Fill yourself with His light

With our busy lives and our hectic schedules it’s easy to feel distracted and disconnected from the things that God would want us to focus on. Our lives are constantly moving at a faster rate allowing for very little time to just be in silence, peace and quiet.

I know that God would want us to slow down a little, to have moments in which we can turn off the distractions, the stress and the anxiety to just be in the present and to be more centered and focused on the truly important things. When we purposefully create more times like these in our lives, we will feel more peace, clarity and joy in knowing that we have chosen to make time to slow down a bit and to connect to God. He is the one with the power to help us make our lives better, to forgive, to take the weight that we carry off of ourselves and to allow us to be filled with His light. It is ultimately up to us to choose if we truly want to STRENGTHEN OUT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM & feel His light and power strongly in our lives.

So, how open are we to receiving the light of God in our lives? Are we building a strong communication between God and ourselves? Or Are we letting the stresses of life overpower our ability to STOP amidst the chaos and slow down a little? We are the ones who have the power and ability to stop during the stressful situations to calm our bodies and our minds and to replenish ourselves by bringing in some of His powerful light and healing that we need in our lives. Some of the ways we can do this, is by turning off the distractions, reading or listening to faith building messages, sitting outside in silence to meditate and slow down even for a little. Also, praying for inspiration and guidance will help us keep calm and trying to listen to what God speaks to our hearts through reading and searching through His words will give us the strength and power that we need for our day. Anything that we look at, listen to or allow to enter our minds will be kept within us as something positive or negative. If we want more good in our lives we gotta fill ourselves with all that is good for us! 🙂 Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Each choice that we make is either taking us one step closer toward God, to His peace, wisdom and Love or it’s taking us in the opposite direction, away from God, toward the enemy that wants us to feel unhappy, frustrated, stressed and miserable. When it comes to choices there’s no “happy medium” it’s either toward one or the other. The choice is ours and the consequences wether good or bad will always ultimately follow and we will feel them.

When we think about God and what he’s able to provide for us. We know that He is the source of all good, all love and all light. The stresses of the world can’t get to us when we have His light. The light that He provides is wisdom, knowledge, clarity, Love and an understanding. It’s that personal relationship that YOU create with Him! Which brings you strength. He wants us to fully trust Him when He says; Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

He wants us to have FAITH in HIM when he says; If ye will have Faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me. (Moroni 7:25) As we trust Him and have more faith in Him we begin to bring more of His light and power into our lives. This light begins to shine brightly through us and it flows from God unto our souls and out to the world around us. There’s another scripture which says;

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. (Mathew 6:22)

The eye is often a symbol of a persons ability to receive the light of God. When we are more open to receiving His light, we will continue to receive an increase of light and as it grows we will begin to notice that we have within ourselves an indescribable peace and a light that is brighter and that allows us to rely more fully on God and not on our own understanding. Having His light will allows us to help others and we will become an instrument for God during our time on this earth. 🙂

As we strive to bring in more light into our lives, we will make Him proud in knowing that He can count on us to be HIS HANDS, HIS EYES, HIS MOUTH & HIS FEET on this earth to do the work that He is entrusting us to do. We each have our own special assignments on this earth. The closer we are to Him the clearer our mission will be & He will let us know in our hearts what He need us to do. 🙂 We will be able to serve, give love, comfort and have kindness toward others. WE WILL lift, help, comfort and begin to focus on seeing the good in people and in the world around us. Our countenance will change, our habits, what we look at and even the way we speak will change because we will be using the words that God Himself would want us to share.

It is only when we focus on slowing down and bringing His light into our lives that we will feel the difference. Having His light with us means that WE TRUST HIM! That we have nothing to doubt, nothing to fear, we feel His love toward ourselves and others and it allows us to be even more protected from outside sources that may try to steal our peace our joy and our light. We will begin to feel stronger better able to protect ourselves from those things. Our inner power will be shielded because we won’t want it to leave us. Doing these things will allow us to NOT LET THE STRESSORS OR OUTSIDE INFLUENCES AFFECT US INTERNALLY. HIS light won’t allow negativity to enter. It is always our choice what we allow inside of ourselves. Instead we rely on our faith, on the peace and confidence that we have in God. & because He is a GOOD GOD, ALL THINGS WILL WORK OUT FOR OUR GOOD.

When we hear in Mathew that our eyes should be single. That means our vision should be focused! Focused on the important things, focused on the light of God, on the good in our lives, focused on doing good things for our bodies, our minds and spirits. Allowing only to enter into our eyes and souls those things which are ONLY GOOD FOR US! What we look at, what we read, what we think about and how we spend our time…Allows our light to either grow or be dimmed. ?

When we study the word of God we can find so many references about His light. This is another beautiful scripture that would be perfect to memorize;

And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.

How beautiful is that?! 🙂 If our eyes are single to His Glory, if we are striving to do the works of God on this earth then He will fill our bodies with light! That is His promise to us! Having our bodies be full of light, will eventually allow us to comprehend all things. We will be one in purpose and fully aligned with God who will inspire us and help us to reach our potential, feel His love and His light in our lives. This light will Grow each and every day as we choose to bring only good things for your eyes, minds and hearts. This is how we will be able to feel the strengthening power of His light, to then be able to share it and feel it in the world around us. God would love to see us coming closer to Him. Allowing our journey to be with Him by our side, to gain more light and To allow Him to help us and guide us through it. There’s no doubt about what we can become by having Him close to us. All we have to do is act on it and feel the blessings from doing our best each day. ????

Our spiritual goal for the week is to slow down our stress a little. There are always a million things to do…but we can choose to slow down and to bring more light into our lives. Practice this week putting away some of the stressful triggers and replacing them with bringing more light into your soul. Try to notice how different and peaceful you begin to feel.

Our physical goal for the week is to eat more nutrient rich foods. The more natural and vitamin rich foods the better 🙂 Also, remember to exercise at least 2 Days this week and if possible try to meditate daily even if it’s just 5 minutes.

Tomorrow in class we will focus our workout on letting go of stress and feeling strong in God! ?? Our meditation will include getting rid of negativity and adding more light into our lives.

Hope that you can make it and benefit from doing something good for yourself. ?????

Remember to do your best one day at a Time 🙂 God knows what’s in your heart, what you desire to do, trust Him & He will bless you for your efforts. ????


Lili ?