Keep your peace ?

If you’re in need of getting rid of stress, letting go of stuff and strengthening yourself physically, emotionally & spiritually, to feel more relaxed peaceful and centered? ???‍♀️? Then this is the Therapy that you need tonight! ??

You are the only one who can make this happen for yourself. Set aside the time and give yourself a little space to STRENGTHEN yourself and to be reminded of your purpose as a daughter of God.?

Class is from 7:15 to 8:30. We will strengthen ourselves physically and we will have an amazing meditation about inner peace. Hope that you can make it & strengthen yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually to be able to take on anything else that comes your way in the upcoming week. I know that God wants us to do good things for ourselves like this. ? We Just have to make the sacrifices to make it happen & Become Stronger in every way with His help. ❤️?????

This is our weekly message with our spiritual and physical goal at the end. ?

Our lives can be surrounded by chaos, anxiety, fear and the pressures of the constant fast paced world in which we live. It can sometimes be hard to slow down and disconnect from it all, to bring into our lives the inner peace that we so desperately need.

Most of the time we search for happiness and peace through different means around us. We think that by having more money, a higher social status, popularity, more material possessions or even the way we look physically will determine wether we feel happy, sad, peaceful etc. Most of us don’t realize that the things that surround us are TEMPORARY. We won’t always have them, They are not lasting and we cannot base our levels of joy, peace or happiness on those things. We have to remember that all of these things may bring COMFORT into our lives but we should never let them determine how happy or peaceful we feel.

No material possession, money, looks, achievements or even people around us can determine how we feel inside. They may affect us in one way or another because the joy or the peace that we feel from those things comes from OUR CHOICE to allow it to make us feel a certain way. It all has to do with our mental attitude. We determine how we feel and what we allow outside sources to do in our lives. They are not in charge of how we feel…. IT IS ALL UP TO US & what WE CHOOSE.

Remember that we can’t control the comments or actions of others, the way in which we are treated, the chaos in which we live or the challenges that we may be going through. These things shouldn’t ever determine how we feel inside and we shouldn’t ever let them steal our peace. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN PROTECT OUR INNER PEACE. If we take care of ourselves internally, of strengthening our spirits and our souls, NOTHING AROUND US CAN AFFECT US UNLESS WE GIVE IT PERMISSION TO DO SO. this is a mental state which we create for ourselves. Which one will you choose?

Choose to not let any outside sources affect your internal peace. Choose to not let anyone affect your inner happiness and peace. Choose to speak kindly and lovingly about yourself, your body, how it changes and accept it with gratitude knowing that it is a blessing to have it and to have the gift to be here in this earth another day. Choose to be grateful for your body, your surroundings and most importantly for the spirit that lives inside your body. Here on this earth to learn to grow and to develop. A spirit that is meant to to LEARN how to NOT be affected by outside sources, but instead be strong and peaceful in the storms of life. A Spirit which connects easily to God. A spirit that desires nothing more than to get to know HIM better, to become God’s friend and to receive all strength and power from the divinity of the Father of our spirits. A Spirit that knows its source of power is God and is able to carry and even lift us during physical or emotional challenges. ❤️

Choose to create for yourself a happy state of mind more often. Choose to look past the differences of all man and women and begin looking more frequently at others as spiritual children of God which we all are. Chose to be kind, generous, giving and to do your best each day to please God and to bring that inner peace that can be a protection and shield which you choose to keep inside. Choose to TRUST IN GOD and know that HE will allow you to receive HIS strength and power to do these things and to feel lasting peace and joy internally.

He has said, “Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.” D&C 19:23 When we try to live peacefully with ourselves, with others and when we choose to take in all of the good that is around us, we will be able to strongly feel the spirit and love of God strongly in our lives. That is the true peace and love that can never be removed from us. No outside source, no person, no challenge can steal our inner peace. We can choose to allow God’s peace to be with us more often or to even have it with us permanently. ❤️ He has promised; “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Remember that the peace that God offers is different from the “peace” that the world brings…His peace is lasting and not determined by anything material, popular or that brings power….His peace is a peace of love, humility, kindness, generosity & not easily to be taken away…You’ll know the difference.

Just allow the peace, the light and the joy of God fill you completely today. Do not let outside sources get to you. Remember that you are in control of your mental state and of what you allow to enter. Choose only the good and reject the bad. You are a child of God! He loves YOU!!! He wants you to slow down a little, to let go of the distractions and to FEEL HIS LASTING PEACE in your soul today and EVERY DAY! Do your best each day, Stay strong shielded and protected in the power that God brings you. Choose a peaceful and happy mental attitude and feel the difference. ??☀️??

Our physical go for the week is to exercise at least three days this upcoming week. You can do this! : ) Part of our goal for the week is to eat one ingredient foods such as fruits and vegetables. If you find a box with lots of ingredients ? put it down and replace it with 1 ingredient food items instead. This will give you more energy and help you feel great! ???

Our spiritual for the week is to keep our inner peace. ??‍♀️??? I pray that as you read the message you will feel in your heart what God desires you to gain from it. That you will have a strong desire to keep your inner peace focused on God and on His opinion & love for you! Just say to yourself or remind yourself; “My inner peace is controlled by ME! I choose to keep and protect the peace that is inside my soul today” God strengthens me to feel His peace which is different from anything that the world can offer. I am peace, I am love, I am joy.” No one can take that away from me unless I allow them or it to do so. Keep your peace, trust in God and all will work out. ??


Lili ?