I Am Made Of Divine Light

I want to Invite you right now to slow down for a minute and take a moment to breathe, take a few deeper breaths and to focus on re-charging your energy. Take a moment to notice the Divine light within you. Remember that God doesn’t want you to run faster than you have strength. So, make it a point to slow down a little and notice the divinity within you and around you.

Can you feel that light of God within you today? Can you see the Divine light in the animals, plants and people around you? We all have a soul. That inner light that connects us to our creator. We often go through life without thinking about all of the light that actually surrounds us. ☀️ We often close ourselves off to it. We allow the Busyness, overwhelm and distraction to get in the way. We don’t take enough time during our day to SLOW DOWN & Just enjoy the little moments.

Instead we live our lives often running too fast, overdoing things, comparing ourselves to others, judging ourselves and focusing on our lack rather than focusing on what we’re blessed to have. We often use social media, tv, food, shopping and many other activities to buffer or numb our emotions. We’re not willing to sit with ourselves for a few minutes to just feel what is going on in our hearts to help ourselves process our pain, thoughts, energy and emotions.

We need to be able to teach ourselves to disconnect from all that our minds have going on, to just have a moment to slow down, to breathe and to connect to ourselves. The more we’re able to do that, the more we will get to know ourselves. The more comfortable we will become at feeling all kinds of emotions and helping ourselves to return to calm, peace and love. (Which is what that light within us is all about ) This practice of slowing down and noticing the light will trickle down slowly to all areas of our lives and it will help us to acknowledge the Divine light within us more. We will also be better able to see that same divine light of God all around us in the eyes of our loved ones, the people we come in contact with, animals, plants and all other living things.

This Christmas season and throughout the New Year, I invite you to focus on the light. When we can focus on the light of God, we’re better able to invite more of it into our lives. We can forgive others, we can recognize with humility our mistakes and know that there’s a loving God who is always ready to help us on our journey toward becoming a purer soul. He is ready to fill us with more light if we desire to bring it and invite it to reside more brightly into our lives.

OUR SOUL’S MISSION IS TO LEARN ABOUT THE DIVINITY WITHIN US AND ALLOW THAT DIVINITY TO EXPAND!!! So, let’s slow down a little and focus on seeing the divinity within ourselves and all around us. See that divine light in your family members, in the plants, animals and all living things. Recognize the light, bless it, welcome the light of God around you to come in and reside within you. Your light is already there. You just have to allow it to shine brighter!

Feel His peace and His love by being willing to NOTICE THE DIVINITY THAT FLOWS WITHIN YOU AND AROUND YOU. Allow yourself to invite more of the light and love of God to reside within you and around you today. Let go of the things that don’t help you or serve you and do your best to be present and to sense the spirit of all that is Divine around you. Allow your day to flow from an abundance of light. Instead, notice that the light of God brings a calm confidence. Trust that you’re surrounded by that loving peace and abundance from God and that all of your needs will be met and you will be able to prioritize and focus on the truly important things and in the things that bring more light into your life and the lives of those around you.

TODAY WILL BE OUR LAST CLASS FOR 2022! I Can’t believe the year is already ending. But I Hope that you can make it to class today at 7:00 pm!!! Not only release stress and to do something awesome for yourself physically, but also to strengthen your soul and to have a wonderful meditation to help you relax and align yourself to the light that is all around you. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed I invite you to slow down a little and to make time for this class today. We will have an awesome time doing something great for our bodies and we will also be able to have an amazing meditation to help us release all that stress and instead leave feeling re-charged, renewed, peaceful and calm for the rest of this holiday season. So, end the year the best way you can! Let’s do this! 😉

Our spiritual goal for the rest of the year is to focus on the light of God within us and around us daily. Let’s allow His light to reside brightly within us to help us focus on gratitude and on taking each moment one step at a time in the direction that allows us to feel more of that light. Then, we will be better able to be a light to others as well. 🙂

Our physical goal is to take care of ourselves by setting our health goals for the New Year. Let’s make it a goal to Exercise daily! This will help us get rid of stress. Eating healthy will keep us having the right energy that our body needs to work optimally. So, try it and do your best each day to love yourself and take care of yourself. You deserve this! ❤️

Love you all and keep doing your best. Focus on the good and do your best to enjoy and live to the fullest one day at a time. Thank you all for sharing your divine light with me! I’m blessed and so thankful to know each and every one of you. Can’t wait to see you tonight & for us to do this together! Let’s do this! 💪🏼🥰



Daily Gifts

“Every sunrise is a blessing, a gift just for today. Embrace it and enjoy it before it fades away.” If we choose to see the gifts that God has given us, we will see His fingerprints of Love and divinity all around us.

