Look For Divine Light 💛

I want to Invite you right now to slow down for a minute and take a moment to breathe, take a few deeper breaths and to focus on re-charging your energy. Take a moment to notice the Divine light within you. Remember that God doesn’t want you to run faster than you have strength. So, make it a point to slow down a little and notice the divinity within you and around you.

Can you feel that light of God within you today? Can you see the Divine light in the animals, plants and people around you? We all have a soul, a divine inner light that connects us to our creator. We often go through life without thinking about all of the light that actually surrounds us. ☀️ We often close ourselves off to it. We allow the busyness, overwhelm and distraction to get in the way. We don’t take enough time during our day to SLOW DOWN & Just enjoy the little moments.

Instead we live our lives often running too fast, overdoing things, comparing ourselves to others, judging ourselves and focusing on our lack rather than focusing on what we’re blessed to have. We often use social media, tv, food, shopping and many other activities to buffer or numb our emotions. We’re not willing to sit with ourselves for a few minutes to just feel what is going on in our hearts to help ourselves process our pain, thoughts, energy and emotions.

We need to be able to teach ourselves to disconnect from all that our minds have going on, to just have a moment to slow down, to breathe and to connect to ourselves. The more we’re able to do that, the more we will get to know ourselves. The more comfortable we will become at feeling all kinds of emotions and helping ourselves to connect to God and return to feeling calm, peaceful and with an abundance of love. (Which is what that light within us is all about )

This practice of slowing down and noticing the light will impact all areas of our lives. As we practice noticing the light in each moment we will be able acknowledge the Divine light within us more often and the power that comes from it which RISES above our worries that may be temporary. We will also be better able to see that same divine light of God all around us in the eyes of our loved ones, the people we come in contact with, animals, plants and all other living things. Acknowledging the light in others helps us to connect to the divine light that is within all living things as well.

This Christmas season and throughout the New Year, I invite you to focus on the light. When we can focus on the light of God, we’re better able to invite more of it into our lives. We can forgive others with a sense of knowing that Gods Rivne light allows it to be easier for me to forgive and to see others in divine light too. We can also recognize with humility our mistakes, and know that there’s a loving God who is always ready to help us on our journey toward becoming a purer soul. He is ready to fill us with more light, he is ready to forgive us when we come to Him in humility. He is willing to give us more light if we desire to invite it and to see it more in our daily life.

OUR SOUL’S MISSION IS TO LEARN ABOUT THE DIVINITY WITHIN US AND ALLOW THAT DIVINITY TO EXPAND!!! So, let’s slow down a little and focus on seeing the divinity within ourselves and all around us. See that divine light in your family members, in the plants, animals and all living things. Recognize the light, bless it, welcome the light of God around you to come in and reside within you. Your light is already there. You just have to allow God to let you feel more of His light flowing through you.

Feel His peace and His love by being willing to NOTICE THE DIVINITY THAT FLOWS WITHIN YOU AND AROUND YOU. Allow yourself to invite more of the light and love of God to reside within you and around you today. Let go of the things that don’t help you or serve you and do your best to be present and to sense the spirit of all that is Divine around you. Allow your day to flow from an abundance of light. Notice that the light of God brings a calm confidence. Trust that you’re surrounded by that loving peace and abundance from God and that all of your needs will be met and you will be able to prioritize and focus on the truly important things. The things that matter. The things that have eternal importance.

I pray that today and this end of the year you practice letting go of the stress and instead focus on inviting more light to be with you. Remember that the light of the body begins with our eyes. And what we choose to see and focus on. Set your eyes on things that uplift, edify, build faith and remember to see the world around you with eyes that are focused on seeing the light of God. Try this for today and feel the difference.

If you need to release stress and re-center or re-charge yourself. I invite you to join this class tonight at 7pm. It won’t just help you physically, but it will also strengthen your mind and soul. You will experience a wonderful meditation to help you relax and align yourself to divine light. And you will leave feeling re-charged, renewed, peaceful and calm so that your focus can be re-centered during a time of the year when we need a little more of that. 🫶🏼

Our spiritual goal is to focus on the light of God within us and around us daily. Let’s allow His light to reside brightly within us to help us focus on gratitude and on taking each moment one step at a time in the direction that allows us to feel more of that light. Then, we will be better able to be a light to others as well. 🙂

Our physical goal is to take care of ourselves by exercising during the week and also thinking about the health goals that we want to accomplish. Let’s make it a goal to exercise a little daily. This will also help us get rid of stress. & Eating healthy will keep us having the right energy that our body needs to work optimally. So, try it and do your best each day to love yourself and take care of yourself. You deserve this! ❤️

Love you all and keep doing your best. Focus on the good and do your best to enjoy each day to the fullest. Thank you all for sharing your divine light with me! I’m blessed and so thankful to know each and every one of you. Can’t wait to see you tonight & for us to do this together! 💪🏼🥰



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