Hold On

As we face the different challenges that come into our lives, we start to realize that we really do have a choice on what we focus on. We can either let the challenges bring us down or allow ourselves to grow from them, hold on, be patient, pray and wait for God’s timing.

We know that our challenges are not something new to God. He knowns what we will face throughout our lives. He has known the end from the very beginning. He is fully aware of our challenges and is always ready to help us. Even when we don’t feel Him near, He is working behind the scenes to provide for us daily. So, what can we do to navigate life a little bit better & be more willing to trust God?

The best formula when a problem arises is for us to stop, take some deep breaths, find ourselves in the moment we’re in, pray for wisdom, forgiveness, strength and to be able to feel the love of God. We can cast our cares on Him and try to listen to His wisdom. Allowing that wisdom, love and peace to renew our minds and thoughts as well.

We can continue to fill ourselves spiritually with positive messages. We can try to be aware of what we need at this time. (Rest, Relaxation techniques, exercise, time alone etc) being aware of what we need and trying to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves during our challenges will also help us to “recharge or re-new” our energy. It’s during those moments that we need to find stillness and remember to be kind, loving and positive with ourselves as we’re facing our different challenges.

In class we talk about becoming our own best cheerleaders throughout the ups and downs of life. We need to encourage ourselves to take care of our body, Mind and Spirit. We can’t depend on anyone else to do that for us. We can reach out to God to help us have the strength and motivation we need to move forward. HE WIll ANSWER OUR PRAYERS. He will help us even if it’s just by providing peace to our hearts at that very moment. The choice to come to Him will always be ours but as we come to Him we are renewed, stronger, motivated and willing to focus on the good that is around us.

We can also take moment to look more closely at our thoughts. We can notice which thoughts are serving us and which thoughts are weakening us. One of the best tools to check our thoughts is to write them down and to ask ourselves if they really do make sense. Sometimes writing thoughts down on paper can helps us to realize that they’re not really serving us and are causing more damage than good. We can ask ourselves, Is this thought really true? is this thought an energy draining Or energy producing thought. We can then allow ourselves to change some of those thoughts and to instead replace them for what God would tell us to focus on instead. Some examples can be that we choose to focus on gratitude, counting our blessings, joy and being just present in the moment. Choosing positive thoughts and actions will re-train our brain to help us move forward and upward on our journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.

God wants us all to have a truly personal relationship with Him. The truth is that we don’t have enough wisdom to run our own lives. WE NEED DAILY DIVINE HELP! God has that divine wisdom and power to help us through it all. So why not fully trust Him? Why not give it all to Him? He can protect us and either open or close doors for our benefit and wellbeing.

It’s important for us to discover and understand that life is way better when we’re fully dependent on a loving God, who is forgiving, kind, merciful and patient with us. Rather than to try to do life on our own. We really do need our creator if we’re looking for internal peace and guidance in our lives. He is the ultimate guide who knows what is truly best for us in the end.

So, let’s have faith in Him. Let’s not doubt His power, but instead remember who we are speaking to. The Father of our souls loves us! He is love, peace and joy and we have that divine DNA flowing within us! We just need to activate it more often 😉 As we allow ourselves to connect to that divine DNA within us our inner peace will increase and our ability to know how handle each moment will become clearer.

Now more than ever is the time to strengthen our relationship with God and allow it to grow stronger and brighter each day. As the world gets progressively darker and drawn away from God we can become progressively brighter and stronger in Him. Because with God by our side, we have nothing to fear and we can be filled with His hope, wisdom & knowledge. & NOTHING OR NO ONE can ever take that away from us. Life is sooo much better when we’re close to God!!! ❤️

Once we give it all to God and we try to focus on what we can do and think we have to remember that the enemy will continue to attack, bringing doubts, fears, clouding our minds with negative thoughts or distractions. So, we must be vigilant and aware that it’s in the waiting when the enemy tries to attack the most. But that’s when we can HOLD ON TO GOD AGAIN & focus on the power of prayer that can lift us up, and we can then say to ourselves; “I am a child of God. Created by the divine power of a loving Heavenly Father. His power is within me. He loves me. He supports me and provides abundantly in my life. He fills me with His peace and love daily and I continue forward knowing that God is working right now in my life. I now receive His love, peace and all that He has abundantly for me. ❤️

