Divine Inner Peace

We all know that it’s part of life that we have to experience pain, loss and difficulties. My family has experienced a huge loss this week. Our hearts have been broken and it’s hard to believe that this is really happening. It’s during those difficult moments when the questions come up and we ask ourselves, “why did this have to happen?” “How do we cope with this terrible loss?” and so many more questions that we may not have answers to while we’re on this earth.

As I sat quietly outside today, I took a moment to focus on the sunrise, to feel the light and the warmth of it. I looked around at the trees and the plants, the water around me and I focused on studying the colors of the flowers next to me. I tried to be present and in that moment of presence, I had a feeling of witnessing God in all of those living things around me. It was a beautiful testimony and reminder to me that THERE IS A GOD & He knows everything that we’re experiencing.

I could feel with all my heart and the energy of my soul that God lives!! That He is the creator of all of these divine living things that surround us and that He knows the cycle and purpose of each one of HIS divine creations. I felt so much love from Him. I felt so connected to God. Even with the pain that we’re experiencing as a family right now, I could feel myself completely covered by His love and having the knowledge that each one of us is in His hands.

As I sat pondering for a little while, I was then reminded of the scripture which says; Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.
“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
“Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:29–31).

Our Father in Heaven watches over us, we are His children. We’re worth so much to Him that even His son, Jesus Christ dies for us and for the LOVE He has for us. He knows the end from the beginning and even the hairs on our head are counted. He is very aware of all that we go through. All of the pain, joy or suffering that we may experience. It’s especially important to notice in these scriptures that His eye is on the sparrow that falls, and He is aware of it. To me, it means that He is there to rescue us when we fall or when we feel weak or when we can’t do it on our own. He is aware of us. He is concerned for His fallen children. He will provide us with what we need to allow us to feel that He really is holding on to us.

I find so much comfort in sitting outside, breathing, praying. It’s important for us to know what brings us comfort. I also know that if I want to hear the words of God I have to open my scriptures and look for His words. This morning I opened my scriptures without thinking, to Proverbs 3 and I read “Write Mercy and Truth upon the tablet of thine heart” and I felt that that is exactly what I want to do. I cried as I read those words because I felt that they were being spoken to me. How beautiful to write mercy and truth upon the tablet of my heart. Mercy meaning the mercy that Jesus Christ gives me daily. His love, kindness, Forgiveness and all that He’s able to provide for me today. I’m surrounded by His mercy and I want to have that written in my heart.

The next part talks about focusing on truth being written in my heart. I started thinking about all that I know is true. And I started naming the things that I know are TRUE in my life. To me, God is truth, The fact that I know He lives and He hears my prayers and knows my joys and sorrows…That is TRUTH. The fact that I have felt His love and I know He loves me, is TRUE. The love that I have for my family is true! All that I could count as true in my life I want to write that upon my heart and keep it with me.

So my goal today is to have MERCY and TRUTH WRITTEN UPON MY HEART. Having that knowledge will allow me to find stillness and peace when I need it. We can all experience stillness and peace or a time to connect to our Father and our Savior. They love us and won’t leave us comfortless.

I also like the idea of being aware of the things that help us to feel Gods love and reaching for those when we feel we need it. Some of the things that may help are:

❤️Getting quiet to still our mind. To find a place to relax, breathe and give your brain one command, such as; “Find the stillness,” & remind yourself that at this moment, you don’t need to have all the answers. You just need to find the stillness and breathe. The more we practice finding stillness the better we’re able to handle what comes our way.

❤️ Journaling. Give yourself a little time to quickly jot down every thought, feeling, frustration, and emotion that comes to mind. Sometimes this brings up all kinds of emotions but if we can give ourselves love and kindness we can release some of that on paper in a healing way. Society teaches us that feeling our emotions is a sign of weakness but in fact; it’s a sign of strength. Use this time to handle everything that’s been building up in your system. Allow it to flow out and allow yourself to be guided by God as you release in a healthy way.

❤️ Trust in God and know that True peace and happiness comes from within. It’s not an external force. It’s a state of being independent of what’s happening in your outer world. God will Provide you the power to have peace amidst the storm. Seek Him and feel the difference He can make.

