God loves you! ?

He knows our pain, He knows our struggles, our sorrows and our joys. He is always there to lift us and to help us. We just have to be willing to turn our hearts to Him, ? To SEEK HIM and most importantly to get to know Him. We want to listen to Him, to hear what He places In our hearts and what He would like us to do with each day of our lives. As we come to Him, He will help us become the person that He desires us to be.

We have to recognize that we will not be on this earth forever. We won’t take our riches or popularity with us…The most important thing we can do while we’re here, is use this time to PREPARE TO MEET GOD. ? We have to be willing to turn off our distractions, our phones and the world around us to get to know Him. No one else can do that for us. It is only up to us to strengthen our relationship with Him through praying, listening with real intent, reading His words and following the wisdom that He provides for our lives. ❤️

Our goal is to wake up every day and to say; God, today I want to know you more & I want to Love you more! ? A day well lived is a day in which we get to know God just a little bit more. Remember, He already loves you so much! You just have to come closer to Him to feel His love, peace and comfort for your life. ? Don’t Let the enemy get in the way of your relationship with God. ?? Make it Stronger and better than it has been. Feel His love and let your day be a day that you will be proud of in the sight of God. ???❤️

Hope that you can make it to class on Thursdays at 7:15 to strengthen our Body, Mind & Spirit. ?

Love you all & I pray that your strength in God will become stronger and your love for Him deeper each day. ???


Lili ?

He Fills My Cup

For the past week in Class our goal has been to focus on keeping our cup full. God’s love is there for us daily to remind us that He is the one who fills our cup. ?

We often wake up and feel the need to fill our cups by others words or actions. We find ourselves seeking compliments, posting on social media to get more likes etc…& if we don’t get those things or the attention we would like, we feel sad and unhappy…We forget to disconnect from it all to remind ourselves that the the joy is already within us!!! ? That there’s no need to depend on others or to seek to fill ourselves by looking for joy in outside sources. Those things are only temporary! They’re never enough or fully satisfying. So, we just keep searching for more and end up in a constant cycle of just NEEDING from others. ???‍♀️

Our lives are meant to be better than that! We’re meant to find the fullness and Joy from what God can provide Daily! He is the ONLY CONSTANT in our lives. He is the one we will see when we leave this earth! ? He is the ONLY ONE WHO BRINGS TRUE PEACE, LOVE & JOY ❤️ Enough to overflow our cup and to help us to give more to others. His love is always here and available to those of us who SEEK IT! FIND IT & Allow ourselves to enjoy His love, fullness & strength that it brings to our lives. ???

When we’re able to see that the only true acceptance and love that we need in this life is the love and acceptance of God. We’re better able to fill ourselves with His light and love. We’re able to love ourselves for who God sees we can become! We don’t become dependent on others to fill us or to make us feel good and happy each day. Instead, we make it a priority Daily to spend some time alone with God. To try to listen to Him, to connect to Him and to allow ourselves to be open to His wisdom and guidance for our lives. We allow Him to show us the path of true happiness for our lives and we ask Him to help us focus and place our heart and priorities on the right things each day. We ask Him to help us keep our cups full and overflowing each day with His love and peace so that we may be able to be GIVERS from our overflow and not constantly wanting to be takers from others because God Provides more than enough to fill us! ??????

I hope that you’re able to find this joy and peace for your life. That your cup may be full and overflowing in God & that through Him you will accomplish what will be truly joyful and fulfilling for your life. ❤️Not ever depending or putting your trust on anyone else…not even on yourself! But to instead turn it ALL to God who knows what’s best for you and for your life. I hope that this message touches your heart according to what God wants you to gain from it. I pray that you will strengthen yourself and grow from this! That you will no longer depend on anyone else’s acceptance or anything else other than God to fill you!…The more that we’re able to do this the more strength we will get and the more that God will give us! ??❤️? Trust Him!! & Do your best! ????


Lili ?