Some days may be harder than others, but as we remember to take it one day at a time, one moment at a time and slowly become more aware of our surroundings. We can focus on the types of feelings we want to have, and center ourselves on trying to be more present and enjoy this very moment. We can focus our attention on seeing the light, beauty and love that is woven in all things outside in the world and inside of our homes and hearts.

We can gently remember that each moment brings with it the gift of life and the chance to love. This small moment, this precious day will not come again. We have never seen a day like this before.

So, If we can change the way we see things normally and focus instead on the beauty that is around us, we can start to view our day as being saturated in sacred sights and sounds. Then, this moment right here, right now, where we are, broken, messy, or whatever it may be, becomes a beautiful & holy moment.

James 1:17 Says: Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

God is the provider and the giver of all Good gifts. If we choose to see His light in our lives, we will see Him and feel Him. He gives us more than we realize daily. He loves us and wants us to keep our view focused on Him. The Father of lights, the Father of our souls. He who knows the end from the beginning is ready to help us and lift us daily. We just have to reach up to Him and consciously be aware of how blessed we are and the gifts that He is constantly giving us.

So, let’s remind ourselves today to look up! Look up to the Father of lights to fill us with more light. To fill our homes and hearts with more of His divine light. Let’s remember to not allow the enemy bring us down. We’re greater than that and our power comes from the giver of all good gifts! Our Father in Heaven who is granting us the gift of being here today. We can reject negativity with prayer and feeding our minds and souls all that is good & uplifting. We get to CHOOSE if we want to focus on the light or not. God invites us to experience His love in the daily moments that He gives you on this earth. So, Enjoy them and allow your heart to be peaceful and soak in that daily divine light.

During this Christmas season I want to invite each one of us to look for the light, for the gifts that God so abundantly gives each one of us daily. Try to name the gifts you notice each day & express gratitude to God for them.

Also, I want to challenge you to make a promise to yourself to take your focus away from yourself this holiday season and instead think of a gift that you could give to God. Ask yourself “What is one thing that I could offer to God this week?” What would be a good gift to give Him for all He does for me?” I pray that as you do this you will be blessed to feel an even greater abundance of Gods love and blessings.

Unfortunately class will be canceled tonight. But I’m hoping to be able to have it next week and be able to strengthen ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. For now, lets continue working on our goals and we’ll reunite next week and renew our energy. Hope that all of us are able to have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.



Hold on

As we face the different challenges that come into our lives, we start to realize that we really do have a choice on what we focus on. We can either let the challenges bring us down or allow ourselves to grow from them, hold on, be patient, pray and wait for God’s timing.

We know that our challenges are not something new to God. He knowns what we will face throughout our lives. He has known the end from the very beginning. He is fully aware of our challenges and is always ready to help us. Even when we don’t feel Him near, He is working behind the scenes to provide for us daily. So, what can we do to navigate life a little bit better & be more willing to trust God?

The best formula when a problem arises is for us to stop, take some deep breaths, find ourselves in the moment we’re in, pray for wisdom, forgiveness, strength and to be able to feel the love of God. We can cast our cares on Him and try to listen to His wisdom. Allowing that wisdom, love and peace to renew our minds and thoughts as well.

We can continue to fill ourselves spiritually with positive messages. We can try to be aware of what we need at this time. (Rest, Relaxation techniques, exercise, time alone etc) being aware of what we need and trying to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves during our challenges will also help us to “recharge or re-new” our energy. It’s during those moments that we need to find stillness and remember to be kind, loving and positive with ourselves as we’re facing our different challenges.

In class we talk about becoming our own best cheerleaders throughout the ups and downs of life. We need to encourage ourselves to take care of our body, Mind and Spirit. We can’t depend on anyone else to do that for us. We can reach out to God to help us have the strength and motivation we need to move forward. HE WIll ANSWER OUR PRAYERS. He will help us even if it’s just by providing peace to our hearts at that very moment. The choice to come to Him will always be ours but as we come to Him we are renewed, stronger, motivated and willing to focus on the good that is around us.

We can also take moment to look more closely at our thoughts. We can notice which thoughts are serving us and which thoughts are weakening us. One of the best tools to check our thoughts is to write them down and to ask ourselves if they really do make sense. Sometimes writing thoughts down on paper can helps us to realize that they’re not really serving us and are causing more damage than good. We can ask ourselves, Is this thought really true? is this thought an energy draining Or energy producing thought. We can then allow ourselves to change some of those thoughts and to instead replace them for what God would tell us to focus on instead. Some examples can be that we choose to focus on gratitude, counting our blessings, joy and being just present in the moment. Choosing positive thoughts and actions will re-train our brain to help us move forward and upward on our journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.

God wants us all to have a truly personal relationship with Him. The truth is that we don’t have enough wisdom to run our own lives. WE NEED DAILY DIVINE HELP! God has that divine wisdom and power to help us through it all. So why not fully trust Him? Why not give it all to Him? He can protect us and either open or close doors for our benefit and wellbeing.