Finally, God wants us to experience His joy more fully. So, is there any joy that we can hold on to right now, while we wait for God to help us with our different challenges?…Turning our hearts and attention away from ourselves and focusing on giving to others will bring us more of the joy of God and allow us to receive more of His light and wisdom as we go through our different challenges. Our burdens become lighter when we turn our hearts to others and we’re better able to focus on the light that we’re able to share with others. God will see our efforts and bless us for that always. ❤️

So, this week our goal is to remember that there is Divine light fully available for us to gain more wisdom and guidance. We already have divine light within us, because we come from the presence of God. We just have to allow ourselves to create moments to strengthen that light through prayer, changing our negative thoughts, holding on, becoming our own best cheerleaders and focusing on the good around us and on what we can do to help ourselves and others.

Our physical goal will be to burn more calories than we take in. Eat healthy, nutritious food and move your body daily! 🙂 Hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6pm to do something amazing for your Body, Mind and Spirit. If it’s raining we’ll be inside. If not, we’ll see you outside by the lake. Hope that you can make it! ❤️🥰

Today is our chance to trust to Him. To give our pains, insecurities and challenges to Him. Today is our chance to listen for His divine guidance and to feel His love and peace. There won’t be another day like today. So, we must make the best of what we have 🙂 Today we can enjoy the Love, peace and light that God has available just for us. We can try our our best, cheer ourselves on! check our thoughts and purposefully choose thoughts that will be healing, kind, motivating and positive for us. He is our strength and our light and with Him we can do ALL THINGS.

John 14:27 Says; My Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. ❤️



Receptors For Gods Love

There are days when we feel discouraged, like we’re not doing enough or accomplishing enough. There are days when the weight of everything feels heavier and when it becomes harder to focus on all the good that we have.

It’s on those days when we need to watch our thoughts a little bit more carefully. Because those thoughts of discouragement, hopelessness or heaviness do not come from a God who is loving and kind.

It’s important for us to recognize the times when those heavy thoughts come into our minds. They sometimes seem to overwhelm, frustrate and discourage us. Making us feel on some days disconnected from God and from ourselves. It’s totally ok for us to cry and allow ourselves to feel and experience all kinds of emotions. It’s part of life that we learn to be aware of the different feeling and emotions we’re having and to try to process them and help ourselves.

It’s also important to recognize that the enemy is also at work, and that he wants us to be miserable like himself. He will throw all kinds of terrible thoughts about ourselves, our lacks and “inadequacies” He wants us to think that we’re not good enough, that we’re not doing enough that we’re failing at things…making us feel terrible and miserable is his goal.

It’s during times like these when we need to remind ourselves that we need to get good at recognizing where those negative thoughts are coming from. That is not the language of God. He would never speak to us like that. God on the other hand, would take us where we’re at. He would remind us of His love for us. God’s love is never failing and never changes. It won’t change because of how much we achieve or accomplish. It won’t change because of how much money we make or what we look like.

His love is the same and it has always been the same from the beginning and it will be the same forever and ever. He encourages us, He lifts us, He strengthens us and tells us to focus on Joy, peace and love. So, don’t forget, His love doesn’t change, what changes sometimes is our ability to be receptive to His love.

I like to compare that to receptors. Our physical health depends on hormones and their receptors. If something is wrong with a receptor, it makes it hard for that receptor to receive the messages that the body sends to heal or take care of things. Eventually a receptor that doesn’t work can cause illness or disease to occur. For us to experience good health our receptors need to be able to receive and transmit the signals throughout our body.

Similarly, we have spiritual receptors that transmit messages. We can test within us our receptors of the love of God. Sometimes our receptors fail, and we end up allowing more negative thoughts into our minds and hearts.
But when our receptors for the Love of God are activated, when they’re open and ready to receive the light, love and peace from God. We’ll see that those negative thoughts will fade away. Our receptors will be open to helping us and strengthening us rather than not functioning and affecting us negatively.