In Proverbs 3 I also read today: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Whether you are going through a major life crisis or managing the day-to-day struggles. Allow yourself to find your PEACE. Your stillness and your connection to the Divine Father who created YOU. The one who knows all that you’re going through. Keep yourself planted upon His Word and looking to Him for peace, guidance and direction even if it’s just one day at a time, one moment at a time….HE WILL PROVIDE.

As we SEEK personal time with God through prayer, we can know how to handle anything that comes into our lives. I’ve discovered that when I make time to be ALONE WITH HIM, He gives me the greatest wisdom and provides the peace that I need at that specific moment. So, put it to the test in your own life and make that time with God a space for YOU to DISCONNECT form your daily struggles or challenges that you may be going through, to just CONNECT TO GOD & to HIS DIVINE POWER & LOVE FOR YOU!!! ❤️

As we choose to make the time to Come to Him. He will provide the inspiration, the thoughts and specially the PEACE that we need to get us through the challenges or sometimes just to get us through the day. Write Mercy and Truth upon your heart and know that you trust in the most loving and amazing being in the universe! YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. ❤️

So, Take your step toward Him one moment at a time. Trust in His timing for your life and in His infinite wisdom. He knows why these storms have to come, He knows what will strengthen YOU & what will make you spiritually, mentally and emotionally the type of child of God He wants you to become. TRY TO FIND THE DIVINE EVEN IN THE MIDST OF YOUR STORM. ❤️

As we CHOOSE to focus on the LOVE of our Father in Heaven & our Savior we will be able to write upon our hearts Mercy and Truth. We will be better able to learn from the challenges that we experience. We will see that we will be surrounded by His love, that we’re not alone, and His peace will be here to give us the strength that our souls need amidst the storms. We really can remain internally peaceful, with a heart that has been written upon by God and aligned to the stillness that will cover ourselves in the Peace that God can provide. WE CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH HIS HELP. ❤️

Our spiritual goal for the week is to keep Mercy and truth written upon our hearts. To find more stillness and to make our way toward peace as often as we need It. Let’s practice connecting to God in a deeper way. Listening to what He provides to our heart, Mind and soul. Finding stillness and His peace is the most healing way to live and the best way to feel THE LOVE OF GOD.

Our physical goal for the week is to walk daily and to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water each day if we can. 😉 Walking and water are both so healing and so good for us. Try it and do your best taking care of your body, Mind and Spirit this week.

Class will be cancelled next week. So I Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7pm! Sometimes we don’t feel like doing this, and today is one of those days for me…but I feel in my heart that going to class is one of the things that God wants me to do for myself today. I know that He would want me to take care of myself and to also have a time to connect with my beautiful friends and family who come to class. I hope you guys can make it and benefit from it as well! ❤️love you all and hope to see you there.



You’re the creator

Today we get to make something brand new. No matter what we may be experiencing right now, we have the opportunity to make it a positive experience for ourselves. It all depends on what we choose to focus on. Every single day we get to create by our thoughts, emotions and actions. Today wasn’t there before, the energy we put into this day, the smiles, the gratitude, the love and the actions weren’t there before. We get to choose! We are the creative tools of the divine, allowing ourselves to mold love into new things and to experience the day with God’s divine light flowing through us.

I believe that as part of our life experience we’re meant to find a deeper connection to God, by aligning ourselves more fully to Him. Through stillness, meditation and prayer we can access Gods divine light and begin to see God within ourselves. By purposefully doing this we will be better able to let go of the negative thoughts that drain our spirit and damage our connection to God. Instead, we can choose to hold on to God and what He’s able to provide for us in those moments of meditation and communication with Him.

When we can see ourselves as a divine CHILD OF GOD, we will be able to trust in His PERFECT LOVE. None of us are perfect, but God want to help “perfect us” little by little. We can cleanse our thoughts and remove the negative labels we have on ourselves. As we allow ourselves to connect to God we can begin to see the purpose of our life more clearly, our potential and the ability to gain a better perspective of where to focus our energy and attention one day at a time.

It’s through the quiet moments we create for ourselves, that our vision becomes clearer. Once we start to have that vision, or the feelings in our heart of what God would want us to do. We can go and act accordingly, allowing that connection to God to grow even deeper. As we try to focus on His love and the work and actions which God would want us to bring into this day, this hour, this person, this moment, we become the creators of our world! & God wants us to experience our life with Him.

The more that we allow ourselves to have that connection to God, the more we will experience self love. & once we have more love for ourselves, it’s easier to give love to others.

