Identity of Love ?

A friend and I were talking recently about how as the summer approaches, women are faced with the pressures of fitting into bathing suits, dieting, and undergoing procedures to achieve the “beauty standards” created by society. Most of us already judge ourselves all year round, ??‍♀️ but as soon as summer begins to approach, that level of judgment rises a little more and we become less patient with ourselves. We get frustrated and our ability to be kind and loving to ourselves diminishes.

As we kept talking we also started acknowledging how the enemy tends to attack specially women with thoughts of inadequacy, not looking good enough, not being pretty enough, skinny enough blah blah blah….The thoughts of criticism, and judgment which come into our minds, deplete our energy and weaken us. When we can recognize how these types of thoughts make us feel we have to try to put a stop to that.

One of the things I want to remind you with this message is that there is a reason why you are here at this precise moment on this earth RIGHT NOW. You are not an accident you were thought about and created in the LOVE of God. ❤️ YOU were formed by the most amazing being in the universe, the Father of Love. Your identity is Love. You have the capacity to Love more, to LOVE YOURSELF a lot more, to love others more, to be more forgiving and kind and to be able to have the power to reject negativity. That Love is power in your life and always available to you.

Sometimes when I start to criticize myself I start to think about the basic things that I can feel and recognize in my body. I think about how thankful i am for a body that can move, heal, deal with the food that i put in it, i also like to turn my attention to my beating heart, I try to feel my heart which reminds me that those beats that I hear are because God continues to want me here on this earth. Each beat is a gift , and opportunity that God gives each one of us to learn, develop, grow and discover who we really are in this life.

As we’re able to turn our attention to our inner self and to God, we can start to recognize that we’re way more than our physical body. We also have a soul that adds to our beauty and our confidence. The physical body will always change, we will all age and little by little look different than when we were younger. So, basing our worth on how we physically look is damaging and it will never be satisfying enough.

God wants to teach us even with the process of changing bodies and aging that this is all part of what helps us discover our soul! When we discover our soul and begin to connect to that more, to love our spirit as well as our physical body. That connection to our soul will low is to be less affected by the way our bodies ch age through the years etc. We will find more confidence in God and the inner light that we bring i to ourselves will be seen outwardly. God sees our true beauty, He sees how AMAZING YOU ARE! ❤️He wants you to see yourself as He does. He wants you to love yourself and what he has given you, to try to achieve your goals with His help, wisdom and guidance. Because with Him you can do all things! ???❤️

So, Don’t waste these moments you’re given criticizing yourself and falling for the traps of negativity that the world and the adversary try to feed you. You have power from above to recognize your beauty, to see your light and to bring more of that into your life. You have the most amazing gift which was given to you even before you came into this earth, and which will never be taken away. That gift is the gift of having the LOVE OF GOD! ❤️

The enemy doesn’t want you discover that relationship you can have with God and he definitely doesn’t want you to love yourself at all! ??‍♀️ He doesn’t have a body and that frustrates him. That’s why he trues to attack our minds with thoughts of not loving ourselves. The enemy wants us to be as critical as possible of our bodies and of ourselves. He wants us all to mistreat our bodies In any way possible. Wether that is through criticism, judgement, overeating, laziness, unhappiness, ingratitude, addictions and comparison. He is hard at work to attack us starting with the thoughts that come into our minds. His tactics are many and we need to be aware, vigilant and daily increasing that connection to our power source within us. The power that our Father in Heaven has given us to reject evil and have the good out power it. It is through having the light of God that we will be able to recognize and repel the garage that tries to bring us down.

As you start to have more awareness of who you are, you begin to realize that YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!!! That you have DIVINE POWER WITHIN YOU EVEN THE DNA OF GOD IN YOUR SOUL. So, you have the power to choose positive, loving thoughts and reject the negative, discouraging and judgmental thoughts. Take a moment to calm your mind, to take some deep breaths and give yourself an opportunity to connect to God, to express love for yourself and for what you’re blessed to have.

Allow yourself to feel that gratitude for the body you have. Even with with your perceived “imperfections” and all. Thank Him for giving you a body that works, that allows you to experience your human life and to be the temple for your spirit. Acknowledge what a gift you have to have this body and remember that every time you’re critical of it, your body hears it and your mind believes it. 🙁 So, change your words (even if you don’t believe them at first…) practice speaking to yourself in a kind and loving way. In the way that you would speak to that little girl or the little child inside you.

