I Choose Joy

Choosing joy can be hard sometimes. Specially during the times when we’re trying to endure some of the most difficult moments that life has to offer. On some days even the smallest step toward joy can feel like climbing a mountain. The truth is, we can honor a wide range of feelings, in the span of one day, while moving at any pace we choose toward that which is one step lighter.

Research has shown that although some people are born with a more positive disposition, anyone can reprogram their thoughts to foster more feelings of joy and happiness. Once we become aware of the negative repetitive thoughts that keep us distracted and distressed, we can turn toward prayer and positive affirmations to break the cycle. And over time, these new positive thoughts will become habitual.

Some of the best affirmations we can use, can be found in the word of God. Using scripture to regain peace and strength can become one of our best tools to fight against the negative thoughts that try to take over. God wants us to remember that we can choose to Rejoice.

1 Thessalonians 6:16-18 Says; Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Joy isn’t optional, it is an essential part of those who believe in God. Because we know and trust in a God who created us to have Joy. We know that He wants us to find joy in the journey. He wants us to learn to CHOOSE that for ourselves. & I believe that if it comes from the word of God, He will someday ask us about how much Joy we chose to focus on in our lives.

When we can feel our connection to God, we can start to see that as children of God, He wants us to experience the ups and downs of life, but that through it all we may find joy and focus on the opportunity of seeing God amidst whatever storm we may be facing. He truly can become the God of our circumstances. We can strengthen our faith in Him, notice the good around us and focus on joy one day at a time.

Joy isn’t a feeling that is dependent on our circumstances. It is a response to the goodness of God and our eternal salvation. Choosing joy has very little to do with how we feel and everything to do with how we obey, how we trust and how we believe in the love of God. ❤️

Choosing joy is a spiritual practice, renewing our connection with the divine as we become lighter, more mindful and more peaceful. When in alignment with the spirit of God we can relax and trust that all things will be done according to His will. We will trust and focus on our blessings. We will see that we are safe. We are home in the peace of God. And this is who we really are.

Our goal for the week is to experiment with positive affirmations. Write down your favorite scriptures on your journal or on your phone. Allow negative thoughts and words to move naturally through you without taking up residence.

Love yourself. Complement yourself. Treasure yourself. Forgive yourself. Eat nutritious foods. Get plenty of sleep. Move your body. Keep company with joyful people.

Read uplifting books. Listen to joyful music. Choose inspirational articles, podcasts and movies. Basically BRING ALL THAT IS GOOD AND UPLIFTING INTO YOUR LIFE.

And finally in your heart say to yourself: I open my heart to the possibility of joy. I am grateful for the gifts of today. I trust that my benevolent God has a divine plan for my highest good. I trust in Him and in myself. I choose Joy in my life. 💛🥰

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 5:00 pm. We will focus on releasing stress and also on allowing ourselves to focus on being joyful and grateful for all that we have. Remember that you are your own best cheerleader and that the motivation to get yourself to class has to come from YOU! So, do this for yourself and feel the difference. You’ll leave feeling renewed and amazing! ❤️ Hope to see you there! ❤️


Lili 🌸

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  1. Dear Lili
    I must confess I have sometimes have trouble having joy in my life because I allow the sadness depression loneliness fill my mind and heart. I know this is wrong and I must look towards God’s love grace and blessings he has given and still does. Forgive my lord for being so down on myself and you. You are the light the joy the love of my life why should I not see that? I pray that I will try to put my mind my heart my feelings in a positive direction towards the joy you want me to experience in my life. May all our lives experience joy even thru the dark times we go thru in life.
    God bless
    Love ya Margie

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