The Power To Become

Our life has a purpose. When God created each one of us He had a plan in mind and a mission for us to accomplish. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. God wants us to be hopeful, to trust Him and to do our best to accomplish His plans for us. As we place our trust in Him & come closer to Him our purpose will become clearer and He will be better able to guide us toward becoming who He desires us to become. ❤️

When we keep that hope in our lives we are better able to move toward our ultimate goal, which is to live a life that we can be proud of. A life that is filled with good & that God will approve of. Ultimately, we are all here to PREPARE TO MEET GOD. So, our goal is to stay focused on trying to live the best life we can for God, for ourselves & for those around us.

Having hope and faith in God brings us the power to act. We know that we can’t just wish for things to happen and that’s it. When we have faith in God we gain a stronger desire to ACT! we’re more willing to put in the work necessary toward reaching who we are meant to be. God said; “Whatsoever thing ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is good, in Faith believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be done unto you.” (Moroni 7:26)

God is ready to bless us if we have a pure heart, if we seek Him & Ask Him, BELIEVING that we will receive. How amazing is that? This is where our faith is tested & where God is able to show Himself in our lives. Christ said; “If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.” (Moroni 7:33) That scripture promises us that we will have power through our faith to accomplish the desires of our heart that align with the desire that God has for us. So, with our Faith in God, we’re better able to see more clearly which goals we should focus on.

We can go to God & from Him receive wisdom and power to accomplish those things. We can then Act toward our goals taking the daily action to move closer to our goals. God will help us achieve our physical, spiritual, emotional or temporal goals. He knows what’s in our hearts and because He loves us and wants the best for us, HE WILL HELP US. TRUST IN HIM AND IN YOUR ABILITY TO DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. ❤️

Having faith allows us to act as if our goals are on their way. 😉 that belief and trust in God and in ourselves that we will make our goals possible with his help, will happen bring motivation. We can ask for daily wisdom to know what to focus on for this day, and we can move forward toward accomplishing that goal. Remember to start out with smaller goals that lead to the bigger goals. The more that we’re able to accomplish the small things the more momentum we will have to accomplish the bigger things. Practice seeing yourself accomplishing your daily goals. Visualize yourself doing it and having Gods help to achieve what is in your heart. feel yourself getting Healthier, stronger, becoming more peaceful, accomplished etc. ❤️

When you have those days when notice yourself comparing where you are to where you want to be, focus on this one question: “What single, small decision can I make right now to move forward in my process of becoming? Write down your thoughts and feelings and be aware of what comes to your mind. That’s one way you can know which action to take. Also, there may be times when we feel like giving up on our goals because we slipped or made a mistake. But remember to be kind to yourself, Don’t give up. Just take a moment to evaluate what led to the mistake and wether your process should be modified to help prevent it from happening in the future. If you know your goals are worth working toward you will keep trusting and moving forward with faith in God.

Finally, Remember that rather than focusing solely on the outcome of the goal, put your energy into the process of becoming. In a process, every moment is important. You can enjoy feelings of small daily successes. You can learn from setbacks, rather than treating them as signs of failure. In a process of becoming you can find joy in each moment, you can be grateful for the opportunity to be a work in progress. You trust that as long as you are working the process, which is an essential part of exercising faith in God, reaching your goal will be the natural outcome.

So, make it a point today to re-evaluate your goals! Think about what you’re working toward and what God wants you to place as your top priorities. Align yourself to that knowledge and that desire to work toward the things which are important. Make a plan, start small, visualize and give yourself grace and the motivation that you need to accomplish each thing. If we want something we just work toward it. Make it a pleasure to work on yourself and on your journey of becoming. Find joy in this journey and move forward trusting and having faith in God and in yourself. ❤️

With God all things are possible! You can do it! Count on Him, do your best & go for it. ❤️ HOPE, ACT & BECOME.

