The Power Of Your Thoughts

We may feel that we can’t control our thoughts and emotions sometimes. But the more that we practice taking control of what we think and how we react to things the better we will be able to handle life and it’s ups and downs. This week & tonight in class we will talk about how nothing from the outside can affect us internally UNLESS we allow it to do so. It’s all a chain reaction which begins with the events that we experience and the opportunity that we have to CHOOSE our thoughts & how to react to the situations that happen in our lives.

The equation is:


We have the opportunity to choose how we will respond to everything that we experience. It’s always up to us to decide what we allow to enter our minds. Our reaction will determine the outcome which we will experience. That is why we must always ask ourselves; “Do I want a positive outcome from this negativity situation I’m experiencing? How can this situation strengthen me instead of weakening me? What can I do to react in a way that will bring a positive outcome to my life?”

It’s amazing that we have the power to choose to not allow outside sources to control how we feel internally. We often forget that we have that power which we unfortunately give away to others or to outside sources to control us. It’s as if we hand someone else the “control” of our power. We must remember that it’s a gift and our responsibility to be able to choose what to focus on and how to take control of OUR power. We must learn to want to protect the power that we have to CHOOSE and WITH THAT CHOICE BE ABLE TO REACT OR RESPOND TO EVERY SITUATION IN A POSITIVE MANNER. 

We can focus on making our thoughts stronger, using positive affirmations and to helping ourselves remain internally peaceful and less affected by the outside things that we experience. It takes practice, but the more that we’re able to exercise that choice and power to strengthen our thoughts, the happier we will be and the more in control of ourselves we will feel. The power is there! We just have to choose wether we use it to help us positively or negatively in our lives.

We can change our thoughts. We can train our brain to take a new pathway. With practice, our negative thoughts can change into thoughts that are uplifting, edifying and that bring us strength in the moment when we need it most. If we have a hard time with our thoughts or we feel affected by the outside sources or situations that we experience, we can turn to God to ask Him for help. He can make our minds more peaceful, powerful and positive by becoming more centered or focused on coming to Him. He knows what’s in our hearts, He knows our thoughts, our goals and desires. We just have to trust that He will help us. 

He has said;

Yea, I tell thee, that thou mayest know that there is none else save God that knowest thy thoughts and the intents of thy heart. (D&C 6:16)

He knows the things that we want to work on and to do better on. He knows how we feel more than anyone else! He knows how we can overcome our challenges and difficulties. As we’re willing to listen to Him and to follow what He would like us to do, He will help us to be stronger and to focus our minds on being more Positive & capable of choosing what is best for us. Remind yourself daily and even in this very moment. “God loves ME” He wants to help me! I can feel His love I’m all living things around me. I can go to Him and He will be there for me.” It’s in His nature to want to help because He is good, caring and loving. He has a plan and a purpose for each one of us. We just have to remember that this earth is our school for us to learn to choose all kinds of things. 

Most importantly, I believe that God wants us to learn how to manage thoughts or the things that we allow to remain and grow in our mind. Thoughts turn into emotions ➡️feelings ➡️actions and eventually results. If we want to change our results. We must first begin with our thoughts. 

The things we experience in our lives can either teach us and help us or harm us and make us negative and unhappy. The choice is always ours. The more that we’re able to recognize our power of control, the opportunity to choose to remain in control of ourselves. The more willing we become to stop turning to the world for recognition or advice and instead we will become more willing to turn to God. To listen to the feeling that He’s able to place in our hearts & to be more willing to follow and take the action that will be most beneficial to our mind, heart and soul. As we come to God to ask him to help us with our thoughts, we will become more receptive His love, power, peace and guidance for our lives.

Our strength can’t always come from us. We need divine help in our lives more often than we think. As children of God we have access to that help as we search for it and as we’re willing to listen & follow that higher wisdom. God’s goal is to have strong children on this earth who know their potential, value and power as children of God. Children who know that they have access to the help, love and peace that our Father in Heaven is able to provide. Children of God who feel confident in their ability to choose good thoughts, feelings and actions. We can do this! Lets Trust in His love, believe in Him and in what we can do for ourselves with His divine help. Trust in your own internal power to choose the good for your life. Remember that you’re just a thought away from feeling happy, thankful, peaceful and joyful. 

Our spiritual goal for the week is to be aware of our thoughts and our internal power. To not allow outside sources to affect us internally but instead to remember our potential as children of God and who we can become. Be strong and choose the thoughts that will bring the best outcome for your life.

Our physical goal for the week is to remove one bad item from our diet. It can be soda, sugary drinks, fast food, chips or sugary treats. Just choose one or 2 items to remove that can help your health and strengthen your body.

Hope to see you tonight at 7pm to do something amazing for your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. We will get rid of stress, strengthen ourselves and have an amazing meditation to remind us of our inner power. 

Don’t forget that God will return the good that we do in our lives and our joy will be even greater in knowing that God is pleased with our thoughts, feelings and our actions. Doing these things will only bring peace, happiness and positivity into our lives. you’re not alone, God is with you and will make you stronger! Do your best TODAY. Just focus on ONE DAY AT A TIME. He will help you. He will guide you and be there to comfort you, strengthen you and fill you with His divine love. 



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