we will be better able to overcome our weaknesses and recognize the ways in which the enemy is tying us to his entangling strands. We will better able to cut any strand of the enemy and instead be completely filled with the light and strengthening power of God.

So, our goal is to make our time with God our #1. To give Him our full hearts and to be willing to listen to Him and to feel the peace and renewal that He will provide. Each morning we will wake up and begin the battle on our knees. Our minds and souls will be strengthened and when we rise on our feet we fight to keep our thoughts clean and the distractions away from us. We’re able to FOCUS our energy on bringing ALL that is GOOD & POSITIVE INTO OUR LIVES.???

Don’t forget that God is loving, merciful, forgiving and kind. It is in His nature to want to help us as we have a desire to come to Him. Trust Him. Trust in His timing. He won’t ever leave you, but instead He will teach out to you and strengthen you. He will provide the angels and the help that you need along the way. Take it one day at time, fill yourself with His light, love and power that is accessible to ALL who seek Him. ???

Keep your focus on Him & ALL other things will work out. ?


Lili ?

Hope to see you in class tonight at 6pm to release stress, strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits and have that moment to connect to God and leave feeling even stronger and better able to help ourselves and others.? See you there!