What will you choose today? ?

I choose Faith over anxiety, hope over worry and love over fear.

These words can serve us in two ways: As an affirmation and as a practice. When fears arise, affirmations and our breathing can move us gently toward the light even as we face the darkness. They make us mindful of our thoughts and our choice to direct them with faith and hope. Choosing to do this over and over again is the practice, when worries settle in, we always have the choice to look at them through the eyes of love.

When we feel stressed and overwhelmed we can close the door to the outside world and instead make our thoughts and emotions known to God. I promise you that He does hear and answer every prayer of your heart. (Maybe not always in the timing we would like, but HE does answer) He did it for me this week. He answered me with LOVE. ❤️ & Just as He answered me with love, I know He will do the same for anyone who seeks Him. ❤️??

As we’re willing to surrender our challenges to Him with a brave, patient and open heart. Trusting in the God of the Universe. The creator of our souls. We will see that He will remove the stress and anxiety from our hearts. & instead replace all of that, with HIS LOVE.❤️

The LOVE OF GOD is the greatest gift in the world. Just to know that you are loved by God, allows you to remove anything else that makes you feel unhappy, anxious or stressed. Because the love of God fills and covers your heart and soul with peace. It brings an assurance that everything will be ok. The soul that is able to trust in God, is able to gain way more strength to overcome the challenges of life than those who place the trust on themselves.

It’s completely up to us to choose to exercise our spiritual muscles daily & to focus on His love. ??❤️ It’s up to us to choose to place our TRUST ON HIM with everything that happens in our lives and to know and believe that with His help we truly can overcome all things. ??

So, Today I invite you to say to yourself; I choose faith, Hope and Love. And when I do, my anxiety, worries and fears dissolve. My focus becomes centered on the highest good for my soul. I believe that all things are possible as I place my trust on the amazing love of a God who is ALL GOOD, ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL & ALL LOVING.

I trust in His incredible blessings and I know that He walks the path of life with me and He will carry me through it all. ❤️ Every thought out of my mind and soul today will come from a place of LOVE. Love for God, Love for myself and Love for others. ❤️ TODAY I CHOOSE FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Hope that you can make it to class today at 5:00pm ? Focus on loving yourself today and doing the best that you can to strengthen your Body, Mind and Soul ? which will allow you to remain stronger and more stable when the different challenges of life arise. This is what we train for. ??? This is why we have this class! To become stronger children of physically, emotionally and Spiritually.


Lili ?

Daily Gratefulness ?

With everything that we have experienced this year, it’s easy for us to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed by the different circumstances we’ve had to encounter.

Many of us know of, or have friends and family who have passed away from COVID-19. Others are experiencing very difficult challenges in their lives. & although it only seems fair to focus on those things, we all know that focusing on them makes us feel weighed down, unhappy, disconnected from God, and It affects our thoughts, surroundings and even our health.

Did you know that by being grateful you shield yourself from negativity? ? It actually makes you at least 25% happier, it rewires your brain and eliminates stress. It heals your body, improves sleep, boost your self-esteem and performance, enhances the law of attraction in your life, and improves relationships. Focusing on your daily gratitude will change your world internally and externally. ?

Not only that, but God wants to remind you that He wants you to focus on gratitude instead of focusing on the things that don’t seem to be working right in your life. He has promised us this; “And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more.” (D&C 78:19) How amazing that God has promised that as we focus on gratitude He will bless us with even more than what we have now. ❤️ ??

So, If you’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed please take a moment to stop everything that you’re doing to have a second to just close our eyes and to take a few deep breaths….Just taking a moment to be thankful for this simple ability to take in a breath is all you need to focus on. With each breath that comes into our body we can experience deeper and deeper feelings of gratitude for all that we have and for all that we’ve received from God. We can allow those breaths to strengthen us and to renew and energize our body, our mind and our spirit. Remember, focus on your blessings. You’re in charge of controlling how you feel and what to focus on. Let it be for your benefit and for your inner peace. ?