Be positive! Speak life, health and blessings over yourself. The light of God is already within you. Hold on to it and allow it to be way more present within you. ? God will continue to bring peace to your heart, He is the God of love and wants you to experience that love within yourself. Don’t seek it externally because it is not there. No procedure, no changes to your physical appearance will ever change the love that God has for you or the love that you can feel for yourself today. That love is available to you right now, hold on to it and let it grow and allow you to make the choices that won’t be affected by the world outside of you. The confidence, peace and love from God is better than anything else the world can offer. You’ve got it with you! Remind yourself of that daily, and choose to do all that is good to strengthen your relationship with God and with yourself. ?

1st John 4:16 Says; And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. ? So, dwell in Love this week and notice the difference.

Love you all and hope that you can give yourself more love today by joining us at 6:00pm to strengthen Body, Mind and Spirit. ??❤️ You won’t regret it and it will feel renewing, amazing and empowering. ?❤️ ?


Lili ?

I Choose Now ?

You know how we have those days when we feel like the day completely passed by and all we thought about was either focused on the past or the future?

On days like that I feel like my energy is completely drained. I’m more impatient, I complain more, and it becomes harder to count my blessings. So, I had the opportunity to work with my thoughts the other day and I noticed that I asked myself these questions; Why do these thoughts from the past or the future keep showing up for me? What is the deeper reason behind them? Is it fears, discomfort, pain or anything else that I need to process? Is there anything that I need to be aware of or that I need to focus on releasing or lettering go of so that I may be better able to focus on the present and on the joy I could have today?

As I asked myself those questions I did notice that there were things coming up that I haven’t processed or released yet. I also acknowledged that I’m less productive and more distracted when I’m thinking about all the different thoughts. I’m also less able to make good choices when my mind is all over the place like that. I have moments when I love that feeling of diving into my thoughts to try to process them and to try to genuinely help myself to create a better thought path for me. I knew that was exactly what I needed to do.

Our thoughts have so much power. What the brain believes we align with. Our feelings and actions follow after those thoughts. That is why it’s so important for us to learn to be aware of what we’re thinking about and once we have that awareness we can take some deep breaths and redirect our thoughts toward the person we want to be or toward the results we want to achieve.

Sometimes when I noticed my mind going on all different directions past or future thoughts, I’ve been able to practice some of the mindfulness tools that I’ve learned about. One of the best ways for me to redirect my mind or to slow down my thoughts is to focus my energy on my heart. ? I’ve been slowly learning to not just be so focused on the mind or the thoughts, but instead I like to focus on the energy of my heart and on breathing into my heart and slowing things down for me. I focus my attention on my soul and I think about my ability to feel that living light within me and to connect to it. That is one of the ways that I feel like I can connect to God.

From that place or that energy I can try to listen to what God tells me about these thoughts that I’m having or I try to think about what He would want me to focus on instead. Sometimes I even place my hand on my heart and close my eyes as I try to breathe, listen to and focus my attention more on my inner self, my light, my internal peace, and my connection to God and to His Divine light and guidance for my life. It may feel a little strange at first, but it’s totally worth it to try to learn and disconnect from the external and the thoughts to just connect Internally to your inner deeper self and to God.

I then notice my mind starting to calm down and I’m able to connect once again to that peace that God can provide for those who seek it. ? As I turn my focus away from my mind and focus instead on the energy of my heart and the light of my spirit, I notice that I’m better able to react to the thoughts I was having and to guide or redirect them more into the present moment. I noticed that I can come from a place where I can Just trust in God and myself to make the best choices. I can focus on inviting that feeling of peace, which helps me to calm my thoughts and allows me to focus instead on my blessings and on being more grateful and better able to be more in this moment.

So, this week I want to invite you to try this for yourself. To practice diving deeper into your mental and spiritual strength. You can also do this by doing what I’ve taught you in class (5,4,3,2,1) bringing your attention to your senses. 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you touch, 2 things you smell and 1 thing you can taste. Choosing to be more present is a beautiful gift that we take for granted too often. No matter what we’re going through, I want to remind you that YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW TO REACT TO EVERY SITUATION. You can choose what to focus on, you can choose to invite more internal peace rather than negativity, you can breathe deeper and enjoy each moment as it comes. ?