It’s important for us to discover and understand that life is way better when we’re fully dependent on a loving God, who is forgiving, kind, merciful and patient with us. Rather than to try to do life on our own. We really do need our creator if we’re looking for internal peace and guidance in our lives. He is the ultimate guide who knows what is truly best for us in the end.

So, let’s have faith in Him. Let’s not doubt His power, but instead remember who we are speaking to. The Father of our souls loves us! He is love, peace and joy and we have that divine DNA flowing within us! We just need to activate it more often 😉 As we allow ourselves to connect to that divine DNA within us our inner peace will increase and our ability to know how handle each moment will become clearer.

Now more than ever is the time to strengthen our relationship with God and allow it to grow stronger and brighter each day. As the world gets progressively darker and drawn away from God we can become progressively brighter and stronger in Him. Because with God by our side, we have nothing to fear and we can be filled with His hope, wisdom & knowledge. & NOTHING OR NO ONE can ever take that away from us. Life is sooo much better when we’re close to God!!! ❤️

Once we give it all to God and we try to focus on what we can do and think we have to remember that the enemy will continue to attack, bringing doubts, fears, clouding our minds with negative thoughts or distractions. So, we must be vigilant and aware that it’s in the waiting when the enemy tries to attack the most. But that’s when we can HOLD ON TO GOD AGAIN & focus on the power of prayer that can lift us up, and we can then say to ourselves; “I am a child of God. Created by the divine power of a loving Heavenly Father. His power is within me. He loves me. He supports me and provides abundantly in my life. He fills me with His peace and love daily and I continue forward knowing that God is working right now in my life. I now receive His love, peace and all that He has abundantly for me. ❤️

Finally, God wants us to experience His joy more fully. So, is there any joy that we can hold on to right now, while we wait for God to help us with our different challenges?…Turning our hearts and attention away from ourselves and focusing on giving to others will bring us more of the joy of God and allow us to receive more of His light and wisdom as we go through our different challenges. Our burdens become lighter when we turn our hearts to others and we’re better able to focus on the light that we’re able to share with others. God will see our efforts and bless us for that always. ❤️

So, this week our goal is to remember that there is Divine light fully available for us to gain more wisdom and guidance. We already have divine light within us, because we come from the presence of God. We just have to allow ourselves to create moments to strengthen that light through prayer, changing our negative thoughts, holding on, becoming our own best cheerleaders and focusing on the good around us and on what we can do to help ourselves and others.

Our physical goal will be to burn more calories than we take in. Eat healthy, nutritious food and move your body daily! 🙂 Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7pm (inside the building room 1&2) to do something amazing for your Body, Mind and Spirit. Hope that you can make it! ❤️🥰

Today is our chance to trust to Him. To give our pains, insecurities and challenges to Him. Today is our chance to listen for His divine guidance and to feel His love and peace. There won’t be another day like today. So, we must make the best of what we have 🙂 Today we can enjoy the Love, peace and light that God has available just for us. We can try our our best, cheer ourselves on! check our thoughts and purposefully choose thoughts that will be healing, kind, motivating and positive for us. He is our strength and our light and with Him we can do ALL THINGS.

John 14:27 Says; My Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. ❤️



Divinely Created

Each morning we wake up, we get to choose what to focus on. We have a daily opportunity to focus on light or darkness, good or bad etc. Each of us has an opportunity feel the energy of all living things around us. Especially the sun, trees, plants, water and animals. I would like to invite you today to take a moment to connect to that amazing energy of life and of all living creations that God has places on the earth.

Take a moment to go outside, breathe and connect to life around you and most importantly to connect to your creator. Try to feel your heart beating, your breath as it comes in and out if your body. Express gratitude to God for your health, for the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and to have this body today. When we can set time aside to speak to Him, to express gratitude to Him and to connect to the Divinity around us and within us, our environment and our energy will be renewed in His light, love and peace. We will be able to connect to His divine light and it will help us as we approach the different choices of our day.

When we can realize that we can talk to the same God who created this earth, who designed it and made it possible to create all living things that surround us, that are alive and have that “spark” of life within them. We will be better able to find reverence, love and respect for the God who has the power to keep our earth turning and our hearts beating. Seeing Him and recognizing the times when we have seen His hand in our lives, will change us! We will begin to see that we do have a God who hears each one of us individually. In His amazing way of being, He answers our prayers, comforts us, helps us or sends us messages or earthly angels to help us, lift us and encourage us.

