We all have struggles, difficulties, and challenges. Some greater than others, but none of us are exempt from these things in our lives. It’s part of living on this earth, it’s part of the learning process we have to go through to know the differences between sickness and health, sadness and joy, etc. Challenges help us become more like our Father in Heaven….Teaching us empathy, patience, love and understanding for our circumstances and the circumstances of those around us. <3
We all have ways of coping with the challenges that come into our lives…at the end of the day it all has to do with CHOICE. We have more control than we think. Instead of getting down on ourselves, being stuck in a hole and letting the stress take over…We will choose differently! We will remember that GOD IS BY OUR SIDE!!! <3 With His power we will have the strength to have a better reaction and to react in the best and most beneficial way for our own well-being and for those around us.
During difficult times we can ask ourselves;
God is anxious to hear from us and to help us. Especially during our hardest times! <3 His love for us is infinite and stronger than we can possibly imagine. We really can do all things with HIM by our side and we will overcome it all.
The spiritual goal for the week is to ask ourselves these questions, and to pray to receive strength and guidance. If we’re blessed enough to not be going through difficult times right now…then, the goal for the week is to seek and find someone who is having a hard time and to be there for them. To help rescue someone who needs us! God will guide you to know who that person may be. <3
Our physical goal for the week is to do some kind of physical activity, for at least 15 minutes per day. Ideally 30 minutes would be great, but whatever we can do is enough. As long as we’re doing something daily, that would be awesome! 😉 Whether it’s going out for a walk, doing yoga or having a killer workout…anything will make a difference. So, make that happen for yourself daily and feel great and proud of what you do! 🙂
Hope to see you tonight for class!!! The disco lights will be on, and the music will be awesome! The work out will be worth every minute! 🙂 And the therapy will be amazing to feel renewed for the rest of the week! Have a blessed and wonderful day!!! <3
Lots of love,

Being Positive

It’s easy for us to get down on ourselves when life throws challenges and difficulties at us. But, focusing on the sadness, negativity, etc…doesn’t allow us to move forward and progress. A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity, and a *positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.
God created us to have JOY! He wants us to learn to be positive, to see the good, and to see all the blessings in our lives…
We are never alone! He holds our hand every single day of our lives. He is always there. We have to choose to reach out to Him and access His wisdom and power, through the immense blessing of the power of prayer that He has given us. <3
Remember, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! We choose to be positive, think positive, speak positive and do all that is positive for our lives. 🙂 <3
***Our spiritual goal for the week: is to kick those negative thoughts out of our lives and to replace them with POSITIVE thoughts!!! Lets try it for this week and see how good we feel! 🙂 Be conscious of the moments when the negativity comes. Acknowledge it, but quickly change the thought to a positive affirmation for yourself. Ex; God fills me with light, I am happy, I am peace. <3
As my dear friend reminded me today, energy flows where attention goes. <3 …Keep your energy positive in ALL that you do and all things will work out for your good. <3
*** Our Physical goal is to continue to eat healthy! Eat things that feel good for your body before and after you eat them…you know what I mean. 😉 That piece of chocolate cake might feel good before and while you’re eating it, but as soon as your done, the guilt comes and you feel bad that you ate it! Especially when you’re trying to take care of yourself! The goal for the week, is to make sure that everything you eat feels good after you eat it. That it feels like it was a good thing for your body, and that you won’t regret it afterwards…Choose the Good foods!!! 🙂
Do your best and be your best! <3 God loves you, and so do I! Hope to see you tonight in class for an awesome time to get rid of stress, do something great for our bodies, and be totally renewed together.
Today will be a blessed and wonderful day!

Rejoice… Today!

We are blessed to wake up today and have another “chance” or gift from God to allow us to do better today, than yesterday. Trust Him to take care of you today. If you’re feeling stressed, take deep breaths and count your blessings and all that you have been given. Don’t let negative thoughts get in the way…you’re better than that.
Make it a wonderful day, remember that you and God are in control and you both want all that is GOOD for your life. 🙂 Do your best for your health, your body, and your spirit. Today will be a blessed and wonderful day! <3***<3*** Our goal for the week, is to remember that each day really is a gift and that we DO want to be glad and rejoice in it. Always think of your blessings. You can use this quote to print it, and
put it up on the fridge or at work to remind you constantly that today is a blessing and that you want to focus on the good in your life and on being your best.***<3*** Our physical goal is to avoid fast food! Can we do it?…Of course we can! We’re strong! 🙂 Instead of letting the urge to get fast food hit you, be prepared by having quick healthy snacks prepared ahead of time in baggies to carry with you during the week, and especially while you’re out. Add some of your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and these snacks will be your little life savers for when you’re hungry. 😉 Healthy snacks will level your blood sugar and will help you not to crave the fast food and unhealthy stuff… We can do it! <3

Hope to see you tonight in class for an awesome renewal and therapy session. Can’t wait to dance, have fun, and take care of ourselves. If you can, bring light weights! That would be great, so that we can focus on toning and getting a little stronger. 🙂 Plus, weights burn more calories and who doesn’t want that? lol :)…can’t wait to see you!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Xoxo <3 Lili