As we focus on recognizing that, we will be better able to keep our receptors active and ready to feel God’s love. It’s better for us to focus our thoughts and energy on trying to connect to God, rather than allowing negative thoughts to spiral is downward into more negative thinking. We can choose to focus our energy on what God can do for us instead and take action form there.

We can take time to ask for forgiveness & ask for guidance and wisdom to know what to focus on each hour. We can PRACTICE focusing our thoughts on the things that God would tell us and the ways in which He would want us to view ourselves, our lives and others. We can focus our receptors for His love to be activated daily through prayer, meditation and spending time in nature. Most important turning away from our phones and the distractions that are all around us keeping us trapped and away from feeling God and keeping our receptiveness to His divine love and peace throughout the day.

Some of the ways that can help us activate our receptors better are focusing on daily gratitude. We can write down things that we’re grateful for each day. We can also remember all of the times that God has been there for us in the past, and remember that He will do that again for us.

Making time to be alone with God especially in nature is one of the best ways to feel Him. Knowing that this world works perfectly and al things are supported by His divine light and knowledge can remind of us of His love for us and this home He created for us. It can also remind us that He’s in control and that We can trust in His divine knowledge.

We can then focus on hearing Him. Really trying to listen to the thoughts and feelings that He puts in our hearts. & if possible writing down the thoughts and feelings that he puts in our hearts. So that we may remember what to focus on throughout the day.

Let’s try to promise to ourselves that we will feed our minds and spirits uplifting words, music and messages to help us. By doing this, our energy will be recharged. We will feel way more connected to God. & it will become even easier for us to focus on joy each day.

As we try to be aware of our thoughts and focus on being receptive to God. We will see that each hour will feel on purpose. Our hearts will be fully connected to God and all of those negative and heavy thoughts will begging to disappear and go away completely.

We will Instead find gratitude, recognize our blessings and be better able to focus on the Love of God. Which will trickle down to other areas of our lives. We’ll be better able to have compassion for ourselves and to be kinder and way more loving toward ourselves and others.

So, Tell yourself; Today I choose to focus on God today. I choose to be receptive to His love. He removes the negative or heavy thoughts from my mind and heart and allows His peace and love to flow within me. I’m better able to love myself, to take care of myself and others. Today I choose God. I focus each hour on doing what He would want me to. On focusing my tastes to be dedicated to Him. I trust in His God of Love & wisdom. He is my creator, my Father, the one who has the perfect plan for me. God’s love is my shield and my protection. With Him I can do all things. ❤️

This is our spiritual goals for the week, to be receptive to Gods love each hour and to act from that point.

Our physical goal is to take care of ourselves by exercising at least 30 mins at least 4 days a week. Moving our bodies and exercises brings so many benefits. We just have to try it 🙂

Love you all and hope to see you in class tonight at 5:30pm. Motivate yourself to be there. The hardest thing is always showing up. But just get yourself there and you’ll feel the difference afterwards. You’ve got this! 💪🏼🥰❤️


My Inner Oasis

Often times our thoughts and conversations are so focused on the future or the past, that we forget to focus on the present. Being Present is bringing full awareness to the moment we are in. Filtering out distractions and bringing our attention to the task at hand.

Doing this allows the combined stresses of life to fade to the background as we focus on being right here, doing whatever it is that we are doing right now. With a focused mind and a sense of gratitude for this very moment.

As we’ve talked about in class, one of ways to improve our ability to come into the present moment is to calm the mind in meditation. Meditating at any time of the day, brings rewards that filter into all aspects of life. Any time Is the perfect time to refresh or renew ourselves. We just have to choose to make the time for it and allow it to actually benefit us.

Between our regular meditations or moments of quietness and prayer, we can use short meditations for even one or two minutes that can be refreshing, calming, centering and good for our health and clarity. They open the window of communication to our higher wisdom, returning us to our spiritual perspective and allowing us to connect to God and to ourselves. This allows us to focus on God’s peace, which as we’ve talked about is already within us. We can center our attention on Love and trust which will allow us to take actions from a place that is centered, confident and peaceful.