Our spiritual goal for the next few weeks is to accomplish some goals. Set 3 goals that you want to work toward. Break down the steps and set aside the time daily to act on them. Ask God in Faith to help you & get to work 😉 you can do it! Plus, God has promised the POWER for you to accomplish it. Stay motivated and make it it happen. HOPE, ACT & ACCOMPLISH ❤️

Our Physical goal for the week is to exercise at least 3 days and to eat as clean as we can. Choose nutrient rich snacks and try to remove the sugary drinks. The only exception will be thanksgiving day 😉 try to be good this week in your choices. That can be one of your goals to try to accomplish. Make it easy for yourself by having healthy snacks available so you don’t get super hungry and reach for the bag of chips in the pantry. try it out and feel the difference in your mood and energy. Your body will thank you for choosing good food 🙂 ❤️

We will have CLASS TODAY AT 5:00 pm! Come enjoy the sunset, release stress, and do something awesome for your body, Mind and Spirit. CLASS WILL BE CANCELED NEXT WEEK DUE TO THANKSGIVING. But tonight we will leave feeling renewed and ready to take on the week and accomplish some goals.

Hope to see you there and that you’re able to keep this message and goals in your heart. God will strengthen you & help you to accomplish them. Trust Him & DO YOUR BEST ONE DAY AT A TIME. ❤️



Receptors For Gods Love ❤️

There are days when we feel discouraged, like we’re not doing enough or accomplishing enough. There are days when the weight of everything feels heavier and when it becomes harder to focus on all the good that we have.

It’s on those days when we need to watch our thoughts a little bit more carefully. Because those thoughts of discouragement, hopelessness or heaviness do not come from a God who is loving and kind.

It’s important for us to recognize the times when those heavy thoughts come into our minds. They sometimes seem to overwhelm, frustrate and discourage us. Making us feel on some days disconnected from God and from ourselves. It’s totally ok for us to cry and allow ourselves to feel and experience all kinds of emotions. It’s ok for us to vent and let it all out.
But it is also important to recognize that the enemy is also at work and that he wants us to be miserable like himself. He will throw all kinds of terrible thoughts about ourselves to our minds and hearts. He wants us to think that we’re not good enough, that we’re not doing enough that we’re failing at things…making us feel terrible and miserable is his goal.

It during times like these when we need to remind ourselves that we need to get good at recognizing where those negative thoughts are coming from. That is not the language of God. He would never speak to us like that. God on the other hand would take us where we’re at, He would remind us of His love for us. God’s love is never failing and never changes. It won’t change because of how much we achieve or accomplish. It won’t change because of how much money we make or what you like like.

His love is the same and it has always been the same from the beginning, and it will be the same forever and ever! His love doesn’t change, what changes sometimes is our ability to be receptive to his love.

I like to compare that to receptors. Our physical health depends on hormones and their receptors. If something is wrong with a receptor, it makes it hard for that receptor to receive the messages. Eventually causing illness or disease to occur. For us to experience good health our receptors need to be able to receive and transmit the signals throughout our body.

Similarly, we have spiritual receptors that transmit messages. We can test within us our receptors of the love of God. Sometimes our receptors fail, and we end up allowing more negative thoughts into our minds and hearts.
But when our receptors for the Love of God are activated, when they’re open and ready to receive the light, live and peace of God. We will see that those negative thoughts will fade away. Our receptors will be open to helping us and strengthen rather than not functioning and affecting us negatively.

As we focus on recognizing that, we will be better able to keep our receptors active and ready to feel God’s love. It’s better for us to focus our thoughts and energy on trying to connect to God rather than allowing ourselves to spiral downward into negative thinking. We can choose to focus our energy on what God can do for us instead.

This about the ways in which you can activate your receptors? Some of the ways that allow me to do that for myself, is that I make sure that I have a time to be quiet, possibly in nature for a little while. I like being alone with God so that I can open my heart and speak to Him. I also like to focus my attention on trying to listen to the thoughts and feelings that He puts in my heart. I try to write that down, and I focus throughout the day on what I felt. I make a conscious decision to feed my mind and spirit uplifting words such as reading the word of God or listening to messages or music that lifts my soul.

I also try write down things that I’m grateful for and where I have seen the hand of God in my life this week. I take time to ask for forgiveness and for His help, as I try to achieve and accomplish things through my day I want to view it all more on the way that God would see it. I want to focus on Hearing His loving and encouraging words and to really focus my receptors of His love to be activated and with me through the day.

