Emotional Overwhelm

You know how you have those days when you wake up and realize how much you have to do? How little time you have to do it all? Or when you just have that feeling of overwhelm from everything that is going on?…Well, I just had one of those days yesterday. 

I felt like I started my day with good intentions. I woke up getting ready to start my new fall 2020 routine as a homeschool mom.? I thought I was going to be able to accomplish what I wanted to do for that day. Not only for my kids, but for my home, work and more. Little by little I started to realize that I wasn’t even close to completing what was on my “to do list” I felt the overwhelm and stress start to get to me from my lack of accomplishments for that day. 

I found myself continuing to go on the whole day without a break. Until I was forced to sit in my car and wait for the rain to stop before I could get out. That rain was a tender mercy to me. It forced me to sit in my car and say a little prayer, asking God to help me ease those feelings of overwhelm and stress that had been over me the entire day.

As soon as I was done with my prayer, I looked up at the sky, and noticed the rain and the sunset. For the first time in my whole day I felt completely present in that very moment. Then, I had this incredible feeling that brought SO much peace to my heart, it made me cry. It was as if the voice and peace of God had come into my car and touched my soul for sure! Because it instantly, it took all of those overwhelming emotions away. ??? 

I learned once again the importance of allowing ourselves to slow down a little. We talk about this in class every week! ? We talk about being mindful and present in our Body, Mind & Soul.  So, I realized that I needed to practice what I preach! lol This was my opportunity to be present at this very moment with myself. ? This was another opportunity for me to experience it for myself and to allow God to speak to my heart. 

During that small amount of time in my car, I gained so much from God. He allowed me to feel in my heart His immense love ❤️ I felt How much He notices the little details and all of the good actions that we do. He sees way passed the stuff on our to do list. Instead, He sees all that we can become & encourages us to focus on the most important things each day and to just TRUST HIM.

Everything that that happens in our lives is truly meant to bring us more wisdom and experience. As long as we don’t choose to numb our emotions with food, addictions or entertainment. But instead, for us to make a conscious decision to take a little time to disconnect from those things, from the pressures that we place on ourselves and have a moment to instead connect to God. He is the one that helps us precisely when we feel like we’re not doing enough. He will send angels to our lives to remind us of this. & He will help us along the path of life to focus on the good! On His healing power, love and light that is available ALL of us. ❤️

Yeah, maybe I didn’t accomplish the things on my to do list. But I did have a few moments when I experienced the smiles of my children. I was able to give to them a hug or just be there for them. ? Maybe I didn’t accomplish cleaning or doing more…But I’m thankful that I was able to slow down enough to be present with my emotions and present for my myself to align my whole self to God. To be mindful enough to try to speak the desires of my heart to Him and to be able to enjoy His tender mercies for me each and every day. Those are truly the moments that make any day a good day. Just the fact that we can still be here, enjoying these hours & moments are all gifts. Don’t take them for granted, but instead try to be present, & don’t focus so much on the past or the future. God reminds us to take it one day at a time. ?

So, today I want to encourage you to slow down a little more. To be more present with yourself. To let go of distractions or negative thoughts & instead invite God unto your life. Don’t forget that He is the ONLY ONE who truly knows exactly what you need and how to help you. I believe that we can’t have true, deep joy in our life without having a relationship with God. ❤️ I promise that He will take away your emotional overwhelm just as he did it for me. He will allow you to see your blessings and to feel His love which will bring strength into your life and allow you to be filled with more Joy, light and peace. Regardless of what goes on, remember to be present for yourself. Take some deep breaths, my goal today is to be mindful each hour ?? Remember today to say a little prayer and count your blessings. God will be there for you! ❤️??

Hope to see you in class tonight at 6:30pm to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit. ?? Part fo taking care of our emotional selves also has to do with what we feed our body and the exercise that we do. It’s so healing for us to add these things into our day. So, I invite you to come to class and renew your strength and your energy today. I’m here for you if you need me as well. ??? Take it one day at a time & do your best today. ??


Lili ?

This season of your life ?

Have you felt the weather lately? Even us Floridians can feel a little change coming 😉 As I’ve been thinking about the changes that begin to take place in nature, when leaves begin to change colors, the weather begins to cool and daylight starts to become shorter. Its beautiful to think about the ways in which nature begins to adjust for the colder winter months.

