The power of your thoughts ?

Our thoughts and what we allow to enter or remain in our minds is what we become. ? Notice your thoughts, are they positive or negative? Are they helping you? Or holding you back? Are they allowing you to trust in God? Or are they disconnecting you from the source that is full of wisdom for your life?

Today Buddha might have added, what we read, or watch we become. Everything that enters our mind changes us, and so on, changes the world around us. With countless ways to stay informed or “connected”. Our resources are greater now than they’ve ever been before. Social media, the news, headlines, sources and information is constantly popping up through our day. But just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s worth our time or it’s valuable enough to be stored in the files of our heart & mind.

We have the right to discern what is best and what will bring the most value to our soul and mind. If it lifts and edifies you, welcome it & keep it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, negative, uneasy or heavy, get rid of it or delete it. You are in control of what you allow to enter your mind and the impact that it will have on your day and in your life. ???

Our spiritual goal for the week is to discern and choose what is best for minds and souls. This week our goal is to delete impersonal emails, unsubscribe from accounts that are not lifting us or helping us, we’re going to get rid of unwanted material and work on not becoming bait of watching unnecessary material that is negative or that takes away from our precious time. ❤️ Instead we want to be mindful to fill our minds and hearts with images and stories that are uplifting and feed our soul to allow us to become a better version of ourselves and work toward living to the best and highest potential that we’ve been created to have. ?

Our physical goal for the week is to eat healthy foods only when we’re hungry! ? Not just eating because we’re bored, stressed or worried. But CHOOSING to reach for healthy foods when we’re actually hungry. When you feel the desire to “eat” try drinking water first instead. Sometimes we’re just thirsty and the body signals hunger when it’s just thirst. Try reaching for healthy food when you’re hungry and you’ll feel the difference.

Hope that you can make it to class this Thursday night at 7:15 & invite anyone else who may benefit to come get rid of stress and strengthen their body, mind and spirit. ? If we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else will. Do your best for yourself today and this week. Focus on doing this One day at a time! ??????


Lili ?

He is a rewarded ?

As we are willing to enter the presence of God daily with a thankful heart and with praise. He will enter our circumstances with POWER!!! ♥️

We will experience what a true relationship with our creator looks like when we’re fully able to open our hearts to Him and when we are willing to let go of our own desires and truly LISTEN & FOLLOW what He would like us to do. He is a God of love who wants the BEST for us and wants us to gain a stronger relationship with Him enough to know that every time TRUST HIM, HE WILL BE THERE.

He will carry us through any challenge, difficulty or circumstance. All we have to do is seek Him with a pure heart and allow Him to provide the daily peace that we need.

Our spiritual Goal for the week is to enter the presence of God with humility and praise. The more that we get to know Him, TRUST HIM, and allow Him to enter our lives the more we will be able to see His rewards and His power! ?♥️

Our physical goal for the week is to remove sugar! ? Can we do that? Just try to do better at lowering the amount of sugar that we’re taking in. It takes a little while for the body to get used to that. But the more that we’re able to reach for the healthy food the better we will feel. We have the POWER to do this! We’re stronger than our cravings ???

Hope to see you in Class on Thursday night to Renew our body, Mind & Spirit and feel physically, emotionally and mentally stronger! ? So that we May be able to handle the challenges that life throws at us. We know that WE CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH GOD!!! So, make this a good week for yourself! Enter His prescience with praise, come to Him, Trust Him & CHOOSE what is best for you physically, emotionally & Spiritually. ?????❤️

With love, ?

Lili ?