Inner Peace Keeper

With everything going on in our world, and the different challenges that we all face, It’s easy to allow the chaos of it all to increase and cause greater emotional stress, fear and anxiety.

We see that not only is our peace affected, but new research has also shown that our levels of addictions or ways to nimble our emotions is also increasing. Have you noticed that the world as a whole is having a harder time controlling their feelings, thought and emotions? Sadly, we all try to look for ways to “numb” the emotional stress that surrounds us.

We resort to food, our phones, TV, shopping, wanting compliments or validation on social media, we obsess over our physical appearance, use entertainment, substances and many other activities that seem harmless at first, but little by little become the ways in which we buffer our emotions.

Can you see how we’re slowly becoming more and more dependent on outside sources to bring us inner peace? Most of the time we don’t even realize how much we’re allowing those things to control our emotional state, or how we’re “numbing the discomforts” of life which little by little dims our inner peace. The world would rather numb the emotions rather than to ever sit in silence with them. We’re all too afraid to sit and feel things.

This week I want to motivate you and encourage you to push past the discomfort & take a deeper look within yourself. Remember that this will most likely not feel comfortable at first and you may be tempted to grab your phone or turn on the TV, or call a friend to gossip or whatever else we try to do to get out of fully sitting for a moment and just feeling.

The goal is to honestly sit quietly if possible in a peaceful place, and just take a moment to breathe and to feel whatever is going inside. Try to take a moment to bring to your attention the things that you honestly know that you use to “numb” your emotional discomfort. Think about what comes up for you. If possible make a list to check those things. Do you reach for your phone or food or something else when you’re uncomfortable or angry, stressed etc? What are the things you reach for first? Do they bring you peace? Or how do you feel afterwards? These are all questions that we rarely ask ourselves. It it’s important to notice what happens to our inner peace. How do we let us be affected and what do we do to “cope” with the discomfort.

Once you’re able to practice this for a moment. Remember that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROTECTING YOUR INNER PEACE. The outside sources or circumstances don’t have to affect you unless you allow it to do so. Taking a moment to feel your emotions and recognizing what you’re making things mean to yourself is so important.

So, take a moment to breathe, to check on your emotions and to change them for the better. I’ll share some tips in class about this tonight. Give yourself love, compassion and be proud of your ability to look inward without the need of outside sources to allow you to check in yourself, feel the emotions and clear the internal chaos to RETURN TO PEACE OFTEN.

Set a goal for yourself this week that you will be your inner peace keeper. Try to allow the quiet moments you have to connect to that higher source of peace and love which comes from God, to help you focus on your internal light and peace instead of what the world wants you to focus on. Your ability to practice this will change everything for you and the way in which you view yourself and your ability to retain your peace Internally will increase. The choice is yours.

Remember that God invites each of us to fully place our trust on HIM. He is the prince of peace, who invites our souls to receive true, long lasting and eternal peace.

John 14:27 Says: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”❤️ 

God wants us to rely on Him so that we may not be troubled or afraid. Whatever is troubling you today, Whatever is bringing you fear or frustration….Take a moment to sit with those feelings and if possible view them from a distance. Recognizing each emotion and how it presents in your body. For example; “This is anger, my chest or throat feel tight..etc” “O want to release this emotion and allow myself to come to calm” invite peace and breathe into those areas until fully calm. Remember also to allow yourself to speak to God as you release those feelings and allow Him to take it from you. He will remove those emotions and replace your thoughts with What a loving God would tell you. Allowing yourself to invite His peace and love to renew you and to recharge your heart and soul. So, trust Him. That is where the greatest peace can come from. Being at peace with God is lasting & strengthening peace for the soul. ❤️

So, set the goal for yourself to NOTICE what you’re using to buffer your emotions. Take some deep breaths appreciating your awareness, and move forward with focus on inviting greater greater inner peace into your mind, heart and soul today. Make time to strengthen your relationship with God who is the Father of PEACE. He will allow you to be filled hour by hour, one day at a time.

Our Spiritual goal this week is: To gain greater inner peace. To be the KEEPER OF OUR PEACE! The PROTECTOR or our peace and to have the wisdom to know where your peace comes from Lean on your ability to invite inner peace and on receiving that from God instead of leaning on anything else.

Our Physical goals is to exercise at least 2-3 times this week and to give our body more water and healthy nutrient rich foods. ❤️

Hope To see you in class tonight at 7pm. Make this promise to yourself to do this for your Body, Mind and Spirit. This will allow you to release stress, strengthen yourself Physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will also practice how to be the keeper of our peace during a peaceful meditation. Hope that you can make it and feel the difference.



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