How amazing for each of us to be able to recognize that we come from that same divine light. Not only that, but that we can feel immense LOVE from God being poured upon us daily. I want to remind you, that He does hear your prayers, He does want to know the feelings of your heart, and His biggest joy would be to have a relationship WITH YOU!!! ❤️

Another important thing He wants us to realize, is that He created our bodies for our spirits to reside in. Our bodies are the temples to our spirits! So, how important is it to each one of us to take care of our body and our spirit? We take care of the physical things that are around us. We try to have a clean home, we take care of our cars, clothes, possessions. We take care of buildings, historical places, temple/sacred places of worship. We take care of all of these places because of their importance, their beauty and our love for them.

Yet, somehow we find ways to disrespect our body, our mind and our spirit. 🙁 We talk negatively about ourselves, we defile our bodies with the bad things we put into ourselves. From food we consume, the substances that we put in or on our body, the media we watch and all that we consume emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. The more we add the sneaky things that are negativity the less we’ll be able to recognize how to better take care of our divine body, Mind and soul. So, let’s try to take a moment to think about what we’re not paying attention to, that is polluting or degrading our Body, Mind and Soul.

Let’s try to recognize what we need to get rid of, remove, “clean” and ask God to help us to purify ourselves to have more appreciation, love and respect for ourselves. Ultimately, we’re the ones who get to live on our bodies. We have to try to care for our physical, spiritual and emotional parts of ourselves more than anything else! Were the ones who have to live with ourselves. We take ourselves everywhere! If we’re not making sure that we’re pure within, filled with light, love, peace, charity and all that is good then NO ONE ELSE CAN CHANGE THAT FOR US! We have to make ourselves a daily priority to take care of ourselves and all that comes into our surroundings and internally as well.

We get to be our own best cheerleaders, we get to invite all that is good, healing and positive into our ourselves. We get to be United with God in our purpose, goals and desires and as we align ourselves to Him, He will bless us! He will help us, He will lift us, guide us and show us the ways to change and the wisdom to know what is good to keep and better to remove from our lives. Let’s have admiration for our bodies, let’s have respect for the body God is lending us, let’s take care of it! Nourish it in the best ways we can. So that one day we may look to God and He may be proud of who we become physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe we will all have the opportunity someday to show God what we did with our body, mind and spirit while we were here on this earth. So, let’s encourage ourselves and do our best each day to take care of ourselves.

Today, let’s focus on expressing gratitude to God for the creations that are around us and for the creating that we are! 😍 God has placed us on earth with a purpose and a plan. Even if it’s one person that you get to help today, that alone can save someone who needed YOU specifically to be there. Let’s allow ourselves to connect to the love of God, who gives us the ability to CHOOSE what it is that we want to focus on today.

We have the freedom to choose how to take care of ourselves. How to speak to ourselves, what to eat, what to enter our minds, hearts and souls. WE ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT WE ALLOW TO GROW WITHIN OURSELVES. God loves you so much He gives you the freedom to choose what to do with this amazing creation He has given you. The more we’re able to express gratitude for our body, the more we will be able to find our connection to God and the more inspiration we will gain so that we will be better able to take care for our ourselves.

I invite you to connect more with yourself. To CHOOSE to LOVE YOURSELF MORE. To grow your confidence in God so that you may easily see the type of love you should have for yourself. Ask God to help you love yourself more and do all that you do from a place of Love and honor to yourself and to God. The daily choices we make are opportunities to honor ourselves and glorify God. Choose to life your life from a place of honoring your Body, Your Mind and your spirit because you know you’re a Child of God. You have a Body to remind you of this daily! Make it your goal to strengthen and LOVE TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.

1 Corinthians 6:19 Says, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

The spirit and the body are the soul of man. The body and the spirit are meant to work in harmony with one another. We NEED to try to take good care of our physical bodies as well as our spirits. So, when you make up each morning and you see that sunrise or when you look at yourself In the mirror take a moment to thank God for what He has given you today. PRACTICE Speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself. Try to find the beauty that God has given you. Not only in the physical way but also the emotional and spiritual parts of you. Find your light, focus on that divine light within you and allow it to GROW! Set your goals from a place of love and not dissatisfaction with yourself. God doesn’t want you to allow the enemy to make you feel bad about yourself. Instead He wants you to TRUST HIM MORE! TO LOVE YOURSELF, GOD AND OTHERS BY SEEING THE DIVINE LIGHT ON ALL LIVING THINGS & REMEMBERING TO DO YOUR BEST ONE DAY AT A TIME. CHOOSE JOY, PEACE, LIGHT AND LOVE. ❤️

See you tonight at 7pm inside the building to do something AMAZING for your Body, Mind and Spirit! 🥰❤️ Don’t let things get in the way of an opportunity to do something good for yourself. There’s always opposition in all things (especially the good ones) but find your strength, your motivation and come join a group of positive energy to help you release release stress and leave you feeling renewed and recharged mentally, physically and spiritually. ❤️💪🏼🥰


Lili ❤️