The scriptures tell us; Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

God is love! And he is the father and the creator of love. He wants us to experience live constantly. His live in all creations, in our families, in the world and in ourselves. As we begin to be more aware and purposefully strengthen our connection to God we will be able to experience His love more fully. We will be better able to treat ourselves and others with that divine love. We will begin to see God in them and also be able to experience the type of love the God has for them as well. Our vision and our heart will change.

Aligning ourselves more to God through prayer, quiet moments (meditation) and studying His words. Requires work from our part. We have to set time aside for our “sacred time with God.” We can do this by sitting out in nature, breathing, asking/speaking to God and being fully willing to listen to the thoughts or feelings that come to your heart. The more that we’re able to do this and follow through with what God tells us in our hearts that we should do. The more peaceful our lives will be. We will be flowing daily in the divine light if God.

This will allow us to become stronger in God. Creating for ourselves the types of relationships that God would want us to have. We will begin to be stronger, even to the point in which our minds will no longer be influenced by our negative, pessimistic or judgmental thoughts about ourselves, others or our circumstances. Once we have those moments of connecting to the Divine and trying to live a life that is pleasing to God, we let go of the pressure to please the world! What a freeing moment to no longer feel like we have to “please the world” because we’d rather Please God and be present from one moment to the next allowing God to flow throughout the day with us. ONE HOUR AT A TIME.

As we allow ourselves to connect and align ourselves to God from one moment to the next, we will notice that our the thoughts our words and actions begin to change. It becomes easier for us to choose what to focus our energy on. We start choosing how to react to the different circumstances or situations that we encounter. We can CHOOSE TO CREATE MORE love, compassion, peace and gratitude for ourselves and others. We can focus our mental energy and our physical energy on doing good for ourselves, for God and for those around us.

This will allow us to have not only a great day, created by divine moments of Inspiration or guidance from above, but also a lifetime filled with divine creations. A life that does not revolve around what the world thinks or wants etc but instead a life that is aligned with God. Remember that YOU are the creator of your world. Make it good, peaceful, enjoyable and filled with gratitude, light and most importantly, THE LOVE OF GOD. The more that we’re able to practice this, the easier it will become.

Our spiritual go for the week is: To create moments where we can fully focus our energy on being the creators of each moment. Reacting to each situation from a place of love and alignment with God. So, dedicate your actions of today to God. (share a smile, Clean your house, spend time with your loved ones, take time for yourself etc) But try it coming from a place of love and connection to God. ❤️ The challenge today will be to check in with yourself each hour. Asking yourself “How do I want to show up for myself and others this hour?” “How can I invite God to be with me right now to do what I need to do with His divine help?” Or “How does God want me to approach this situation or this moment” These are amazing questions to carry us from one hour to the next allowing ourselves to stop, check in take some breaths and feel God in the moment. I hope that you can try it out and feel the difference. You can share your experiences with me if you’d like 🙂 I’d love to hear how this goes for you.

Our physical goal for this week is: To Be more mindful about the things that we’re putting in our bodies. Take some time to notice your food and express gratitude for having it. Notice how it feels, tastes etc. Try to choose good food that is nourishing and nutritious for you.

Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7pm to released stress and to strengthen yourself physically mentally and spiritually. Love you all and hope to see you there!



Hold On

As we face the different challenges that come into our lives, we start to realize that we really do have a choice on what we focus on. We can either let the challenges bring us down or allow ourselves to grow from them, hold on, be patient, pray and wait for God’s timing.

We know that our challenges are not something new to God. He knowns what we will go through because He has known the end from the very beginning, He is fully aware of our challenges and is always ready to help us. Even when we don’t feel Him near, He is working behind the scenes to provide for us daily. So, what can we do to navigate life a little bit better? A little bit more in the way God would want is to?

When a problem arises, one of the best things we can do is to try to stop the thoughts from taking over and instead try to stop and take a moment to pray, to cast our cares on God, to communicate with the Divine and wait to hear or listen to what God speaks to our hearts and minds. Then we must write down what He speaks to us! We can’t ignore the feelings that God brings into our hearts and minds after we pray. This is our way to strengthen our communication with Him! & the more That We’re able to liste. The more He will speak. We can also remember to be present, to try to manage our minds and thoughts. We can continue to fill our spirits with positive messages and continue to be kind, gentle and positive with ourselves through it all.