The goal for this week is to be thankful DAILY ☀️?? when you start feeling stressed take a moment to count your blessings instead. Think about the simple gift of life. The fact that you’re able to be on this earth today, that you can breathe, be here and present with everything that surrounds you. The more that you focus on those things the more you’ll enjoy your day, the more stress will disappear and you’ll be able to feel peaceful and joyful and instead focus on the abundant blessings that God has given you and will continue to give you. ???

St. John 14: 18 says
I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

How much do we trust that promise? Do we trust Him to be by our side and to lift us up during our times of need? If so, then we have nothing to worry about. We trust God daily for His will to be done and not ours. Because we trust that His ways are better than ours. We focus on gratitude and on our blessings and as we start to see our blessings, we will promise to Him to reach out to others in service and help to lift their burdens as well. ? We’re here to focus on the light that we have in our lives and to be a light to others. Our trust and our gratitude will change everything! ???

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 5PM! ? our goal is to release stress, strengthen our Body and renew our Mind and our Spirit through meditation & relaxation. If you feel like you need it. Please motivate yourself to be there and to do something good like this for yourself. You’ll leave feeling amazing and you won’t regret it.

TODAY, FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST AND TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME. ??We can do all things with Gods help. You’ve got this! Be grateful and blessed. ???


Lili ?

Team God ?

As I was talking to my six-year-old son the other night, we were talking about superheroes and all of their different powers. After spending a while talking about some of the best superheroes he’s learned about, he turned to me and said; “Mommy, Jesus is the greatest superhero EVER!!!! He walks on water, He saves and heals people and the best part of it all, is that He is actually real!!!” ❤️ “I want to be on Team Jesus forever!!! Why can’t He just come now?”

My heart seriously melted to hear my little six-year-old say that. My little boy who is into superheroes, Avengers etc.. Just realized that the greatest superhero that has ever lived and that still lives is Jesus Christ. ?❤️ We started talking about prayers and how He answers them. I also explained to him that Jesus can’t come just yet, because He’s giving us daily opportunities to prove ourselves so that we may become better members of His team. ?

As I was thinking about this today, I felt that I really do want to be a good member of Gods team. I want to be on the good side of this battle that we live in daily on this earth. The choice to be a member of Gods team happens every morning, when we wake up and we have the opportunity to choose for that day how we are going to react, and how we are going to live this day.

I was also reminded of the scripture which talks about all of us being ultimately judged by our thoughts and the intents of our hearts. Since God knows our hearts and our thoughts. I felt that I have a daily opportunity to release any negativity from my heart and to ask God to purify my heart, to align my thoughts to Him and allow me to be more open and willing to hear His voice and be a better member of Gods team. ???❤️

I want all the actions, desires and thoughts going out of my soul to glorify God and I want to allow all that comes into my soul and into my life to glorify Him as well. I want to have a soul that has a desire to seek wisdom from the best places and sources ( specially at this time when we can be so easily distracted by everything on the Internet, social media etc.) I want to seek His wisdom and to make my home, heart and soul a place where God can reside.

The battle is daily, and that battle usually begins in our hearts and minds. So today I invite you to think about what are some of the things you can do to strengthen your mind and heart? & How can you be a better member of Gods team today? ? ☀️

We belong to the team of God who knows our battles and who is willing to fight with us and for us. He loves us and gives us daily opportunities to choose. He doesn’t want us to give up, but instead He wants us to train with Him! and to strengthen ourselves for the daily battles we face. With Him we will overcome all things. Please know that He does have a perfect plan for your life! trust your coach! Because He is the most AMAZING coach you will ever have & He is willing to help you, strengthen you, heal you and fill you with peace along the path of your life. We’ve got this team God! ???❤️

Hope that you can make it to class and our new schedule on WEDNESDAYS AT 5 PM. Come strengthen your body, Mind and soul and leave feeling renewed and ready to do your best. ??

Our physical goal this week is to exercise at least 3 days 😉 & our Spiritual goal is to remember daily that we belong to Gods team and all will be ok. ? Remember the scripture; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me.” Trust that He will come through for you. ?❤️??


Lili ?