Our Goal for this next week is to bring ourselves to this calming connection as many times a day as possible. And most importantly to PRACTICE IT WHEN WE NEED IT MOST! We can practice becoming more present in our daily tasks. You can practice 5,4,3,2,1 and focusing on the tasks on your senses, (5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell & 1 things you can taste) practicing this will allow us to be more present and in the moment. We may have to remove some distractions. Make a little effort to push our phones aside and instead take some deep breaths, and bring our awareness to this very moment. 🙂 The more we practice and allow ourselves to live more in the present, the more we will be able to enjoy one day a time with focused energy.

Here’s one way you can practice this.

▫️Stop what you’re doing.

▫️Take three deep breaths and allow yourself to feel what is going on in your body and mind.

▫️Invite the calming peace and love to be with you.

▫️ set your intention for this next hour & start your next task with gratitude, kindness joy, compassion and love.

The choice of how you want to live and what you want to focus on, will always be yours. Choose what is best for your Mind, Body and Soul. This is your life and you can choose to make it joyful, peaceful and beautiful. Allow God to help you align to that peaceful, loving and beautiful energy each moment at a time.

Hope that you can allow yourself to have more moments to access your inner oasis. Practice it and you’ll feel the difference. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you tonight at 6pm so that we may do something amazing for ourselves and be able to strengthen our Body, Mind and Spirit today. ❤️



Finding Joy

If we’re in need of Joy we must look for it in the small and the scared moments of our everyday.

When we lose something we want to try to find it as soon as we realize that it is gone. We begin searching for it, we seek for what was hiding or lost for a period of time. Trying to find it is an adventure in itself, but we look forward to experiencing all of the the joy of being reunited with the loss thing.

The same thing happens when we notice that we have lost some of our Joy. Challenges and difficulties come to all of us, but we can remember that when things are lost or gone, we can focus on LOOKING OR SEARCHING for the sacredness in the small moments. All we need is our full attention plus a little resolve to find some amazing beauty in our day.

What we focus on grows. We see what we want to see- and we create what we concentrate on the most. So if we want peace, love, miracles and blessings, we first have to decide to notice them. each moment is an opportunity for us to see the sacredness of that moment. We can focus our attention on finding the beauty, the good, the peaceful and the holy in each moment. There truly is beauty all around us if we choose to see it.

It’s hard to fathom that God would even want to be present in the mundane moments of our lives. But what if God is already in them? What if all those little tiny moments are like mosaic tiles made up of some sort of divine clay and paint? Each little moment is like an imprint of Gods love, His fingerprints are in the little moments of our lives. The artwork that we will become as we choose to focus on seeing the beauty in the little things. The hand of God and the sacredness of each moment.

With a little mindfulness and taking a moment to be present in the here and now, we will be better able to see the little tiles of our mosaic which will catch our eye, fill our hearts, show us beauty and lead our way to joy. It’s in the moments when we are aware of the divine that we can experience gratitude and we begin to find what we we’re looking for. Joy begins to come in more abundantly and begins to cover us fully when we choose to focus on it.

We can see it In the morning light, the bird on a limb, the thought of a loving friend, the kindness of a stranger. The bite of food, the soft shirt, the trusty car, the cleansing rain. The smile of a child, the spoon in the pot, the broom on the floor, the tear over loss.

The common miracle here is love- which always wants to be found. Love is all around us, so look! Really look for what you want to find and you will experience the joy of being reunited with the lost thing- the divinity in the small and sacred things of your everyday life, which were there all along.

So, decide that beauty surrounds you today. Make it a point to seek and see the goodness and light that is all around you in the little moments. Watch carefully for beautiful moments and stay present where love is. You get to do this for yourself and you deserve to focus on love, peace and joy in the little moments of your day.

God wants to remind you that He is aware of YOU. Of what you’re going through. He is with you and will never leave you. He is here with you right now. You’re not alone. Feel His love and allow yourself to be open to experiencing His full peace and love being poured abundantly over you in this very moment. He invites you to notice the sacred in each small moment and to find joy in Him daily. In the daily miracles of your life so that you may begin to see His mosaic of divine love for YOU.

I hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6:00 pm to release stress, and to strengthen yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Make & keep that promise to yourself. 💪🏼🥰 You won’t regret it but instead you’ll leave feeling amazing, renewed and ready to do your best the rest of the week. ❤️


Lili 💖