We have to remember that ultimately, we have to be able to have our own back and to try to be our own best cheerleaders through the ups and downs of life. We might not always have people around us to encourage and help us. Sometimes we have to be the ones to help others. So, we have to be aware that it is our own responsibility to care, love and protect ourselves. Difficult moments require us to shield ourselves in all that God can possibly give us to get through the challenges. It’s an opportunity for us to pray, to show God that we do trust Him and His plan for us. It’s a chance to ask God to give us wisdom and to help us to be more positive and kind to ourselves during our difficulties. We have to believe that HE WIll ANSWER OUR PRAYERS & That it’s in His nature to love us and want to help us.

The next best thing we can do is to take a look at our thoughts and notice which thoughts are serving us and which thoughts are weakening us. It’s important for us to write those thoughts down and see if they make sense. Sometimes writing thoughts down on paper can helps us to realize that they’re not really serving us and are causing more damage than good. We can then allow ourselves to change some of those thoughts by re-writing or choosing thoughts that will help us. We can focus on thoughts of GRATITUDE, counting our blessings and feeling grateful for what we are able to have today. Choosing positive thoughts and actions will help us to move forward and upward on our journey of becoming the child that God wants us to become.

The Father of our souls, who loves us and created us, wants us all to have a truly personal and beautiful relationship with Him. The truth is that we don’t have enough wisdom to run our own lives. WE NEED DAILY DIVINE HELP! God has that divine wisdom and power to help us through it all. One day at a time and from one moment to the next. So why not exercise or practice trusting Him a little more today? Why not give it all to Him? He can protect us and either open or close the doors we’re not meant to walk through. He know that things we’re meant to walk through, the things that will eventually be for our benefit or wellbeing. Even if they don’t feel right or fair in the moment…God knows what He is doing, He is in control of all things and He will help us to get through it all.

It’s important for us to discover and understand that life is way better when we’re fully dependent on a loving God, who is forgiving, kind, merciful and patient with us. Rather than to try to do life on our own. We really do need our creator if we’re looking for internal peace and guidance in our lives. He is the ultimate guide who knows what is truly best for us in the end. He is the one who will light the path of our lives as long as we’re meant to be here on this earth and as long as we choose to trust Him and continue to strengthen our relationship with Him.

So, let’s not doubt His power. Instead let’s be patient, focusing on one moment at a time. Remembering that we have that inner peace available to us always. We have to slow down, take some deep breaths and allow ourselves to connect to God. Remember that now more than ever is when we need to gain stronger inner peace and trust in God. The world will continue to get darker, the challenges may become harder, but we can still live aligned to the light of God so that even during the moments when we don’t understand why things are happening we may always remember and say to ourselves; “No matter what storm I’m going through, I KNOW THAT GOD LOVES ME & WILL TAKE CARE OF ME.” This trust in God will allow us to have His light and love within us so that we may also be able to share that with others who may need this as well.

Now is the time to strengthen our relationship with God and allow it to grow stronger and brighter each day. With God by our side, we have nothing to fear and we can be filled with His hope, love, peace and wisdom. life is sooo much better when we can keep Him close to us. When we can communicate with Him and allow Him to speak directly to our soul. ❤️

Be aware that it’s in the waiting when the enemy attacks us the most, bringing doubts and fears into our mind and heart…But that’s when we can focus on the power of prayer and we can pick ourselves up and say to ourselves; “I am a child of God. Created by the divine power of a loving Heavenly Father. His power is within me. He loves me, He supports me and provides abundantly in my life. He fills me with His peace and love daily and I continue forward knowing that God is working right now in my life and I will receive all that He has promised me. ❤️

Finally, God wants us to experience His joy more fully. So, is there any joy that we can hold on to right now, while we wait for God to help us with our different challenges?…Turning our hearts and attention away from ourselves and focusing on giving to others will bring us more of the joy of God and allow us to receive more of His light and wisdom as we go through our different challenges. Our burdens become lighter when we turn our hearts to others and we’re better able to focus on the light that we’re able to share with others. God will see our efforts and bless us for that always. He wants us to try to find the joy in our journey. Even in the hardest moments, look for that little bit of joy in the smile of a child, In the creations of God or anything that helps bring joy to your soul. ❤️

This week our goal is to remember that there is Divine light fully available for us to gain more wisdom and guidance. We already have divine light within us, because we come from the presence of God. ❤️ We just have to allow ourselves to create moments to strengthen that light through prayer, changing our negative thoughts, focusing on the good, gratitude and joy and most importantly, knowing that God loves us and is definitely us, so that we may reach out to others and help them as well.