Thinking about this is a gentle reminder that “there is a season for everything. A time for every purpose in Heaven.” We all have different seasons in our lives. What’s important is that we take the time to slow down a little and discover what we’re meant to learn from each season. And the ways in which we can strengthen ourselves, grow and overcome as God would want us to do for ourselves. ??❤️

It’s part of life to bring those changing seasons into our lives. ? The question is, are we willing to trust HIM enough through each season? Are we willing to be accepting of what comes and allow Him to transform us? Being willing to go through the inner growth to release what we need to let go of. To gain a stronger hold on our faith and trust that we are in the hands of God. knowing that whatever each season brings will be for our own good and the development of our souls in the perfect timing. ❤️

As we welcome this new season in nature. allow yourself to welcome this new season in your life as well. Contemplate the season you have experienced and what season your are in and which season is approaching for you. Bless the outgoing season thanking it for it’s insights and lessons learned and welcome in the new season making space for blessings and small miracles to grow. ??

The most important thing that God wants to remind you is that there is beauty in every season. ❤️ Some seasons may be harder than others, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t right there for you to lift you and to help you through it. Allow those seasons to strengthen you and draw you closer to God and remember to FOCUS ON THE JOY AND THE BEAUTY THAT THIS SEASON BRINGS YOU. ?❤️?????

Our Spiritual goal this week is to reflect on the season we’re in and to allow ourselves to surrender to the positive transformation that it’s meant to bring us. We want to focus on it’s beauty, on the good, on the goals we can accomplish and the ways in which we can strengthen our Body, Mind and Soul during this season. Remembering to always focus each season on LOVE ❤️ The LOVE OF GOD, LOVE FOR OURSELVES, and love for others. ? ENJOY YOUR SEASON & LOVE IT FOR WHAT IT WILL BRING INTO YOUR LIFE. ❤️??

Hope to see you in class tonight so that you can let go of stress and negativity. & instead strengthen you body, mind & soul to leave peaceful, renewed and stronger. Love you all and hope That God delivers this message to you in His amazing ways. Make it a good day! You’re in good hands! ???❤️???


Lili ?

Spilled Soup ?

  • As I was rushing to clean out my fridge yesterday, I knew I only had a small amount of time to do it before picking up my groceries. As I picked up a big Tupperware full of soup from the fridge, it slipped out of my hands and broke open as it landed. Spilling all of its contents all over my kitchen floor and cabinets ??‍♀️
  • The mess was horrible!! After having some tears of frustration and spending a while cleaning up. My son handed me a drawing he made to help me feel better. It was a picture of me with the spilled soup ? but it had hearts all around me and he wrote over and over I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️ …It was definitely the cutest way to help me feel better.

    I feel like in life there are so many times when we accidentally “Spill the soup” all over ourselves and all over the place! ? We end up having negative thoughts about ourselves, about our body, our looks, our parenting, what we do and don’t accomplish. We compare ourselves to Pinterest, to social media, we place our value on what others think about us. Or on what the world tells us we should be like. Do you notice how all of these thoughts turn into a mess in your mind & soul?

    Sometimes you need a little reminder like the one my son gave me. That even though you spilled the soup, there’s still a God who is right there to help you feel better. ❤️ There’s a God who wants you to know that He loves you and His love doesn’t change because of your your achievements, your body size, your looks, your bank account, your popularity etc… HE JUST LOVES YOU!!! ❤️

    He wants to remind you to not nag yourself with thoughts of failure. Instead, remember that on those days when you spill the soup, He still BELIEVES IN YOU! ❤️ He wants you to remember that He notices all of the good that you’re doing and all of it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    He wants you to remember to take it one day at a time, doing your best each day to clean up any negativity from your mind & heart and instead to fill yourself with the companionship and inner peace that God brings. He allows your cup to be full and even overflowing each day.

    As you allow yourself to find your value in Him. Your confidence will grow. ? Not confidence in the things of this world, but confidence in God. ??? You will see that confidence and success in life truly comes from discovering and understanding who you really are in the sight of God. ❤️

    So, keep looking up! Stay positive and do your best. ? I pray that God can deliver the message that you’re meant to gain from this. & that you will have a stronger desire to FOCUS MORE ON THE LOVE OF GOD. Rather than on the ways in which you’re “spilling the soup” You’re AMAZING! AND ARE LOVED BY GOD TODAY AND ALWAYS!!! ? Love you all and hope to see you in class tonight at 6:30pm to strengthen our Body, Mind and Spirit. ????


    Lili ?