By doing this, my energy is recharged is re-charged. I feel way more connected to God. And o know that when my heart is fully connected to God all of the negative and heavy thoughts begging to disappear or to go away. Instead I’m Thankful for my blessings, I recognize more of what I’m blessed to have today. I’m better able to feel of His love for me. Which trickles down to other areas of my life, I’m better able to have compassion for myself, to be kinder and way more loving to myself and others.

I’m better able to recognize the way in exit God would speak to me and I’m able to focus on that instead of anything else that may be trying to take my attention. I’m able to connect to the love of God and allow that love to flow within me throughout the day. The more that I try and choose to align my heart to God’s the happier I’ll be, the more I will trust Him and the more I will be guided to focus on what God wants me to focus on in my life. I choose to focus on following the God of Love! The God who never changes and the God who brings true, long lasting peace and joy to any soul.

So, this week focus on activating your receptors for His love. Feel more of His love coming into your life. Flow in that love and kindness for yourself throughout the day and notice that you’re also better able to treat others as God would treat them. To treat yourself as God would treat you and to continue to share that love with others as well. The love of God also allows you to remind yourself that everything will be OK. That you’re doing the best that you can each day and that as you put in your best effort you will be blessed for that.

Tell yourself; Today I choose to focus on God love. He removes the negative thoughts from my mind and heart and I’m able to allow His Love and peace to flow within me. I’m better able to love myself, to take care of myself and others. Because I trust in the God of Love. I’m my creator, the one who has the perfect plan for me. God’s love is my shield and my protection. With Him I can do all things. ❤️

Love you all and hope to see you in class tonight at 5pm. Motivate yourself to be there. The hardest thing is always showing up. But just drove yourself there and you’ll feel the difference afterwards. You’ve got this! 💪🏼🥰❤️


I Choose Love Over Fear ❤️

I choose Faith over anxiety, hope over worry and love over fear.

These words can serve us in two ways: As an affirmation and as a practice. When fears arise, affirmations and our breathing can move us gently toward the light even as we face the darkness. They make us mindful of our thoughts and our choice to direct them with faith and hope. Choosing to do this over and over again is the practice, when worries settle in, we always have the choice to look at them through the eyes of love.

When we feel stressed and overwhelmed we can close the door to the outside world and instead make our thoughts and emotions known to God. I promise you that He does hear and answer every prayer of your heart. (Maybe not always in the timing we would like, but HE does answer) He did it for me this week. He answered me with LOVE. ❤️ & Just as He answered me with love, I know He will do the same for anyone who seeks Him. ❤️

As we’re willing to surrender our challenges to Him with a brave, patient and open heart. Trusting in the God of the Universe. The creator of our souls. We will see that He will remove the stress and anxiety from our hearts. & instead replace all of that, with HIS LOVE.❤️

The LOVE OF GOD is the greatest gift in the world. Just to know that you are loved by God, allows you to remove anything else that makes you feel unhappy, anxious or stressed. Because the love of God fills and covers your heart and soul with peace. It brings an assurance that everything will be ok. The soul that is able to trust in God, is able to gain way more strength to overcome the challenges of life than those who place the trust on themselves.

It’s completely up to us to choose to exercise our spiritual muscles daily & to focus on His love. ??❤️ It’s up to us to choose to place our TRUST ON HIM with everything that happens in our lives and to know and believe that with His help we truly can overcome all things.

So, Today I invite you to say to yourself; I choose faith, Hope and Love. And when I do, my anxiety, worries and fears dissolve. My focus becomes centered on the highest good for my soul. I believe that all things are possible as I place my trust on the amazing love of a God who is ALL GOOD, ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL & ALL LOVING.

I trust in His incredible blessings and I know that He walks the path of life with me and He will carry me through it all. ❤️ Every thought out of my mind and soul today will come from a place of LOVE. Love for God, Love for myself and Love for others. ❤️ TODAY I CHOOSE FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Unfortunately I’m not feeling very well today and sadly I’m going to have to cancel class tonight. But I hope that you can still choose to do Something to strengthen yourself physically, spiritually and mentally. Focus on loving yourself, on giving yourself the best nutrition and on allowing yourself to have moments of peace and quiet to recharge your energy and your connection to God. This will allow you to handle the challenges of life with a perspective that’s more aligned to God and where you can focus more on His love for you than on fear, stress or anxiety. God loves you! ❤️ keep trusting, believing and all will be ok. You’ve got this! 😘❤️