I know that God wants all of us to be more open to hearing His voice and His guidance. He can calm our minds, ease our burdens and bring more light into our hearts so that we may continue forward with a positive mind and a strong spirit. The more we practice this in our lives the better able we will be to release and reject negative feelings and thoughts and instead change those thoughts into positive energy for our hearts, minds and lives. Don’t forget that you are in the hands of God. He will take care of you and your life because He loves you and He is a loving God. Trust in yourself and in your ability to have that awareness and to make your thoughts work in the most positive way for you. The choices is yours! Focus on today & actually make it a point to enjoy your day and to choose the best as each moment comes. ????

Love you all and hope that you can make it to class tonight at 6:00 to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit. The hardest thing is showing up but once again, that’s an opportunity to allow your inner light to guide you and to remind you why you need this class and to help you get there to do something amazing for yourself. Reject the voice of laziness and negative and focus on the voice that encourages, motivates and knows what is best for you. So, Put that mental strength to work and come feel the difference. ????


Lili ?

Seeking the Light ?

God is light. ☀️ And I’ve felt that light in my most sincere moments of prayer. I usually like to offer my morning prayers in my living room, where I can feel the sun coming in and I can just be still for a moment with God.

I recently had an experience with prayer. I was sitting on my couch waiting for an answer from God and as I felt the sun coming into that room, I also felt my heart begin to feel tingly and bright. I felt the light of God increasing in the room and at the same I felt it growing brighter in my heart. For the first time in a while I felt completely covered in the love and peace of God.

My soul felt so full and satisfied, it’s hard to describe. But for some reason just knowing that I was LOVED BY GOD WAS ENOUGH! ❤️ That knowledge filled me with peace and Joy FULLY & COMPLETELY. ? I noticed that I no longer thought about my inadequacies, my lacks, the unaccomplished goals etc.

I felt that the thoughts of pressure that we sometimes place on ourselves such as how to “be successful”, make more money, look and feel a certain way and the constant; I’m not good enough, healthy enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough” etc….ALL of those types of thoughts just completely disappeared from my mind! They we’re all gone! & It felt to freeing and amazing.

I realized that I was experiencing the pure peace and Love of God. I could feel with my whole heart that this is exactly what God wants us ALL to experience. ? This type of freedom from the temporary “pressures” of this world, to instead connect to His light and feel the lasting influence of His Eternal Love.

I fully believe that in the presence of God there is no pressure to “be something,” to compare ourselves or try to achieve the things that we desperately seek for here in the world. The only thing that matters to Him is that we’re able to experience His LOVE, to recognize that we’re already loved fully and completely and that we’re able to act accordingly to what the love of God allows us to do for ourselves, for others and for Him on this earth. ? ❤️

Looking for comfort, peace or joy from anywhere else besides God, will never allow us to fully experience the true lasting peace and love that God can offer. The type that lasts even after we leave this earth. So, just remember, that the carnal man will always want more and there will never be enough to satisfy…It can consume our thoughts and our days can pass us by, having placed our ladder toward “success” on the wrong wall all together.

So, today I want to remind you that you’re already successful! Because you’re LOVED BY THE MOST AMAZING BEING IN THE UNIVERSE!!! The same one who created your soul and gave you the gift of this body. Can you imagine the type of Love that requires? …You’re capable of experiencing full peace and love because God is love and you have His DNA ?. Therefore it’s within you and available to you ALWAYS!!! ?

You do not need to go looking for anything external to fill you. Because as you come to God, follow Him, and seek Him, your life will be filled! You’ll experience His light even brighter, His Love and peace more purely and you’ll be able to detect and let go of the lies of the adversary and instead be shielded and protected by the armor of God.

The more that time goes by and the world keeps changing, the more I’ve realized that there’s nothing more important in this life than to come to know God. To fully experience being filled by His light, love and peace. To be able to have a humble heart that is willing to ask for forgiveness and to experience the mercy and the pure love of God.

He is the light of the world and He can be the light of our lives. As we choose to come to Him, to seek for His light, to pray with a sincere heart and focus more on LOVE rather than on lack, we will be better able to feel confident in His Divine love, we will invite more peace into our souls and be filled with daily strengthening light for our lives.

I hope that this week you can allow yourself to connect more purely to the light within you. Let God speak to your heart directly and most importantly to focus on His LOVE for YOU. I promise that it will fill you completely, give you confidence and remind you of the truly important things in this life.?

Come enjoy the sunset with us tonight at 5:00 pm and do something awesome for your body, Mind and Spirit. You won’t regret it and it will allow you to let go of negativity and instead leave feeling renewed, peaceful, empowered and most importantly filled with LOVE for yourself, others and God. ?


Lili ?

The comparison trap ?