Our physical goal will be to burn more calories than we take in. We can make it a goal this week to try to choose more healthy, nutritious food and move our bodies a little more daily. 🙂 Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 7pm to do something amazing for your Body, Mind and Spirit. We’ll be outside taking that hour to do something great to release stress, strengthen our bodies and have an amazing and renewing meditation to help us to connect to God and to leave feeling peaceful and renewed. 🙂 Hope that you can make it & feel the difference in yourself. ❤️

Let’s take some deep breaths today and invite more of the light of God into our lives Remember, that God knew about our problems before we encountered them. I fully believe that part of our test of life is to see if we will learn to trust Him. Blindly, going into our different challenges with opportunities to PROVE OUR TRUST IN HIM. So, prove to God that you FULLY TRUST HIM. Know that He is working on it. Allow Him to take our pain, sadness and challenges and turn them into opportunities to be grateful, to look up to God, to be kind to ourselves and to help others on their journey as well.

Remember to always take a look at your thoughts. Do they really speak truth? Are they energy draining? Or energy producing? We can change those thoughts to be positive so that we may bring on positive actions. Let’s allow ourselves to promise to ourselves today that we will Trust in God MORE! Let’s allow ourselves to be surrounded by His peace, (which is better than anything else this world can offer)

We can trust in His love. & know that our faith will bring miracles and He promises that, to all who believe and trust in Him. So, today is our chance to trust to prove our faith, to believe more fully in Him, to give our difficulties and worries to Him. To listen for His divine guidance and to go and DO what He speaks to our hearts & minds. Feel His love for you today and know that he’s got you in the palms of His hands.

John 14:27 Says; My Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. ❤️



Be Present

Be here. Today, guide your thoughts back to the present moment with gentle focus and live fully right where you are. Just being present throughout your day will allow you to experience more peace and joy.

We often keep our thoughts focused on the past or on the future and we forget to just enjoy today. To be present and to be here, right now and fully in the moment. God has counseled us in this too, Mathew 6:34 Says; “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” In His words, we learn that He wants us to be present.

I want to invite you to purposefully be more present during your day today. Let your day flow with grace, and tune in to your inner spirit to allow God to guide you toward where He wants you to focus your energy and attention today.

Allow yourself to be open to welcome the light of God into your life. To purposely focus on not allowing your Mind to go to the past or the future but instead focus on Feeling the love of God as it fills you and as you invite it in. His light & love allows you to be positive and to experience that inner Joy that can only come form His presence.

Today, notice what is around you and express gratitude for each moment you experience. Give thanks for your blessings, no matter how small they may be. Allow yourself to be open, kind and filled with love toward yourself and others. See the good in those around you and focus on inviting THE GOOD into your mind and heart from one moment to the next. Those things which you choose to focus on, will allow you to become more aligned to God, flowing in His light and being able to more easily enjoy the gift of TODAY. 

When you are present there is a certain stillness and centeredness inside. You calm down. If you are feeling stressed during your normal day then one of my favorite ways to let that go is to take belly breaths and just focus on them for a minute or two.

To practice being present I suggest that you focus on your senses more. I call it 5,4,3,2,1 (5 things you see, 4 you hear, 3 that you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 that you can taste) focusing on your senses brings your attention to the present moment. Allow yourself to re-discover the beauty around you as if you were a child, seeing things for the first time. This will allow you to live more in the moment. 

If you have moments of stress during the day. Remember to bring your Mind back to the awareness of the power that you can have now to calm yourself down. The breathing with belly seems to help calm one down in a physical way. Try to make time to take some deep breaths to calm yourself down. By focusing just on the in and out-breaths you connect to the present moment instead of the past or future scenarios that are making you feel stressed.

Today is a great opportunity to slow down our thoughts and minds and focus a little more on being more present. Listen closely to your inner voice guiding you and helping you feel grateful for each moment that you have. Use your breaths, your senses to bring you to each moment, letting go of all the other thoughts that try to take you away from being present. Remember that they are just thoughts that try to intrude and disrupt the inner peace and power that you have NOW.

