Trust in His ways ❤️

Just wanted to remind you that even when life is uncertain, God still remains in control. He knows the end form the beginning and His ways are ALWAYS GOOD! ?? ❤️Try to give your mind and heart to opportunity to relax in God. ?? Make it a point to trust Him way more than you have before and believe that He will guide YOU on the path of your life. ❤️

He knows the way, He knows the challenges and difficulties that you’re meant to overcome. He knows that you will experience pain, uncertainty and that life will have its ups and downs. He wants you to remember Him in your highs as well as in your lows and to have a heart that is always willing to be aligned, humbled and ready to HEAR HIM ? The whole point of life is for us to find the JOY in our journey and to be better prepared to meet HIM.

So, keep your head up! Look up to God for your strength. FOCUS ON THE THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL & let go of those you can’t. Give it to God and trust in the path and wisdom that He will provide ONE DAY AT A TIME. ??????

??? TOMORROW AT 6:30 PM WE WILL HAVE AN OUTDOOR SOCIAL DISTANCING CLASS in case you’re interested in having a good workout and meditation outside ? ??? ??‍♀️ Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details. Stay safe and keep yourself peaceful and positive. ???❤️


Lili ?