Buddha said: “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Also, Leo Tolstoy said; “There is only one time that is important – NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power.”

So, today focus your energy and power on the moments that you have control of. Be present, kind and loving toward yourself and others one moment at a time. Seek the wisdom that God has for you today, and live aligned to the knowledge that God loves you and wants to help you be more present In your conversations, actions and thoughts. The more you practice those breaths and bringing your mind back to the present moment, the more you will enjoy living today and the more power you will have over the distractions and judgements that arise in our mind. The power is here, Now! Use your power wisely, focus on each moment and feel yourself truly living from one moment to the next.

Hope that you can make it to class Tonight at 7pm! This will be our New Class time for the summer. So, come enjoy the sunset with us, disconnect from all of the things that call for your attention and instead take a moment to give yourself some love and an opportunity to release stress, strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit . You will leave feeling renewed, peaceful and filled with light to help you throughout your week.

Love you all! & Don’t forget that you’re not alone. You’re supported, guided and unconditionally loved exactly as you are. God loves YOU! and will help you through it all. Trust Him and feel His love and peace available for YOU TODAY.



I Deserve It

No matter what I’m carrying or holding on to today, I deserve to let go of negativity and hold on to all that brings peace, love and light into my life.

Each day I have the opportunity to choose where to focus my energy, thoughts and attention. Thoughts of fear, pain, lack, comparison or negative affect my Mind, Body and Soul. I recognize that they cause more damage and pain and that most of those thoughts come form the enemy, who doesn’t want me to progress or align to the divine light of God.

So, today I choose to focus on releasing all that is affecting me negatively and giving it all to God instead. I align myself to higher and greater power. The power which is full of love, light, peace and positivity. The light of God which reminds me that with each inhale and exhale that my physical body takes, I can say to myself; “I am a peaceful being,” “My mind is calm,” “My soul is joyful.”I know in whom I trust.”❤️

As I’m able to EXERCISE letting go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve me, I begin to understand my relationship with God. I know that I am His child and that He loves ME. He has a perfect plan aligned for me and as I learn to trust Him and listen to Him, I will be better able to master my mind, thoughts and emotions while I’m on this earth.

I will trust in His light, wisdom, mercy and guidance for my life. I place my full trust on Him. I promise Him to be a child who is fully trusting, no matter what. I want to be a child of God who sets no boundaries to the amazing Love, generosity and care that a loving Father in Heaven is willing and ready to give. I recognize that His power is limitless and there’s no end to the amazing things He can do for me in my life.

As I’m able to trust Him, I’m able to hear His words when He says; “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” D&C 6:36 When I look to God in every thought my doubts and fears leave. Negativity disappears because I’m filled with the love of God. ❤️

My Body, Mind and Soul feel peaceful and it’s my faith in God which propels me forward into taking more positive action for my life. It allows me to feel the power of God flowing in my daily thoughts and actions.

I will place my focus on the light, love and peace of my loving Father in Heaven. I will notice His hand in my life today, I will speak to Him with a pure heart and I will do my best to live a life that is positive, peaceful, grateful, loving and trusting….Because I deserve it. ❤️

Hope that you’re able to choose the same for yourself. Let’s take our power and overcome the negativity to instead choose to focus on inviting and allowing the Good to be with us. ❤️ Love you all and can’t wait to hear about the things that you’re able to overcome and focus on with a Gods power to help you. 🙂

UNFORTUNATELY CLASS IS CANCELED TONIGHT BUT WE WILL RESUME AGAIN NEXT WEDNESDAY. Do your best to take care of your body, Mind and Spirit TODAY. Don’t forget that it requires daily effort to re-charge ourselves and place that shield of protection over ourselves. So, choose to do that for yourself today. God is with you, He loves you and you’re not lacking anything with Him. All things will work out for your good. Trust Him, believe in Him and in YOURSELF. Focus on the good and fill yourself with peace, love and light one moment at a time.

Our spiritual goal this week is to focus on positive thinking, write down the things or thoughts that drain your energy:(…notice them and change them. End that pattern of negative thinking in your life & take those deep breaths to reconnect to God as often as you want. ❤️

Our physical goal for the week is to eat healthy meals this week and exercise at least 3 times this week. Take it one day at a time. You’ve got this! ❤️